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  1. By Any chance U wanna sell those Dampa mounts ... Regards, ::-Blue Fe@ther Sniper-:: Aka Inder
  2. oh M8......My BAD LUCK.... I can't Import a Scope in india although i need one My Bad luck Hey Taylor neway thanxx a lot. but can't u order afterwards. I mean after ordereing scope can't u order mounts...for your scope. If they are getting money i think they ll be happy to sell... Thanxx Again Taylor... So please if anyone else got a surplus DAMPA mounts and can ship to india. Please consider me .... Regards, ::-Blue Fe@ther Sniper-:: Aka Inder.
  3. Now the question is how much those mounts weigh.. PS: Hey Taylor can you please mail me at inderjeet.b.singh@intel.com Regards, Inder
  4. Hey Man, I only need a DAMPA mounts. i don't know exact postage to INDIA. but i think it ll be around 8 quids. I can pay you VIA pay pal. Regards, Inder
  5. Hi All, I need a DAMPA mounts. if anyone have one to sell. please contact me. I am in INDIA so u have to post to INDIA. I can pay Via PAYPAL Regards, ::-Blue Fe@ther Sniper-:: Aka Inder
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