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  1. I have a friend

    Surely it's what the law states, not what the feo likes, or dislikes?
  2. Hisense T.V.

    I know what you mean, it makes it look very unstable, I am going to wallmount this one in the bedroom.
  3. Hisense T.V.

    Never had the Hisense, but Richer sounds are doing a LG 49inch 4K for £429 and that's with 6 yrs guarantee. I am just about to order one now.
  4. Scammer up early!

    Old' un, How do they work it . that when you dial 999 it goes through to them.
  5. Anyone know what these are?

    If the pipe is a standard size, 6mm 8mm or 10mm try plumbing supplies,
  6. Twinshock Trials

    Thanks for the reply nabbers, but Yorkshire is a bit far for me.
  7. Twinshock Trials

    Looking for a 70,s or early 80,s twinshock trials bike for restoration. Bultaco, Montesa, Yamaha ty, etc,etc.Any condition, as near to Gloucester as possible. Thanks Chris.
  8. Carpet Fitting Price Help Needed PLEASE

    I went round the carpet shops and chose what I wanted, then looked on line and got it a lot cheaper, I think it was something like Allied weavers Invictus or Pegasus, £24 something from SCS £17 online with free delivery.
  9. Carpet Fitting Price Help Needed PLEASE

    I joined it together with some gaffer tape.
  10. Carpet Fitting Price Help Needed PLEASE

    Had mine done a couple of months ago, 5mx4.2, I laid underlay he just laid carpet, Took him about 30mins £45. Then he came back and did stairs and landing fit only £70.
  11. Impact wrench

    Iidl have got a promotion on air tools this week or next. I think the air wrench was about a tenner'
  12. mot /technician

    Zapp, you are probably right, still not a bad wage though.
  13. mot /technician

    If that is the hourly rate, that's a great wage. I can get an MOT For £35, one every 40mins doesn't leave much profit.
  14. Bye bye Human Rights?

    In this country nobody is a criminal until they have been found guilty in a court of law, to make any difference we would have to change it to guilty until proven innocent.
  15. Terror attacks

    I have worked in Spain and Italy for many years in the past, most officers are armed, once you get over the initial shock of seeing and being in close proximity of guns then it becomes the norm, within a few months I didn't even notice. If officers were armed here, within 12 months it would not even be a talking point.