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  1. Eric Brooks trigger kit - 1 spring taken out but might be of use to someone ? £15 posted?? Cz 452
  2. edge007

    243 combo wanted

    now sorted - thanks
  3. edge007

    243 combo wanted

    Roughly £500-£600 - to spend, anything half decent considered
  4. edge007

    243 combo wanted

    Rifle, mod, bipod ect. West yorkshire or must be willing to RFD.
  5. Rabbit fever 100 yard long net and around 20 purse nets. £100 collected from bradford. Pictures via WhatsApp as too big to upload.
  6. Not seen much use. Selling to fund a 243. Updated software. Less than a year old. Boxed and still under warranty. Bought from Customer Rifle scopes. More pictures via whatsapp. Boxed with all accessories.
  7. Anybody local to Bradford want to help me clear some Rats? Got 2 x farms with Rat problems. Must have night vision and air rifle. PM me please.
  8. Withdrawn from sale as I need to use the Kannias for an ongoing Squirrel job.
  9. edge007


    Is that posted?
  10. Olight BATON- small and powerful
  11. edge007

    243 setup

    Not wanting to spend too much - £400 - £600
  12. No Sorry, I'd prefer them to go as a bundle
  13. edge007

    243 setup

    Wanting a 243 setup, mod and scope (if decent) Not wanting to pay a fortune, just something to get me started.
  14. 2 x Kania 2000 traps 8 x Mk4 Fenn traps - (like new) 3 x BMI body grip traps with cages (new) Around 40 plus duffus tunnel mole traps (new) 10 x talpex mole traps (new) £200
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