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  1. i have had both and they both are very good.....for the last 10 years i have been shooting 2 beretta 687 SPII Optima Sporting 30". i really like them because they fit me better personally and i shoot them better......to me, it is about fit and which you shoot the best.
  2. i have a Maxus and i have been very pleased with it
  3. i own both and they both kill with authority and i really like both calibers. if forced to choose one, i would opt for the 308 win simply because i kill most of my game inside of 100 yds. having said that.......the 270 win is an outstanding caliber.
  4. i have several gun club friends who have them. One friend shoots clays and water fowl with his. He doesn't baby it and he does not clean it very often......the gun just keeps working. i am personally impressed at how reliable this gun has been with minimal care. he is the kind of guy who could afford the more expensive guns , but being frugal and a pragmatist he chooses to shoot this work horse and he shoots it very well.
  5. for the money my first choice would be a Tikka t3x stainless synthetic or laminate. If not the Tikka, I would get the Browning X Bolt stainless stalker. i have both rifles (not in 243 win) and they both shoot sub MOA out of the box
  6. You might try this simple solution. Buy a tornado brush and some quality bore cleaner. Apply the bore cleaner and run the tornado brush through the bore and then clean with patches. Could be all you need.
  7. Excellent semiauto. I have been using mine for two years and really like it. Received this tip from browning.....do not over lube it. Just use a quality gun lube on the rails that the bolt travels on. I have shot my hundreds of times without a thorough clean with complete, total reliability by making sure the rails that the bolt travels on is lightly lubed and briefly wiping down the stainless magazine tube.
  8. either one will work fine. i have a 26" synthetic maxus and i like the compactness of it. sometimes i will position myself in a patch of woods and call crows in with a mouth call. the 26" is very handy in the woods. a 28" is hard to beat as an all around gun especially if you plan to shoot some clays with it. either one is fine.
  9. nice guns. i have a maxus and i really like it. what make and caliber is that nice rifle?
  10. you can get spacers for the winchester SXP pump and utilize longer screws. any gunsmith can add some spacers to your remmy.
  11. reconsidering my response in the following way: 1-i really like the ergonomics and feel of the maxus. i really like the reduced recoil and reduced muzzle jump. the fit and the feel to me is close to perfect.......and let me say that is a purely individual matter. no two people are built exactly alike. i really like the speed load feature and have killed that extra bird on a good number of occasions which is very useful. i like the ease of disassembly.....but the benelli is also very easy. the only thing i dislike is that it is a gaser and it does get quite dirty and to really properly clean it takes a good hour. i have recently put about abut 300 round through mine over the last several weeks and it looks like i have been shooting black powder in it. it has not missed a beat. one key to the maxus and do not over lubricate it. when cleaning wipe all the parts dry. clean the stainless tube with a green scotch pad and leave it bone dry. the only thing you lube is the rails that the bolt travels on in the receiver. you can bull the bolt out and take your finger and put alittle high quality gun lubricant on the part of the bolt that slides or you can oil the rails inside the receiver. do not lube anything else. the gun will be frightening reliable, but will get dirty like any gaser which is a pain in the a@# pardon my french. 2-the benellie is a very good gun. with proper ammo it is extremely reliable. (the maxus has been also extremely reliable and most modern militaries employ gas operated small arms etc). to me the advantage of the benelli is simplicity and ease of maintenance. you can clean a benelli thoroughly in about 20 minutes. they are both excellent semi auto shotguns. the beretta guns are excellent also.
  12. i used a benelli m2 for a long time and liked it. i presently use a browing maxus and i have grown to greatly prefer it to the benelli and also the berettas that i have used and here is why: 1-the synthetic maxus has a tacky feel to it and the feel and the ergonomics for me is better. i shoot it better and kill more birds. 2-the recoil is less than the benelli and the browning has considerably less muzzle jump. i am killing more birds with it. the reduce muzzle jump to me is a big deal. i get back on target alot better. 3-i really like the speed load feature. in a hide or blind when the shooting is fast and furious i can speed load that browning quicker with no mucking about. here again, i am killing more birds with it. 4-the browning comes with spacers and shims right out of the box. the benelli has shims but no spacers .......so a long armed man is out of luck with a benelli. i can make the browning fit like a custom shotgun right out of the box. 5- i like the speed unload feature. you can unload the magazine tube without working the bolt. 6- i can enter a boat, blind, or hide with ammo in the mag tube and none in the chamber. all i do is work the bolt and i have chambered a round. no mucking about with buttons etc. the benelli being a recoil operated gun blows the gases and out the muzzle and it is cleaner and easier to clean. the browning being a gas gun is more dirty. both guns are very easy to strip down and both are easy to clean. the browning does take about 20 minutes longer to clean.....but it is so reliable it can go many multiple hundreds of rounds between cleaning. with the browning get the bolt rails (the track the bolt travels on ) lubricated and it is flawlessly reliable.
  13. i use to own a urika. i now shoot a maxus and overall i greatly prefer it and here are the reasons: 1- for me the fit and feel is better. i used the shims to drop the comb of the gun and the spacer to make it longer....a custom fitted gun right out of the box. 2-really love the tacky feel of the duratouch and absolutely love the slim feel of the forend. it feels right in the hands...ergonomically superior. 3-softer shooting...less felt recoil 4-speed load and safe unload without repeatly working the bolt 5-alittle easier to field strip for cleaning and maint. being gas the maxus does get dirty and this is also true for the urika 6-seems to have less muzzle jump and second shots are more on target 7-i shoot it better and kill more birds both guns are very good. the urika is a very good semi auto. my personal preference is the maxus. i also shot a benelli m2 and i prefer the maxus to it as well.
  14. i need a spotting scope that will do the following: 1-hand held----not used on a tripod or stand 2- reasonably portable. something you could easily carry in the field in a field bag 3-rubberized outter coating for durability and quietness 4-needs to be powerful enough to use at a rifle shooting range for spotting bullet holes while sighting in a centerfire rifle. currently using a nikon 8X42 binoculars and the 12 power scope on my rifle. of course this does not work all that well alot of times 5-the use would be 100 yard rifle shooting mainly for sighting in and field work. lots of times i am positioned in a hide to shoot pigeons and crows and wildlife of various types will appear out 300 to 500 yards. would be great to watch them. also great for all types of shooting, nature viewing, etc. i would like to get something that is a good value for the money, but that will work for what i have specified. any suggestions (makes and model #'s) will be much appreciated.
  15. all bulls@%t aside there are several primary reasons why i prefer a beretta 687/686 optima series guns. they are as follows: 1-foremost...they fit me very well out of the box. if the brownings fit me, i would be shooting brownings. 2-the beretta is designed to be relatively easy to rebuild(conical locking lugs are replaceable and the disks on which the gun pivots are replaceable. 3-the above mentioned series beretta guns are very easy to disassemble for thorough cleaning...the ejectors pop out without tools and with a beretta stock wrench you can easily remove the butt stock for periodic cleaning(especially handy it you and your gun get caught in a heavy rain while afield) Having stated all that, the brownings are excellent guns and are made very sturdy with top materials and you do not have to be an arab oil sheik to own one. for the money the brownings and the berettas are the best value going for over and under shotguns.
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