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  1. the umarex 850 air magnum is a great starter rifle with good accuracy potential.there are however 2 potential problems with any co2 powered air rifle,in comparison to any other type of air rifle they are quite expensive to run[you might mitigate this with the relatively cheep purchase price for this spec of rifle]plus any co2 rifle suffers a power drop as the temperature drops creating a change in point of impact[poi] alternatively you could try a bsa ultra or one of the smaller brocock pcp,s,but you would have to extend your budget for charging gear :good:
  2. hi mickey i use a cz 452 american with a scirocco mod ,using hornday blue tips i can achieve groups at 100 metres of 1/2 to 1 inch.much outside that and i would be looking to find the problem and sort it mate :good:
  3. ******** got mine on saturday night .peed off aint the word,so much hassle chasing around with the police and insurance,struggling with transport for work,would have been easier if they had just mugged me for the scrap value :hmm:
  4. i use a pump on all my air rifles,including a gunpower stealth and a daystate air ranger fac,both of these are buddy bottle rifles.if you need to pump for fifteen minutes to charge them up,you would have run them so low on air that your shots would become inconsistent :good:
  5. sounds like my mates cooey.its held together with gaffer tape and a jubilee clip,blueing replaced with rust,the wood looks like sun bleeched driftwood.he uses it as a beating stick[unloaded]when beating,then shoots like a dead eye **** with it.i think he paid a fiver for it :good:
  6. i have walked the public footpaths on my permissions regulary with loaded rifles and shotguns.most of these paths are fairly busy,the trick is to carry the rifle on a sling over your shoulder or shotgun broken,and greet everyone you meet with a freindly greeting and wave.this normaly keeps everyone happy .if you are unfortunate enough to get abuse move away from the path and if they follow remind them that you have the permission to be there,not them,tresspass is ilegal
  7. just camo tape the moderator that way you only wreck the mod and not the blueing.years ago i did the barrel of a rifle ,and the adhesive reacted with the blueing,lifting it off like loose paint .never again :unsure:
  8. my mouflons have had eighteen months of abuse[wading through floods filled with mud scraped on thorns/barbed wire,used to scramble around the occasional tree when i cant be bothered to put the chainsaw boots on,used for hiking all day up hill,dale and moor]with minimal cleaning,and other than a few surface scratches on the leather they clean up like new and have never leaked.i would seriously recomend mouflons on my experience of them
  9. my mates lad was plinking with my enigma,my back was turned only for a minute when he said "its jammed",sure enough it was .bolt wouldnt move,magazine couldnt be removed.the obvious solution was to remove the barrel,so scope off job.upon removal of the barrel the magazine and bolt became free.in the end of the barrel was a mashed up pellet,so out with the cleaning rod,mmm thats a bit stiff i thought,so i gave the end of the rod a good smack with the palm of my hand and out popped 8 mashed up pellets.the little twerp hadnt worked the bolt properly,so when it didnt fire he just reworked the bolt.think im lucky compared to some of you lads though,half an hours work,including re zeroing and the enigma was back on form
  10. its been a while since i removed mine but im sure you have to remove the pistol grip to get to the screws, i never had to press mine out.try www.gunpower.org.uk or talonairgun.com
  11. two things to check first marcus.check that youve actualy tightened the bottle properly ,then check the grub screws that hold the bush in.if that fails phone geof at gunpower,hes normaly very helpfull
  12. had one at work a few years back,a young lad took it out on site and promptly sunk it up to its axles.he phoned the yard crying that he couldnt get it out ,only to be told to engage 4 wheel drive,upon which it rose out of the mud as if it was on tarmac.totaly awesome put it in someawkward spots myself,but a bit ott as a shooting truck,id stick with a ranger or a defender myself
  13. try a gunpower stealth,mines very light even with a big scope and all the accesories,or one of the new brococks they realy are featherweight
  14. i have everything on your list and more,including tweed.the conclusion i have come to is that if it is drab in colour it will work,so i just wear what is comfortable for the conditions on the day.i think that the head to toe camo in a given brand can sometimes give confidence while you are learning,and that isnt necesarily a bad thing
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