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  1. Possibly the sign should have said no thieves or maybe thieves will be prosecuted and left it at that then the only ones 'OFFENDED' would be the thieves. And it probably wasn't their fault as they were brought up eating carp and perch
  2. Transferring ammo

    I'm out on this one. Night all.
  3. Out with the my lad

    Looks like you both enjoyed the day, get the interest young and hopefully it has him hooked for life.
  4. Transferring ammo

    Your Firearms HQ probably think 'This guy has 40+ years of experience and is spot on with his terminology so the normal laws don't apply'
  5. Killed a hedgehog.

    I don't see as many hedgehogs as I used to, I think its because of the numbers of badgers in the area though it might be pesticides or something else. Any opinions?
  6. 22/250 ??

    I know I've commented before but I have .222 and .22/250 and to be honest there is ****** all between them if dead foxes are what your after. All the .22 calibres are good (including hornet if you pull back the range) so find one you like, .222, .223, .22/250 or hornet and go out and enjoy.
  7. Bo & stinky people

    Bad BO is offensive but the other side of the coin is the over perfumed (both men and women) that make your eyes water. I refer to it as instead of wash.
  8. 22/250 ??

    You can't post comments like that on here, the .223 brigade will go into meltdown quicker than a 20 yr old barrel.
  9. The pajero was an auto and I had my reservations about that when I bought it. After 5 years of auto ownership I would have no problem getting another. My X Trail is a manual which did not influence my decision to buy it, i wouldn't worry if the price/service history etc comes together and you like the vehicle don't worry about auto or manual. There may be issues with autos around towing which I can't comment on though
  10. I scaled down from a Mitsubishi pajero to a Nissan X Trail diesel which does what I need it to do. Highish mileage and sounds rough until warm but not bad on fuel with plenty of boot space. No doubt someone will be along to say they have 40+ years of experience with cars and ive spelt some of this wrong.
  11. Hodophobia

    Its an allergy not a phobia the labourers I work with have it too
  12. Talon

    That eagle pinched a foot selfie of foghorn leghorn to look hard.
  13. 22/250 ??

    My thinking is based on conversations and reading forums like this one which lead me to the conclusion that many people gravitate to a .243 because it is the minimum deer legal caliber and therefore is the one that suits multiple roles. A lot of .243 users go for 55 grain heads for fox which is more or less what the .222/.223 and .22/250 run at and step up to heavier heads for deer. If the legal energy requirement for deer was lower then the lowest available caliber would be more popular whatever it was. To OP sorry to go off track the .22/250 is a excellent fox caliber, mine is a CZ and far more accurate than ill ever be.
  14. 22/250 ??

    I have 222 and 22/250, both excellent for fox. If 22/250 made the deer legal minimum (like 243) it would be a far more popular caliber