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  1. Another freedom taken away! We think it is bad now, I can only imagine what this country will become in the next ten or twenty years. All the things we enjoy are being eroded on a daily basis. A minority has more say then a majority and you can no longer do or say anything anymore without getting into trouble. We are being shaped and molded by the powers that be and have no say in it what so ever. It really is quite a worrying time. I believe things are implemented under a guise but really there is some bigger plan. Now I'm not a conspiracy nut but when you see some of the things going on it really is ****** up.
  2. I notice a few people on here reload shotgun carts and more of you reload rifle cases. I own a shotgun and find as long as you don't want the top makes they are fairly cheap to buy. However I don't own a rifle so have no idea what they cost. So is it just due to cost of ammo or do you find other benefits from reloading? Sorry if this is a stupid question but I have no idea about reloading. SS
  3. I find that my dads magnet is to much at top speed and seems to do more harm then good. I normally have it set about midway. It may just be that particular make of magnet, but it is much to fast at top speed. I have also blown a controller. SS
  4. Not to sure on price as I can't seem to find a manual and don't know what they go for in fairly good condition.
  5. click 'my controls' near top of screen. Then on the left you will see the heading 'Personal Profile' click edit avatar settings. It is in there. Hope this helps. SS
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