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  1. So sorry but having to opt out - I've sent you a PM Good luck with the sale
  2. Interested- first dibs - please - just sorting out the funds
  3. edge007

    Mole traps

    Not heard from ceriowen86 regarding the traps and had for sale on another site and now sold. Now sold!!
  4. edge007

    Mole traps

    Just found another 5 - (used once) so that's 18 for £20.00
  5. edge007

    Mole traps

    Yes - that's fine pal
  6. edge007

    Mole traps

    13 brand new Duffus barrel mole traps for sale. Still in packaging with instructions. Collection only - Bradford £20
  7. edge007

    Scope alighner

    £15.00 posted
  8. edge007

    Scope alighner

    For sale is my Nikko Sterling scope alighner / ammo saver. Basically - slot into end of your rifle - adjust scope via turrets to alighn. I did this with my 22 Hornet- and shot a Fox within 50 metres. Tested on paper and was not alot out but needed to adjust slightly. This fitted into my 22 Hornet c.f., but not my 22 rim fire. Pics on request.
  9. edge007

    Pulsar N970LRF and nightmaster 800IR

    Sorry to hijack your post - but I was bidding on this on ebay - it sold for £720 What happened ? Did you want more for it?
  10. edge007

    Browning Maxus 12 gauge

    Sold pending collection on monday
  11. edge007

    Browning Maxus 12 gauge

    Yes pal
  12. edge007

    Browning Maxus 12 gauge

    This is cheapest maxus about - quick sale as no longer use it - absolutely fantastic shotgun
  13. edge007

    Browning Maxus 12 gauge

    This is mine - it's now reduced to £410
  14. edge007

    Rat poison

    You can't use Brodifacoum outdoors - this is illegal !!!
  15. edge007

    Fox caller wanted

    Message sent