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    Wildfowling, Pigeon Shooting and Vermin control, Fly Fishing and Pike Fishing
  1. I reckon if any of us shot the shells he shot we'd be rerirng to. only so much the body can take. the mental strength alone for trap is immense even on amateur scale
  2. Can't beleive some breeders looking that sort of dough for a springer. I breed a bitch of mine who is ftw with hollydrive kurt, who i think is now with openshaw. Pups where £300 a dog £350 a bitch.
  3. Great choice for a trainable dog, but geat ready for a wait.
  4. Sorry lads, shes going for £600.
  5. Why do you not throw a dummy in because the dog takes pleasure in it? Thats the bit i can't get my head round!! If your dog takes pleasure in hunting a dummy in cover then surely that's what you need to get it entering cover day or night!!
  6. "Stone Roses" by the Stone roses and Appetite For Destruction was good too!
  7. Prices should be brought down in the pub to encourage people back to having a pint or two with mates. Buying drink from the supermarket or wine lodge is encouraging heavy boozing at home. I have 2 pints most nights at a wee pub down the road from me as i stopped drinking at home earlier in the year, some times the missus joins me, it has an open fire and allows dogs in, and i just love it!!
  8. GW80


    Got out this morning for a few hours, had 22 pigeons in the 1st hour but ended up packing up after about 3 hours with a total of 26 pigeons and 3 crows. Not a big bag but enjoyable way to spend a few hours!
  9. GW80


    A good friend of mine shot 200 plus a few weeks ago and he tells me he shot 100 more on Friday. But he still headed Down south on sunday and shot over 500 between 3 guns near drogheda some where!
  10. GW80


    Think you are right there, where i was today they were spoilt for choice for stubbles. The field i really would have liked to have shot is impossible to shot cause of house and road, but set up on the line to it and managed to draw passing traffic.Notice the beech mast too, been a while since there been as much! Also set my pattern up a bit tighter than i'd normally would and the birds seemed to be drew to it till about 6 pm when they started coming in over my back!!!
  11. GW80


    Been out a few times with not much doing. Shot 47 pigeons and 5 crows over Barley Stubble today. No weight of birds about my way like there was last year, but set up this afternoon on a flightline i know and the birds decoyed better than lately no magnet today just 12 shells and 2 bouncers, if my shooting had been better i should have had 75.
  12. I have a yellow dog at present, have to say this boy is the best dog i've train for a while!! I usually work with spaniels, but this boy is something elese!!!
  13. I used to drink in a bar, had one of the best barmaids you ever saw, but she always slapped the change down in a puddle of beer without fail, got the impression she wasn't too keen on our custom. But she had some figure on her!!!!
  14. If we are covering all weights, then Freddy Gilroy must get a mention. Greatest light weight my da ever saw!!
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