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  1. We have the mega Primark in Oxford Street. My wife and daughter love it, I can't face it myself because it is so frenetic. Just returned from holiday and it is cheaper to leave Primark stuff behind than it is to launder it. The fact that some one is earning very little money does not worry me in the slightest. It@s better than them making a bomb.
  2. I've fished most of my life and have returned 99% of my catch unscathed. On occasion I know that the odd 1% have died but then they have joined the food chain. The use of keepnets is now frowned on and in some places banned. Barbed hooks are now not use so removing the hook is easy. The only suffering is being duped into taking a bait with a hook in.
  3. Scour or abrade the paint on top, don't cut through the paper. Start the steamer at the bottom going all around the room then gradually work up. By the time you get to the top it'll be falling off.
  4. MPT1

    Went fishing

    I don't know about elsewhere in the country, but in my area they are exempt. Of course it is still necessary to have a fishing licence.
  5. I went fishing Sunday to a stretch of the Regents Canal. There are lots of big fish and thousands of small ones if you just want some action. Anyway there's been a pair of Cormorants there for a couple of weeks so not a flipping bite. On top of that I got sun burnt.
  6. People who worry about looking gay usually are.
  7. MPT1


    I never ever thought that sparrows were an "introduced species" When and how were they introduced?
  8. MPT1


    Even sparrows are disappearing. Apart from the odd blackbird all I see are feral pigeons, crows and magpies. Last week magpies were attacking a blackbird nest below where I live, then these were chased off by two jays. It just seems that the corvids are taking over the gardens and parks.
  9. That would bring a tear to a glass eye. That is true srength of character.
  10. I can see your point, but you might have many reasons to visit London, business, entertainment or have a look at the sites. There would not be any reasons for other people to visit Hichin though nice as it may be to live in.
  11. I wonder how many trials without jury will now take place. Will this government increase the number or will they ban them. Let's face it they consider the rights of extremists intent on killing us over home grown villains who have stolen money.
  12. Too early to make a judgement, but I do believe that a good coalition will work.
  13. There's a lot wrong with London, however there is more to see and do here than any other part of the country. I like the countryside, seaside, provincial towns can be ok but overall London has more. I can be in Covent Garden in 15 minutes, Houses of Parliament in 20 minutes most of the museums or for that matter the countryside of Essex or Hertfordshire in half an hour. I've been to Colchester several times but it was shut. I have lived in several places here and abroad. In all honesty my preference is London with all it's faults.
  14. Obviously you have led a sheltered life. Just outside Hodnet? Is that near Outer Scrotum? :blink:
  15. Piccadily Line to Covent Garden, (you could spend all the time there)Wwalk down to Leicester Square( Witherspoons Pub) carry on to Trafalgar Sqare, walk down Whitehall (another Witherspoon Pub, walk up to Charing Cross turn down Villears Street and wal across the footbridge to the Southbank. There you have the London Eye, London Aquarium etc. That is a good basic day out in London and unless you go on the Eye etc it's FREE. Keep away from China Town Food wise it's ****.
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