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  1. Thanks for the input all! I hope to get a pellet choice you can buy in shops,.. JSB never seem to be available ..
  2. Pellet choice, I know this is going to sound like the normal "what pellet do I use post" I have always shot webley mosquito in my gun and had incredible results but can no longer get hold of them.. I also had decent results with RWS superfield... So I brought some more and they are TERRIBLE, completely different pellet mad flyers. Just not sure what to try anymore .177 by the way!
  3. beautiful Guns, heavy? im only small im 17 and weigh about 53 kg and this rifle is no were NEAR the word heavy, and lighter and it would be too light uncomfortable (Father uses this account too)
  4. I don't know why people here cant back off a bit and give sound advice instead of jumping with both feet straight on to the testicles of someone who makes an ill judged mistake. Agree with this completely, i understand people on here have respect for what they shoot i hope we all do!.. but the way people Rant on about it really puts me off the use of these forums! Theres no need, as there is other ways of informing this man.
  5. Can you explain further please i have an ir illuminator but how will this help This camera?
  6. A few people have already done it check youtube mate, the mount was £30 and the camera cost me £160 from Ebay.
  7. recieved my Camera today its a casio exFC150 highspeed, along with the seben mount and Hw100tk in .177 it should be exciting, just going to get to grips with it all, Then expect to see some videos soon
  8. some brilliant pics there, well done
  9. i think camo is well needed for air rifle hunting :yp: just need to find my gloves now!! :oops:
  10. basically my dad is very interested in buying the above rifle, we heard somewhere that it was possible to buy them in 12ftlbs does any1 have any info on them, or maybe even the best way to get hold of one, thanks Tom.
  11. im sure you can still get them by going to the individual shops who havnt yet sold out of them!
  12. oh i see i didnt realise they were discontinued. i once wanted the MTCs and i went and picked my self some up baring in mind they are the same price range as the edgarbros i now use. but found i wasnt happy with the lens quality myself, (but thats just my view) they were also to heavy and big, so i went back to the shop with them and after having all the scopes out looking down the road through them :lol: i settled on the edgarbros optimate, but im not up to date with whats on the range lately, although nikko have quality lenses
  13. Thankyou for that, thats very interesting, i am keen to one day try the broads for the first time.
  14. @wharfrat , what do you currently have?, im using a edgar brothers opti-mate, 4-16x50 it is very clear, iv had previous scopes that were no wear near as good especially in low light, this scope seems to be up there with some very expensive scopes out of my price range,
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