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  1. Just searching online for lofting poles and came across this thread, there's lucky With regards to corvids mobbing, we have about 8 magpies which live in the area, we've watched them mobbing the sparrow hawks which were picking off redwings and blackbirds feeding on all the berry's, even though they don't yet have nests they still do it. The crows and rooks also join in if in the area. But they also do this if they see any cats in the area, though for some reason they ignore our dogs, which have come close to catching one or two of them, but that's getting off thread a bit. I've heard (but not tried) they'll mob just about any predator, James Marchington used a tethered ferret once in a magazine article many years ago, I think this has since been outlawed (using an animal as live bait - not sure if it's true?). I've even heard they'll mob a teddy bear, it's something to do with the forward facing eyes. Not tried that yet either, but once I get my lofting pole who knows.... I was looking for a set to try some drey bashing, something I've wanted to try for ages. I've heard that gently nudging the drey with the poles will cause any squirrels in bed to pop out for a look, which may give an airgunner the chance of a shot, or give it a sharper prod to get it running towards a waiting shotgunner? But they are a bit on the pricey side, will hunt a window cleaner set out, and hope the wife doesn't give me a job :blink:
  2. I was wondering the same thing
  3. oddbob

    Cz wood

    It's my 17HMR, I used a little walnut oil on it but the grain is all original
  4. oddbob

    Cz wood

    We all know Czs are cheap as chips, but how do they get Walnut like this for the price?
  5. When shooting pigeons you would typicaly use 30g or 32g no 6s. This equates to 240 -255 2.77mm Balls. If one of these pellets strikes a pigeon it is more likely to penetrate due to it being smaller even although it might have less residual kinnetic energy. To use the analagy it is like trying to stab a bowie knife in to somthing compared to a fairbarn sykes commando dagger. If you use the same force the dagger will go in further because it has a smaller tip and the presure per area is more although the force is the same. Dave I know how it gets in there, but how it kills so quick is a bit strange. Read any book about terminal ballistics on flesh and bone and it seems to turn the rules on their heads But your point about a lot of force on a small area is an old trick, how do you think Theoben managed to create the gas ram?
  6. I would use round heads, do just about everything you need of a pellet apart from cut neat holes in paper
  7. They produce slightly less power, but can still be accurate and do the job. Your better of with lightweights m80
  8. It will certainly be good to have them on our side to help counter the antis Lets not forget, some of these antis have been practising terrorists for many years now, and the SAS know a lot about counter terrorism...
  9. oddbob

    Aled and Jess

    Ollie see my post from this morning at 11.21am http://forums.pigeonwatch.co.uk/forums/ind...topic=7198&st=0 I can see the reasoning to some of the arguments there, some threads do drift off on a wild tangent, but that's life, and a new thread on a similar subject soon pops up. Some of these frays (when a thread starts to unravel?) can become interesting in themselves. But some of the arguments that you directed us to gave the impression that some people want to talk about pigeon shooting and nothing else. Oh, how those winter evenings must just fly by But just looking at the home page, is there a pigeon only section? I see one called Airgunners, but it does not say no entry unless you shoot pigeons on it. I don't mean to take the Mick here, it is an observation, and anyone typing 'shooting' into Google to find a forum to discuss shooting related topics will be lead to this site, and will probably re-visit it if they are interested in airguns. Personally, I would normally associate pigeon shooting with shotguns, and would welcome the chance to learn more about them, and was surprised to find so much about airguns. I hope while I have been posting on this site, I have been able to give some of the younger contributors some helpful advice on airguns, a hobby I have been involved with for longer than some of them have been alive. But if it is going to become another Elitist institution, then I don't want to be part of it, our sport has had too many of these in the past and does not need another.
  10. I have a 1077 It was on the kitchen side tonight in bits, I was looking to see if I could modify a spare Ruger 1022 stock to fit, when this bloke came round to view my house (I'm selling it). He was as bent as a nine-bob-bit, and not to be homophobic or anything, he looked at this pile of bits, and just said in the best Larry Grayson/Dale Winton voice, "oh dear, tut"
  11. True, but at close range (25yds) a wadcutter is lethal on any airgun quarry but it's the same with all pellets, if your rifle likes them and generates enough power, they will work. It only needs 4.5ftlbs to kill a rabbit (point blank range, don't try it with a pistol), so most 12ftlbs rifles will be capable of killing a coney out to 60-70 yards, depending on the b/c of the pellet. But at this range, a lot of pellets are going unstable, also many of us can't get a pellet in the kill area at this range, and with a sub 12ftlbs gun it needs to be dead on. And they old saying still stands, .177 for feather, .22 for fur :( , or.20 if you can't make your mind up .22 is a poor killer on feather when taking front on chest shots for two reasons, first, the feathers tend to wrap round the pellet and slow it down to such a point where it may not even enter the chest cavity and secondly, birds have a big breast bone that will stop the pellet. You could say three reasons at roosting time, as the crop is often full then too. A shot from behind, striking the bird between the shoulder blades will kill it instantly. A shot from the side, through the wing with a 22 is also a no brainer! Squirrel are tough, they are all muscle, hard muscle at that, which is why they can be hard to kill, but get the pellet in the right place (brain) and a 177 will do it, same with rabbits. But a 22 seems to destroy more of the brain, so they kick less than if shot with a 177. And I have to agree with jlrlfcs about the single pellet from a 12 bore doing the job, can't explain how a little tiny shot gun pellet which, at point of impact, is often LESS powerful than an airgun pellet seems to work. And as for targets with a 22, which somone mentioned, Terry Doe won a title or two using an Original 45 in .22 cal back in the 80s
  12. Sounds like you don't need a bipod anyway Strange question, but what does it sound like with the plastic stock? I used to have an Air Arms Jackal, and it had a plastic stock which was a bit noisey when the gun fired as it was a hollow moulding. And don't forget to put the balaclava on the right way round, or you won't hit a thing
  13. oddbob

    Aled and Jess

    Not sure what the real meaning of the word Banter is, so I started to do a search on Google, and accidentally came across a Veggie forum, something about dealing with sexual banter at work. Didn't read it but it did remind me of one I had read a while ago on a veggie site, about deer stalking. Some of the comments and opinions were so totally clueless about the way deer live and how they are stalked and shot etc. But there was this one post which did sound like they knew what they were talking about, so I kept reading. Despite being 'slagged off' for his views, he kept posting, and more people started posting similar comments, it soon became obvious that he was a deerstalker, and other shooters were joining in. One or two of the veggie members started to see his point of view, even if they were not going to have a joint of venison. The point was, even though it was a veggie forum, and these people were not veggies, they were not banned. It was also good to know that someone is keeping an eye on our enemies.........
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