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  1. hambone

    New man cave

  2. hambone

    New man cave

    You let a wet spaniel go there first!!!! 🤢
  3. hambone

    My wife (yet again)

    Not trying to derail your post but how are your tomatoes and runner beans doing this year? 🤪
  4. Don't beat about the bush...Say what you mean 😭
  5. hambone

    London Terror incident

    We need to let our country turn into a third world ****hole that cannot afford a welfare state that looks after the needy (or just demanding) among us and then miraculously poor poverty stricken folk will find money to pay other folk to take them elsewhere. Simples. 👍
  6. hambone

    Mountain hare population

    Not really applicable to the topic (lowland) but it saddens me the number of landowners I meet who want me to shoot all hares because they think that if they don't have hares on their ground there is less reason for the travellers or other undesirables to be nosing about the ground
  7. hambone

    Corbyn, the Clown that keeps on giving

    Maybe he does not need to claim petty expenses, lets be honest comrade Corbin is not short of a bob or two courtesy of his dubious connections. Bet some in Venezuela regret PAYING for his advice and support. 🤔🤔 BTW Venezuela following loony left advice is now heading in the direction of being the basket case of South America
  8. hambone

    I’m going nuts

    Just remember the horse flies are out there and might got a whif of a fresh wound to home in on 😂
  9. hambone

    I’m going nuts

    That too could be hard on the palm. 😄
  10. hambone


    Only if they are cooked in garlic butter 🙄 Don't see why not however, a lot of birds are opportunist by nature
  11. hambone

    I’m going nuts

    Tried cracking one out 😄
  12. hambone

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Yes fella, I was taking the **** 😂
  13. hambone

    BREXIT - merged threads

    I don't feel very English but supported Brexit....Confused as **** now, need a cwtch and a remainer to gang up on. 🙄
  14. hambone

    Anyone what any pigeons frozen about 100

    Cracking offer fella 👍 and another of those wish you were closer replies 😞