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  1. Tried most traps with varying success. Best by far for me are putange mole traps. French type but on ebay. Don't forget the setting tool if you buy.
  2. Hi Steve , if you don't get any sent then give me a shout, think there should be some further up hill from me. Cheers Karl
  3. Hi . Would like the safari guide ..Conrad via post if you did fancy splitting ? Thanks
  4. Shotgun cabernet , a punchy little vintage, only two barrels left.
  5. My daughter had her firearms licence renewed in Powys in July and had to pay for GP report.
  6. Same here with Dyfed Powys sorting my daughter's firearms / shotgun cert. Really prompt reply and communication. First class.
  7. monshussar


    Hi , anyone got a 3/8" dovetail to picatinny rail ..... I need to fit a Yukon Sightline N470s to a CZ 452 .17hmr Thanks
  8. Hi all, I am having a Yukon Sightline N470s delivered and intended fitting it to a CZ 452 .17hmr ( possibly another rifle later), what would be a good , cheapish 3/8 dovetail to picatinny rail to mount it on ? Cheers
  9. Hi , could I ask what you went for after? I am looking for a rail for my 527 to fit a YukonN570s . Cheers Karl
  10. I have a .243, .22hornet, .17hmr and .22 lr. Hornet is the one I would keep if pushed, favorite gun of my daughter as well. I reload with a classic Lee loader , have a press but enjoy the process 😊 Very few areas where a clear 175yd + shot is available so Hornet is ideal. Neighbour has a .222 also a fine calibre for what we need. More accurate in the real world than most people think they can shoot (me included😄). Negligible recoil, decent power and cheap to run .
  11. Hi, I'd like to buy these please Thanks Karl
  12. Cheers welshwarrior, As long as my face and Beretta stay intact 🥴
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