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  1. scaffman73

    Kestrel 2000 Thermo Anemometer

    Kestrel 2000. New in box, never used. Swap for fixed blade knife 4”- 6” approx. must be good quality steel.
  2. scaffman73

    Choke exchange

    You have PM
  3. scaffman73


    PM sent.
  4. scaffman73

    Train Driver/Guard T Key

    Thanks for all help and advice. This will make a young boys xmas. ( and no he won’t be hijacking any trains)
  5. scaffman73

    Train Driver/Guard T Key

    Helping a good friend out. Looking for a Train Driver / Guard T handle Key. For his Boy. Hopefully before Xmas. Who’s got one lying about. PM me.
  6. scaffman73

    Hilux radio sat nav off

    I went to Autosounds in Newcastle today and got turned away at is not one of theirs. Then tried Toyota back of the Metrocentre. Looked at it and said it’s fluffed you need a new one. Who needs a crystal ball with machanics like that. At least he opened the door for the visual. So pulled it apart myself. Now as good as new. No code on my unit. It works from downloading a disc.
  7. scaffman73

    Hilux radio sat nav off

    Got rid of L200 for hilux and never looked back
  8. scaffman73

    Hilux radio sat nav off

    Had to disconnect battery and now lost radio. Now keeps coming up with insert correct disc. Looks like head unit needs to download disc to work again. But not reading disc. Any suggestions
  9. scaffman73

    Cartridges for sale

    All cartridges sold to me.
  10. scaffman73

    Fox decoy

    Rubber type with centre stake. Not taxidermy stuffed.
  11. scaffman73

    Invector Plus Chokes.

    PM sent.
  12. scaffman73

    Invector Plus Chokes.

    After any of the above 12G Flush. Swap for CYL - CYL - Skeet - Full.
  13. Looking at DIY syndicate place for rough walk up or shoot/stand one. Northumberland Durham North Yorkshire.
  14. scaffman73

    Knife Steel

    Have a look at www.greenmanforge.com