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  1. Ireland have hurt Wales more in recent years than England. For me its a bigger game and one that I would feel the pain more than loosing to England. I do not subscribe to the anyone but England mantra but do think that the English media and fans get ahead of themselves leaving them open to the **** taking when they come unstuck.
  2. Lucky me. I never got an aeroplane with banners to proclaim that England were wiping the floor with the other teams in the six nations 😂
  3. Fella I would back ANY or ALL home nations in a world cup but in the 6 nations I want Wales to do well. I didn't big my nation up or disparage others (you did) and I am enjoying taking the **** out of you because of YOUR inaccurate predictions
  4. 😂😂 Not so much stalker as one who has watched England being built up as sporting gods on the back of **** all for years...I would love England to be winning the top prises in sport if the Celtic nations couldn't do it but you just do not get it
  5. A massive looser there you are changed it for you 😂
  6. Just move on fella 😂
  7. I might be wrong but I think that young lad is Welsh
  8. I was hoping that England continued with the kicking over the top game . Wales and Ireland normally excel at attacking from this but Ireland had an off day witch may have built up England's hopes on this strategy. Disappointed with England's lack of a plan "B" especially with the strong core and center they have available
  9. excuses??? and now you get to hear Alun Wyn Jones being generous to the England team 😂😂 yes it does.....just not as much
  10. The number of bones/forelegs bits of rib/skulls etc from lambs that are found by fox earths (especially when early cubs are about) is a good indication. I have never witnessed a fox taking a lamb but have seen a fox (on more than one occasion) pestering an ewe with a fresh lamb. I have no doubt that the majority of ewes protect their young but it seems totally naive to me to believe that the fox's just waste time harassing ewes for no gain. Also I do not dismiss stillborn lambs in this diet but again that would seem a lot of natural deaths to account for losses. I have however shot a fox that pegged a chicken in a farmyard while I was having a brew with the farmers wife 😂 believe me that chicken was a big ****** and probably a lot stronger than a new born lamb
  11. Not just on Brexit I disagree with you then 😂😂
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