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  1. Chris B.

    Sat afternoon thread

    The scaffolders certainly earnt their money.
  2. Stimo22, I am in the process of getting my motorcycle license a little bit late in life (58), I have been looking at different styles of bikes I like, after seeing that Triumph I have made my mind up. I appreciate its a bike you have built yourself and I can't buy one of the shelf, but can you tell me what model, year and different parts you used to make it. Thank's for your time Chris.
  3. Chris B.


    Lloyd, sorry not relevant to your problem, but I have two vehicles which I have built up no claims 12yrs on one and 14 on the other, Now if I make a claim on one I lose my no claims bonus on both. I think this is wrong as they make you build up a no claims bonus on separate policies so they should be kept separate when it comes to claims.
  4. Chris B.

    PW car sale or scrap wisdom

    If you did scrap it, most of the parts would be sold on to keep other cars on the road, so not all bad news.
  5. Chris B.

    New project GSX 750 ES

    That looks quite tidy as it is, can you keep us updated with pictures please, always interested in these projects.
  6. Chris B.

    PW car sale or scrap wisdom

    I would scrap it, don't need all the hassle of advertising, waiting in for people that don't turn up, and then if you did sell it them coming back saying this is broke, that doesn't work. All for perhaps £100 more than the scrap man would give you.
  7. Chris B.

    Premium Bonds

    I have had £30,000 in bonds for the last 6 years, the most I have had in one month is £100. I usually get £25 a month.
  8. Chris B.

    Water main

    Pigeonpopper, sorry I miss read your post, I thought you needed your's replaced. This one I am doing is the old galvanised pipe but its had a water meter fitted so its a plastic one.
  9. Chris B.

    Water main

    If its the stopcock in the house, then its your responsibility, if its the one in the road then its down to the water company. The one in the house is not hard to change if you can get to it.
  10. Chris B.

    Water main

    Yes, only out to the edge of the property though, then the water company does the final connection.
  11. Chris B.

    Water main

    Thanks Scobydog, I will carry on and do it.
  12. Chris B.

    Water main

    Scobydog, did you use the groundbreaker box or just the flexible pipe with the insulation inserts?
  13. Chris B.

    Water main

    Thanks Rob.
  14. Chris B.

    Water main

    I have got to replace a water main into a house. The regs say it must be a minimum of 750mm down not a problem on the run from the stopcock to the house, but where it enters the house and comes up in the kitchen due to the depth of concrete it would be very difficult. I have seen a product called insuduct, it's just a 100mm outer pipe with a insulated insert, would it be possible to use this for the bit that enters the house and not have to dig down 750mm. I have tried asking the waterboard, but they said ask the inspector when he comes to check it.
  15. Chris B.

    This number plate has got to be illegal surely?

    I agree, that's not miss spacing or adding a screw to change the appearance, its a completely different number.