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  1. Price drop to £25 for the pair including p&p.
  2. I have two of the above magazines for sale that have sat around for the last year since my RPR went. £30 for the 2 including postage.
  3. Hi Can I ask which model it is. Eg Sniper Cam Sniper Cam HD Sniper Cam HD Compact Atb
  4. Hi Can I ask which reticle it has ?
  5. Hi, Can you tell me how old the scope is and is it FFP ? ATB
  6. Does it have any scratches to the screen or dents etc Many thanks
  7. Lyman 55 powder thrower please. PM inbound Glyn
  8. Left or right handed or is stock straight.
  9. Never been caught by them just know for a fact through a friend on the inside
  10. Well they need to update their own website:- http://naturalengland.etraderstores.com/Na...d8-610b8dcfc020
  11. I dont know if i am missing the point here but does'nt he have a legal obligation to control the number of rabbits on his land "An Order has been made under Section 1 of the Pests Act 1954 by which England and Wales (except for the City of London, the Isles of Scilly and Skokholm Island) have been designated a Rabbit Clearance Area. In this area, every occupier of land is responsible for the killing or taking of wild rabbits on his land. Where it is not reasonably practical to destroy the rabbits, occupiers must take the necessary steps to prevent them causing damage. Under section 98 of the Agricultural Act 1947, Defra has the power to serve a Notice under the Agriculture Act 1947, requiring rabbit control to be carried out; if this is not done, they may arrange for the necessary work to be undertaken at the expense of the occupier, who could also be liable to a fine." Apologies if as a newbie i missed something.
  12. M25 junction 10 round to Heathrow all cameras are active.
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