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  1. Received this morning, item as described - thankyou for a smooth transaction
  2. All paid for bud Thankyou
  3. Hello, Has anyone got any proven recipes for the above. 35g , 40g and 45g Thanks
  4. I'll take these, pm me proffered payment
  5. It works awesome on pard 007, as do all the athlon
  6. Fantastic under rated scopes, really clear and fantastic on add on nightvision. I run Athlon on all my rifles, but going dedicated nightvision scope on the foxing rifle. Less than a year old. Unfortunately not got the box, but can provide another Athlon box. I've now found the box !!!!! £150 posted.
  7. edge007

    204 ruger

    As per title I am after a 204 ruger and moderator to fill a slot. Preferably low shot count. Thanks
  8. As per title. Comes with Rats tail switch, normal 3 mode switch, Red and IR pill and Picitinny mount. Rats tail switch can be a bit temperamental, like a loose wire or something. £40 posted.
  9. You firstly need to know how the rats are gaining access to the loft. You need to know what they are eating. If neither of them have Rats coming inside there kitchen ect looking for food, then 9 times out of ten then the Rats are coming from a weakness in the drainage system. Check everywhere external round the house for weak spots in brickwork, if that looks sound they must be coming from the drains. I would refrain from using poison because the Rats could die with cavities and floorboards. UV tracking dust will give you a better clue. Lift the drain covers to s
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