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  1. have you found a cabinet yet if not i've got a five gun cabinet i'm going to sell.
  2. i have a friend who's gun let's both barrel's off when he use's eley cart's, he has had someone look at it and they used winchester's to try to see and it only let only let one barrel off,he told him there was nothing wrong with it so he put eley's in it again and both barrels went off any idea's why this happened.
  3. thanks for that it's the first time i have to sell some cartridges,they are only 9mm garden gun cartridges and theres about 175 of them.
  4. i'm would like to know if you are allowed to post cartridges or do you have to do it face to face
  5. i have some 9mm carts that i am trying to sell but i don't know anyone near me who has got a 9mm so at the moment i am stuck with them.
  6. hi can anyone tell me if you have to get a licence to shoot game.
  7. what done is done like i said before i have now brought myself a o/u baikalfor the price i was willing to pay for the one my dad owned.
  8. no rick he was going to give them to me and at the last minute he just went and sold them without asking me first but i thought that maybe i could swap my old gun for this gun at this shop but when he told me the price i could not believe it. are you allowed to say the name of the shop or not on here.
  9. my dad just sold a 9mm garden gun which he had on a SGC he told me it's the length of the barrel,i think he said if the barrel is under 24" it come's under a FAC,i have the 9mm cartridge's which are brass with me to sell there's 4 or 5 boxes of 50.
  10. i did speak to the chap again and said i would give him about 250 to 300 which i thought was right after speaking to my local gunshop,he was not very happy that i offered him that much for it then i told him you can buy a new one for that much. then he sounded a bit p***ed off and hung the phone up on me,so i went to mt local gunshop a brought an o/u baikal for 275.so i am staying well clear of that gunshop
  11. i wanted to see how much he was selling it for aswell if was at the right price i would of got it anyway. i thought of around £200 for it as it is 20 yrs old do an one think this is about right
  12. does anyone else think he is asking to much for this gun as i am thinking of buying it
  13. that's what i thought it's 20 years old in very good condition,the bloke i spoke too said it was the best gun he had in his shop. i know that you could buy a new one cheaper so i looked on guntrader this morning and found a biakel for under £500 it was not a boxlock but i think he is asking far to much for it. he even said the other guns might aswell be handed into the police.my dad called him a robbing *******.
  14. hi could anyone help me my dad just hand a biakel boxlock 12g self ejector in to a shop with 4 other guns which had no value and patr exchanged them for a bsa lightning .22 air rifle for £125.00. i phoned them today and they said they are selling it for £650 does sound about right or are they asking to much for it.
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