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  1. Thankyou, now sorted thanks to Bryan7162 Cheers bud, I'll look forward to receiving it.
  2. Anybody looking to shift one or has one sat around. Combro would be preferable.
  3. Well someone has just got the bargooooon of the century !!
  4. Now sold !!! These have now been Re Gnomed
  5. Hahahahha, they are quirky as ****, great at Christmas time !!
  6. Check these little beauts out.... When insense lit inside the figures, the smoke comes out of there mouth to look like they are smoking the pipes. Will look great in any home / mancave. Have no idea what they are worth so for arguments sake I'll add a price. Feel free to let me know if too cheap / expensive. Selling as a job lot £ 70 posted
  7. Thankyou, just trying to learn him the value of money.
  8. Free ferret kits Bradford. Working parents. All I ask is a small donation to my son who has brought them up, cleaned them out, fed and handled daily. 5 Jill's, 2 x Hobs.
  9. Fitted the new valve, new spring, and new hammer that I bought on PCP tunes advice for the mk1 stealth. £160 later fitted but rifle started to fire on it's own. I took it to a specialist, who checked what I had bought. The hammer was 10g lighter than what it was advertised and longer than it should of been which was the reason the gun was going off on it's own. , the spring was weak, but the valve was ok. The rifle is now bang on and running 35 foot pound. A new stronger spring and hammer fitted. I am now very happy !! Not christened it yet but I'll let you know what I find out in the field.
  10. I thought the exact same- would of been easier surely?
  11. Like new, in medium. £30 posted. Smart jacket, ideal summer mooch jacket. I have more pictures I can send via whatsapp
  12. Just bought one, a Boss one from aliexpress, only £20, but then I found another one on PCP tunes, with a hammer and spring for £140, which I bought also - I'll let you know what they are like
  13. The seal seems worn but I have no clue where to get another one. Also does which way round should the white bit go?
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