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  1. I got the 16.8 Ah one, after the one I initially ordered was out of stock in the store. It might be worth ringing your local store to see what they have in stock. Halfords' online stock management is notoriously inaccurate.
  2. Nice one, thank you I needed a new magnet battery
  3. I'd avoid anything with very much pitting for various reasons, but having briefly owned a well-balanced old English BLE many years ago which had a fair bit of pitting, my chief problem was cleaning it. Because of the pitting, it was impossible to get it properly clean, I never got to the stage where the kitchen roll came out acceptably clean. I then had the worry of the pits getting worse through corrosion. Since then I've been reluctant to own anything with very much pitting - especially when you can keep looking & find something with clean bores.
  4. One with the 12bore this evening... sat beautifully for the head-on shot. 1021
  5. "Geologic" Decathlon shooting vest size large (european). Shown on a 13st 5ft 11" "model" Polycotton, not waterproof (although I've worn it in light scattered showers & it's been OK at shrugging the rain off, so perhaps it is a little water resistant). Internal zipped pocket on the back of the left pocket. 36 cartridge loops. Large rear pocket with pop fasteners. £15 posted or discounted for collection from North Bristol BS36.
  6. Thanks - Paul's sold out of the metal ones so I will call him again in a few weeks.
  7. Fantastic, thanks.. will order some.
  8. Some interesting stuff here ! I haven't got room for any more myself 😞 https://bid.stroudauctions.co.uk/auctions/7778/srstr10103?items=Gun
  9. Do these work well on a rotary please, do the birds stay on alright? I get the impression mine would fling the birds off by centrifugal force.
  10. Happy with my GX-40 - I have fitted studs to the stock so can pop a bipod on if I want to, 11.5ft lbs & more accurate than me...
  11. Beautiful gun, hope you enjoy it.
  12. Not good, hope you get it fixed up soon. Best of luck. My experience of the NHS recently is they've been very efficient and fast for A&E-type situations. Maybe worth checking out a minor injuries unit if you have one locally?
  13. @London Best @WalkedUp me too ! It may be that for some, I'm just fulfilling my usual purpose in life. Thank you - I'll remember that !
  14. Yes, I was hoping the polish/oil would tone it down a bit but was too eager to crack on.
  15. @WalkedUp thanks - no offence was taken 😄 I am sure a practiced professional would produce a far neater result.
  16. @figgy 😅 yup ! I don't go on many swanky shoots !
  17. @Dave at kelton it will come in very handy. Now to find other things to stitch.. wife had better not sit still for too long !!
  18. I redid some of the stitching on my old bag with a "speedy stitcher" hand awl with no prior training..
  19. Thanks for the tip on the handawl stitcher @Smokersmith and @Dave at kelton I bought a "speedy stitcher" hand awl online and managed to do the job to my satisfaction in front of the telly over a couple of evenings. It's not as "professional" as might have been but is serviceable enough.
  20. @Shearwater Mine has the MT serial number too which is indeed 2006 according to https://www.browning.com/support/date-your-firearm/superposed-shotgun.html
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