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  1. nice to meet you Mr.C, and I wont tell anyone that it was a 56 jacket either......
  2. a quick thanks to Shaun (bunnykiller) for the nice job he has done to weld the lifter on my benelli m2. nice quick turn round and very reasonable price for completing the work, highly recommended. if any of you semi auto shooting guys and girls want too avoid the dreaded thumb bite get in touch with the man and I'm sure he will be able to sort you out.
  3. I never shot there when it was open, always clashed with other local club shoots, but from memory I was told the land was sold and the new owner didn't like the shoot/noise, although from what I was told they didn't let on they would be stopping the shoot when they were in the process of buying it.
  4. depends on the manufacturer, some are covered, some not, probably best to speak to the importer. I've bought second hand beretta's that have had a transferable warranty that GMK have transferred over. not many do though, as Steve has said most are for original purchaser only. what make is it, someone may know.
  5. no idea to be honest. couple of the Stumbletts guys shoot there occasionally, but I don't know if its a pre booked thing they do. not a ground I've been to myself, you'll have to check their website, or give them a call.
  6. the one at flitteridge wood (fletching) has closed down. you've got Stumbletts at Horam, Mill Farm at Hankham, Stonestile near Hastings, Normanhurst at Catsfield. all Sunday morning shoots. Kingskote at East Grinstead is getting good reviews from shooting mates for weekday open shoots there is Polowood, Southdown, Willow Farm.
  7. alternate weekends (sunday mornings) you have stonestile on the ridge - they have a facebook page, normanhurst at catsfield, mill farm at hankham. you'll have to check their websites/facebook pages to find out which sunday each are open though.
  8. purchased my benelli pump action from them, a good few years ago admittedly, and my experience of dealing with them was very good.
  9. local gun club are holding a charity shoot to support The British Heart Foundation. Stumbletts Gun Club. Furnace Lane, Horam, East Sussex. Sunday 3rd September. 9.30am-1.00pm its a 50 bird sporting shoot, £16 entry. £50 high gun prize. 10 bird pool shoot, £5 entry. £30 high gun prize. 10 bird have-a-go £5. use of a gun and cartridges included. I must mention flyer says 'valid shotgun licence required for entry' but I guess this only applies to the main comp and pool shoot. be nice to see some local shooters support this.
  10. one of my shooting mates had this with a new supersport, went back to GMK a couple of times but they never managed to get it sorted out. In the end dealer swapped it out for a new one themselves.
  11. Aviva do my L200, very competitive price including business use & goods in transit. personally wouldn't touch Adrian Flux, or NFU for that matter.
  12. my thoughts exactly. perfectly legal for him to do. he's having fun with his grandson, participating in a perfectly legal activity, as long as no pellets leave his boundary of course. he has as much right to do that in his garden as you do to enjoy time in your garden with your daughter playing in her sandpit.
  13. I believe the technical difference is that the steyr doesn't load the pellet into the chamber, it aligns it with the barrel. the pellets are fired directly from the magazine on the steyr, unlike most airguns where the probe pushes the pellet into the barrel before firing. there have been some interesting posts on airgun bbs, some alluding to the fact that apparently 'the independent forensic lab's (LBC Ltd) opinion was that they were not self loading as per Sect 57 2a of the act and therefore not Sect 5 ab. Nabis stated they agreed. They also didn't deem them to be Sect 1 due to their po
  14. no idea, they seem absolutely fine. never sat down and worked out the velocity. when I first picked the gun up I only had AA pellets which I was using in another rifle, so thought I'd give them a try, and they worked no problem. I have since bought a couple of tins of bisley magnums and don't really notice any difference, although I don't really stretch its legs too far when out rabbit shooting, if I want to shoot rabbits at distance I take the hmr. I don't really buy into all this blowing skirts at 40+ ft/lb and all the other stuff that gets written by people who don't have fac air, of
  15. they do 2 versions, the hunting 5 is a single shot biathalon cocking, officially imported by steyr uk the hunting 5 auto is semi automatic, no official imports of this one. both use the same 5 shot or single shot magazine.
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