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  1. He looks lime he will be a right chunk of a dog tim stunning fella
  2. Well done mark cracking shooting fella hope to get some time out myself over christmas !
  3. Spot on fella thats a good day in anyones books
  4. To answer a few questions its getting the honda unit as it has more bhp as standard and is a screemer the arches havent been blended as ghats how the rally ones are fitted they have been two packed on and rivited and will be painted over directly no fillerwill be used they are alloy arches and dunkeld i wish the bda engine i wish but 4-5 k it just way to much for a good un
  5. Thanks lads the car is getting a honda s2000 engine and box put in it so should get down the road prity smartly the suspention has been totaly reworked so a wider back axel can be fitted its main use will be a weekend toy and a bit of track car def going to paint on saturday morning so hopefully bits can start geting bolted on next week
  6. Evening all not been on for a good while now with work and this project For those who asked on the last post here is an update we have been working hard on the old girl and it all starting to come together nicely we finnished some body work under sealed it white and fitted the wide body arches so we can fit a bigger back axel and have painted the engine bay interior and boot she should be fully painted this weekend all going well Its been ALOT of work to get it to this stage but i think its well worth the long hours What do you think Atb andy
  7. Nice pictures as always gaji thats some feed going into those ponds fella the young dug looks well up to speed now and a great bag of doo,s gaji
  8. Nice one gordon spend time with them now as they arent young for ever !hope to see you at huntly cot this year
  9. no one need explain to me the purpose of stick when shooting grouse i have seen many many days on grouse and on partridge driven on grouse moors and they are both very very different presented birds when i have seen them ie grouse through the butts and partridge over the butts
  10. Cracking video john as always never mind the arm chair shooters on here fella there really are some ##### on here . I must remember and take stick with me the next time i go shooting driven game would be intresting to see some of there videos !keep at it gaji
  11. Welld done buddy some bag that is !
  12. Nice one mark nice looking vixen !
  13. Fine job terry if you ever run out give me a shout i can supply you with thousands of the bloody things !lol
  14. Fantastic day lads very well done
  15. Cracking looking dogs buddy how old is the lab pup ?
  16. haha i bloody wish they are there for sure just not when i am lol
  17. Well done all cant beat taking yoir kids out into the field and away from tvs and xboxes and the like
  18. Nice bag of rabbits well done cracking looking wood on your rifles green with envy
  19. hi jdogno its a malformed head most likely damaged when in velvet but people more knowlage on here may know better hi mark i shot the gold on one of my perms here in scotland had a few silvers off the ground but never a gold until now came in at 133.3 cic so just go in lol
  20. thats what happens when you get to 50 gaji motivation goes oot the window been offered a go at red stags after the grouse are done up by inverness late september so looking forward to that but booked up with picking up every weekend till chrismas so shooting trips will few and far between but it gets the muts out !!
  21. thanks buddy cheers gaji how the stalking going ? congratulation buddy youwill spend the next 13 years trying to get them to sleep and the reet of your life trying to get them up lol see you soon
  22. The pups first day on the grouse and she worked spot on could not fault her on anything very very pleased with her and she is only 14 months old she slept well that night !
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