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  1. monshussar

    .410 sxs

    Sorted. Thanks Andrew 😀
  2. monshussar

    .410 sxs

    Hi, got a single .410 but a fancy for a double barrel ? Based in South Wales, looking for dirt cheap gun as only a bit of a fancy not a need lol
  3. monshussar


    Hi Poacher, still got the. 22 lr ammo I messaged you last time if you are interested ?
  4. Hi kiffy, I'd like to have the Eley zenith and 2 boxes of the Fiocchi ? Cheers Karl Pick up next week sometime as I work in Aberdare but live in Brecon
  5. Would like a slab of clear pigeon if any left cheers Karl
  6. Hi what length of pull and what is it choked at ? Thanks Karl
  7. Hi Monshussar,

    Maybe interested in your SMLE if for sale, could you please send details to robertsmyth47@blueyonder.co.uk.

    Regards, Rob.

    1. Hi Ed. I have a deactivated ww1 (1918) Lee Enfield I don't need. What price you looking at ? I am in Brecon so not far. Bought a .17 hmr off you a few years ago. Still working a treat ! Cheers Karl
    2. Lt. Jervis Moore Tylee 15th Hussars killed 23 /08/14 at Mons. First cavalry office killed in WW1. I have his sword. Monshussar in his memory. R.I.P.
    3. monshussar


      Hi did you want the ammo we messaged about ? Thanks Karl
    4. Hi Spoonbed. I posted to purchase...are you waiting for further info from me or have they been sold off forum ? Cheers Karl
    5. Hi. If they are still for sale I would like them . Thanks
    6. Hi. I know I am having a hand clay thrower as a "stocking filler" . Anyone near Brecon got a few I can have or buy tomorrow 24th so we can give it a run out ?? Cheers and a Merry Christmas Karl
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