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  1. A pellet through the engine room leads to a quick demise for the squirrel, certainly.
  2. Two youngsters yesterday during a mooch about with the .410. They scuttled a few feet up two trees & the second one was unwise enough to hang around whilst I reloaded the Webley & Scott. 2034
  3. @Walker570 located this, thanks ! Just the ticket.
  4. I have searched but to little avail... please share your tips & designs for making a squirrel feeder. I think I've done all I can with stalking/sitting & waiting in likely spots, it's time to get a feeder going.
  5. Beautiful work @alan123shooting thanks for sharing!
  6. I bought this ex-demo in 2008, it's a Mk1 525 game model, grade 1 but with enhanced wood, and you can see the choke marking. This is one gun I think I will never willingly sell.
  7. Brevettato is Italian for "Patented". It's not a model name. I suspect they've misread the engraving. Bit like when you see a gun described as "Acciaio" which just means "steel".
  8. @The_Engineer just a note of appreciation of your beautiful AYA hammer gun. What a find!
  9. Since the data leak I had a couple of bank accounts set up in my name, flagged as fraudulent and shut down. I'm obviously seriously unimpressed with the slackness of the data security of the original company. My "credit rating" appears unaffected. The guntrader website & service seems to be unique, and so embedded into the gun trade now, though, that it is hard to see an alternative shopfront for RFDs. Whilst I will use it to browse the gunracks from time to time, I will never advertise a gun privately there again.
  10. I only ever used standard cartridges up to the 70mm chamber length. I had an unspoken theory at the time, that a child who was with us maybe put something up the barrels when I wasn't looking - but that seemed bizarre at the time. Or maybe I had left too much oil in the barrels after cleaning.
  11. My first gun was an E Rizzini sideplated 28" sporter which my Dad bought me after I did my GCSE's. It never missed a beat and I shot well with it, but one day after a clay shoot I noticed ring bulges just after the monoblock joints in both barrels, so it sadly had to be scrapped. Claimed on home insurance for accidental damage and the proceeds helped buy a Lanber. Emilio Rizzini is the budget brother but the guns were excellent value for money. I don't know what caused the bulges to this day. I know of another specimen which is never cleaned but is still going strong.
  12. Like @Walker570 's sticks very much too, very elegant.
  13. I've now got some Gen 2 Primos sticks, should be just what I need... will report back on how I get on in the field. Thanks for all the suggestions and comments.
  14. Another one of the good ones gone, RIP Harnser, always a pleasure reading your posts. Rest easy and rise in glory.
  15. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/firearms-security-handbook is the official national guidance if that assists
  16. One this morning near some grain, .22RF nicely on the ground for me. 120
  17. Thanks both - useful stuff !
  18. I like the look of these for sitting quietly in the woods waiting for squirrels, for stalking them, and possibly for lamping for bunnies on foot. They will also double up for photography, it appears. Any user comments on them ? Anything else around the same price (£100-150)which can be used sitting or standing at the press of a button? Are the gen 3 worth the extra £50 over the gen 2? Thanks in advance
  19. Er no, BASC have been challenging this since November last year. Bringing a judicial review against such a decision is a costly venture, and if the police forces rely on similar justification to that cited upthread from Hampshire it might be a risky endeavour. Writing to the PCC to complain about this is a first step in which is more likely than anything else to produce a resolution more speedily for members. If the suspension of processing grant applications continues and some test cases of would-be applicants come forward then a judicial review may be advisable, as long as the Government haven't passed their intended legislation to restrict judicial reviews by then, that is. https://basc.org.uk/north-yorkshire-police-in-breach-of-statutory-duty-says-basc/ (Nov 2021) https://basc.org.uk/firearms-licensing-what-you-need-to-know/ (5 Dec 2021) https://basc.org.uk/basc-warns-firearms-licensing-delays-at-untenable-level/ (11 Jan 2022)
  20. arjimlad


    A murderer used a crossbow on Anglesey recently. It seems an anomaly that these can be owned without licence when they are far more dangerous in the wrong hands than lots of other things. But then again, they're slow to reload and I daresay take a bit of skill to shoot accurately. And the usual arguments about other weapons being available also apply. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-51675341
  21. I did a case just like this years ago, it was that long ago it was on legal aid!! The same thing happened. We sued the council for the loss of this chap's stuff. The battleground was the valuation, of course! You paid rent for a garage, you were moved into alternative garage so you would not be able to get a refund of the rent paid. The landlord having excluded you from the garage was in law, a bailee of your goods and had a responsibility to take reasonable care of them, so if you have good enough evidence of what was there, you should be able to claim for the value of what has been lost. The claim will not be new for old though. I suggest you google Part 36 Offer and send one of those before issuing proceedings in the small claims court against the Landlord saying that their servants or agents for whom they are responsible unlawfully disposed of your possessions, with a list and sensible secondhand values. You may need to back up your values by scouring through used ads for kit etc.. Hope this helps. CAB is a good source of free advice on these matters. Or you may have legal expenses cover on your own buildings or contents insurance on your home or car.
  22. I have the little Campark T20-1, and found that I needed to mount it no more than 3 feet off the ground to get the most shots of wildlife on the ground. The first week I only got humans, but after putting it down lower it began to capture wildlife well enough for my purposes.
  23. 3654 A nice doe this morning, satisfying shot out of a tree with the air rifle.
  24. It's beautiful, but I can't see how it would support the slip like a thumbstick does. But then it is rather special, and we know how much you like a duck.
  25. One with the .410 near a pheasant feeder this morning, 3583
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