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  1. edge007

    204 Bits

    Too far for me, but good luck with the sale
  2. edge007

    204 Bits

    Where are you pal Where are you pal
  3. No, I bought it a few months ago second hand, selling only because I need to raise some cash
  4. The best scope by far for Nightvision addons. Comes with box, Neprene scope cover, sunshade, Vortex flip up covers. £550 posted More pics can be Whatsapped.
  5. edge007

    Quad sticks

    Is that posted?
  6. edge007

    Dive bottle

    Do you just need your rifle filling or are you wanting to buy a bottle? Where abouts in west Yorkshire?
  7. Is the timber shed outside? What type of mice have you been catching? Field mice or House mice? I would presume field Mice. If this is the case, it is illegal to poison them due to risk of secondary poisoning.
  8. Poison inside small fish heads? Have you not thought about what would happen if a non target species I.E a cat eats your clever / illegal baiting techniques?
  9. I'll take this please
  10. Not got out but just bought a new foxing rifle so itching to zero it in. I could of taken whoever out on the foxes after shooting Rats but going to withdraw the offer as I'll sort them myself.
  11. I could do it by myself - just cant seem to motivate getting myself out in this weather
  12. Eric Brooks trigger kit - 1 spring taken out but might be of use to someone ? £15 posted?? Cz 452
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