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  1. Dan73


    I've got the 8 (and the 3 but don't use that for shooting) - use them both mainly for cycling. One thing I noticed especially when game shooting was that a head strap/mount rather than a barrel mount gave me better footage - you could make sense of the lead, follow the bird down etc. With a barrel mounted camera there was too much swinging/movement to really make use of the footage.
  2. Dan73

    Stihl Tools

    Interested in the HS45 - whereabouts in Oxfordshire? Thanks
  3. Dan73


    Interesting and timely topic...over the past year I've taken more interest in my 4 work pensions and realised how badly they perform although collectively they are in profit from where they were at the start of the year. We are not talking huge amounts here, I really do need to invest more in them. Does anyone have experience either managing their pension for themselves or with a provider like PensionBee where they can be consolidated? Just interested in thoughts and experiences. Thanks.
  4. Slimming down the collection. Collection from Drayton Parslow (MK17) £80 the lot 4m Hide Net with homemade washing line poles (not the tools in the top half of the pic!) Relum Canvas Game Bag - could probably do with a wash Rotary with adjustable length arms (some aftermarket nuts/bots but this all works) - Battery Not Included 2 x Camo Nets - approx 2m x 1m Padded Air Rifle Slip with a side pouch 2 x Pigeon Decoys for Rotary or Bouncer Shooting Stick
  5. Worn once for a short local Dog Walk Collect near Milton Keynes (MK17) £50 Any questions, please ask.
  6. Dan73

    Relum Tornado

    @B725 - it’s fixed. Thank you for the picture, it helped a lot. Now it just needs reblueing and the stock refurbished.......
  7. Dan73

    Relum Tornado

    B725.....legend! This is perfect and gives me a project for the weekend. Thank you.
  8. Dan73

    Relum Tornado

    Any chance you have a picture of how the spring/clip is configured for the trigger? I took mine apart about 2 years ago when I was looking to give it a clean and got distracted. Now, I cannot get it set back up again so its just sat in bits.................
  9. Readly app 7.99 per month, you get all of them and any others you want for other hobbies or interests. i used to buy them all each month/week. Eye watering cost when you actually analyse it.
  10. Picked up a Tacx Vortex Smart (Wheel On) trainer today - Local bike shop price matched to what it was advertised for on Wiggle - a HUGE saving on the RRP for me, I did feel a little guilty, but then they have had a lot of money out of me over the years so I got over it quite quickly. - Its the little wins that help............ Just got to hope the bike I've made an offer on, on eBay, lands or I'll have to bid on some more bikes next week.
  11. Thats brilliant information - thank you both very much - I'll post back with what I buy
  12. Hi Hedge, It would be great to know if they are using 'Wheel On' Trainers.....I prefer the idea of a cheaper trainer and potentially a hack bike from eBay or Gumtree rather than the expense of a Direct Drive trainer. Tacx Wheel On trainers seem to get decent reviews from multiple sources. Thanks Thanks Hayden, I wasn't aware of the British Cycling training sessions, I'll take a look Cheers
  13. Anyone here use Zwift? Looking for recommendations on a Smart Trainer. For an experienced amateur (mountain bikes, triathlon, c2c etc) who hasn’t properly cycled in several years, is there a noticeable difference when starting back out again in having extras like automatic resistance? Is it worth the extra money? Any recommendations on a mid-range setup? Thanks
  14. Anyone fish Ravensthorpe? Looking to get an early day there in April - from the Bank rather than Boat - if anyone can talk to the banks to try, patterns, etc, it would be helpful Thanks
  15. Thanks chaps - I'll give them both a call - their websites do not have these as accessories or spares Cheers
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