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  1. edge007

    FREE Single barrel cooey slug gun

    Hello - I would like to take this please - I will cross your palm with silver for you to give to the charity of your choice
  2. edge007

    Yukon Photon RT

    Now sold
  3. edge007

    ICOTEC GC500 digital fox caller

    Now sold - thanks for all the offers via PM.
  4. edge007

    Roe deer head

    Sold to ant.mass pending payment
  5. edge007

    Large hunting knife

    Provisionally Sold to steveyb Thanks bud
  6. edge007

    Powerful Olight MX3 triton

    Fantastic and powerful torch. Great for lamping. £50 posted
  7. edge007

    Roe deer head

    Small roe deer head. Good condition - £20 posted
  8. Fox caller - No time to get out so all my kit is going. Comes with lure. Clip to attach remote to caller broke but doesn't affect anything. £150 posted
  9. edge007

    Large hunting knife

    Very sharp unused knife. Over 18's only - cost £60 new - £25 - posted
  10. edge007

    Yukon Photon RT

    Selling due to not getting out much. Comes boxed, (bit tatty) Yukon SW- 30 rifle mount, and Pulsar DNV battery double pack. £500 posted.
  11. edge007

    Brno opinions

    Plus one for eley subs - had 2 - awesome guns ! Never had a problem !!
  12. edge007

    CZ 452 mags for sale

    I'll have the ten shot if you want to split
  13. edge007

    What the??????

    This just popped up - Just goes to show, Joe public will believe any shi$€ fed to them. https://news.sky.com/story/family-of-swans-killed-in-senseless-air-gun-attack-11569623 horrible that somebody has shot them with a shotgun, but to mislead the public saying it was an "airgun" attack and they were peppered with bullets? what's people thoughts - this has just boiled my ****
  14. edge007

    2 Excellent Torches. Olight Nightmaster

    None - I bought them
  15. edge007

    2 Excellent Torches. Olight Nightmaster

    I bought them both pal - I too have too many torches !