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  1. Where would I find that?
  2. As per title, had this whilst running a Pard 007 and it was fantastic !! £65 posted
  3. Warden Adder Scope cam - same as Pard NV007 16mm but was rebranded. This is the best Night Vision Rifle Scope Attachment I have used, but I no longer night shoot. Comes with Eaglevision adaptor so you can swap from different scopes, this mount will all you will need, but I will also include the two other adaptors I have. £320 posted. ONO
  4. edge007

    PBIR X

    Thanks steve, I would also consider if anybody has one for sale
  5. edge007

    PBIR X

    Has anybody got one for sale? Or any info on best IR using a Pard007. Thanks
  6. I can confirm these scopes are great with add on night vision. I have Athlon scopes on all 3 of my rifles and are great scopes for the money !! Good luck with the sale
  7. If only you was closer, always the case !
  8. Shame, thought it was porn
  9. I'll do £15 posted if that's any good?
  10. Never been used, £15.00 posted
  11. Dont know if this is any good to anybody? Not sure if these are sought after or collected. Found in back of my drawer. 1 blade broken. Dont know what they are worth so will say £15 posted
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