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  1. Dan73

    Bree Louise Pub closed :(

    Exmouth Arms just round the corner does an AMAZING burger - the Juicy *******
  2. Dan73


    PM sent thanks
  3. Dan73

    Shotgun sling without need for swivels

    Orvis have one - you have to call them to special order it from the US http://www.orvis.co.uk/p/non-marring-shotgun-sling/40e4
  4. Dan73

    Fishing for squid

    Totally Awesome Fishing on youtube had a good episode about this very topic yesterday. https://youtu.be/-6-pyks4kxw
  5. Would love the face veils and the .410 belt please - don't get to drayton much these days but if you leave them with lou or ginger and say they are for mr.cherry then I will collect them asap - or you could leave them at gun & country if you ever use them? kindest regards, chris 07925290111 p.s. I'm in winslow nearby.

    1. Dan73

      Free to collect (MK area)

      Having a clear out 1. Balaclava. Ideal for Roost Shooting. 2. Jack Pyke Camo Gloves - I have previously cut the finger tips off and note that these are very thin 3. Two x Jack Pyke Face/Head covers - camo patterning - again very thin/lightweight 4. Camo full brimmed Hat 5. Jack Pyke Full Brimmed Hat - with chin strap - Camo 6. 410 Leather Cartridge Belt - will fit up to a 36" Waist These can be collected from the MK17 area, or at either Drayton Clays or Dunstable & District Clays (near Cublington) on the relevant Sunday that these shoots are on. Unfortunately I do not have anything to wrap/box them up in for posting. Thanks
    2. 17 more since I last posted to this accumulator 1535
    3. Dan73

      Mink bait ?

      Great - thank you.
    4. Dan73

      Grey Squirrel Stalking

      Is there any finer sport than stalking Grey Squirrels? Probably, but still. Had a couple of hours free this morning so I popped along to a syndicate Trout Fishery which I am a member of and where I can control the grey squirrels. For this I use my fully moderated Baikal 410, usually with Eley 2.5" 12.5gm cartridges. However recently the squirrels have been far more skittish than usual and stayed high in the trees so I've upped the cartridges to Eley 3" 18gm ones. There is a slightly louder report with these, but it is still a very quiet shotgun/cartridge combination. I took my usual walk around the lake but saw nothing so I went up in to the woods and decided to just stand by a tree, around a few dreys to see if anything moved, whilst also hoping a Pigeon might land on a nearby branch. After a good 10 minutes of just watching and listening I saw a few high branches moving in an erratic motion about 50 yards away. Watching a little closer I saw a squirrel mooching around, stopping to eat or smell something before moving on. Clearly it did not know I was looking at it. Waiting a little longer it seemed to be moving from tree to tree, slowly getting closer to me, although still staying very high up in the branches. I then noticed two other squirrels darting about, again up high in trees but some way back from the one which was coming closer. This one then went behind a tree so I took a couple of slow steps forward, trying to make as little noise or sudden movements as possible. I then saw it again, it ran over a couple of branches, and still hadn't clocked me. It stopped again and I pulled it down cleanly. I don't shoot anything moving with this gun, I always wait for a stationary target. After picking up the squirrel I thought I had made enough noise to move the other two off but as I was making my way through the wood, which is covered in bracken and fallen trees, to the Lodge for a well earned cuppa, a small squirrel moved in a tree to the left of me. When this happens I freeze and wait to see if the squirrel has seen me. I can normally tell by the tail twitching if its spooked or if it runs without stopping up the other side of the tree. This one stopped, waited, took a couple of steps forward - probably waiting to see if I moved - then took a couple more steps then stopped to sniff/eat something. This one was also taken cleanly. So two squirrels in the bag for about an hours "stalking" - that brings my total at the Fishery to 82 for the year. Most of these have been females - the larger one in the attached picture is male and the first one I've taken in several months.
    5. Dan73

      Citizen Eco Drive Blue Angels Watch

      Great watch - I have had an Eco-Drive for about 10 years and it has never missed a beat. I still have people on trains and planes noticing it and asking what brand it is. Good luck with the sale.
    6. By any chance would anyone know how to reassemble the trigger unit on a very old Relium Tornado? I took mine apart with the intent of changing the spring(s), re-blueing the barrel and tidying up the stock. I took pictures as I was taking it apart but I'm ******** if I can find them now. I have all the bits, the spring etc but no clue how it all goes back together. Any pictures/diagrams or first hand experience instructions would be really useful Thanks.
    7. Dan73

      Mink bait ?

      Just jumping on this topic as I have a similar problem - we have had a mink spotted at a syndicate trout fishery which am I am member of - where I also do the general vermin control. Mink Traps/Rafts - would anyone have any good instructions for constructing a trap/raft?
    8. I'll pop in to Gun and Country later in the week, hopefully they may also know of some opportunities for my lad. Thanks Chris. Thanks Studley, I checked on a map and its probably a little too far for him on his push bike (I would take him, but I'm booked on a couple of shoots this season, so he may end up being my pack mule rather than in the Beating line.) The Thorton Shoot - Syndicate or do they sell the odd day here and there?
    9. Good call - thanks for this. There's also the Gun shop in Swanbourne on the Estate, I forgot about that place. I also managed to find out about the estate who owns large pieces of the land round here and can give them a call Thanks!
    10. There is definitely one or two around here Chris. I've found a Bridleway and Footpath walk for the Dogs which has a short section going straight through a cover crop and diagonally across a farmers field, and I can see a few other cover crops looking over towards Mursley. I'll ask the fellas who run the local clayshoot in a couple of weeks time - and one of my neighbours has lived here 50+ years, he must know a name of someone I can have a chat with. Cheers.