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  1. Firstly, the numbers you refer to are on the TRV ( look it up) and related to how warm the room is. Say that 4 represents 20 degrees, then the valve would be open until the room gets to the 20 degrees, at which point the valve will close and the radiator will start to cool down. So set the number to how warm you want the room, there will be some trail and error. Trv's are good, the radiator only demands water when the room is colder than you would like
  2. I bought it second hand, but only a few weeks ago. Then decided on night vision. I havnt got the box I dont think. The scope is good condition. It is a very good scope
  3. For sale delta titanium 2.5x15x56 hd illuminated dot #4 reticleExcellent scope, selling as I have bought a drone pro for the rifle£575 postedThanks
  4. What are the dimensions please
  5. Is the Orvis Battenkill BBS iv still for sale?

    1. whitehackle
    2. sunnyboy11


      What is the best way to connect on a purchase and sale? I live in North America. Thank you.

    3. sunnyboy11


      Any interest?


  6. Has anyone got any spare tier one medium scope mounts that they would sell? Or any othe good quality scope mounts? Thanks
  7. Has any9ne got a sightron 2.5-17.5x56 for sale? Thanks
  8. 7/8 line, but its light enough to go on most rods I think
  9. Good condition orvis cbbs iv fly, made in england reel for sale. In a fish pond hard carry case £60 posted
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