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    denby dale
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    I just love shooting be it clays or game. i stalk deer that is and fish , salmon trout

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  1. Hi sorry i didnt make it,we have had a death jn the family so other things on, i'm still very interested but apologies i couldnt be there

  2. getting together and doing some pigeon vermin shooting, it would be nice to meet likeminded people
  3. Hi does anyone have a 308 or 243 left hand rifle up for sale, they are like rocking horse pooh anything considered
  4. yes interested , I have the paperwork and experiance
  5. hi yes interested , I have the years of experience and the paperwork
  6. if it didn't go i'll take it, I'm only in Denby dale
  7. ok, my mate wants them , can you give me 3 days please?
  8. kevin01041961


    Hi, does anyone have a chiller for sale ? like the drinks type upright , mine although 10yrs old has gone to the great white goods god in the tip, has to be fairly close in west yorks or that area
  9. Hi i'm c;ose by and the experience and gear
  10. has this offer now closed?? give me details please please please!!! one very last try, is this still available?
  11. has the club folded? is there any club could I buy a couple of days on the pigeon let me know if you can please, I did send mail before without a reply
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