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  1. hambone

    Cleggs new job

    Always thought his surname was not a million miles from clagg, I'd like to see the South African government going all Putin on Peter Hain 🙄
  2. hambone

    Ye Gods Kleenex

    You might need to check your spelling 😂😂
  3. hambone

    Shooting shirts

    👍 😄
  4. Pretty much the wrong side of vertical I would say
  5. hambone

    Shooting shirts

    Generous around the drum is it?
  6. hambone

    The Wild Life

    I think I could do Nigella Lawson, sleep for 4 hours and possibly do it again 😂😂😂
  7. hambone

    Not guilty - but pay up!

    Did he do it? Did he have consent? Did she consent? Did the butler do it? Was the criminal court right? Was the civil court right? Was the pied piper from Hamblin? All answers available on tonight's episode of PW soap
  8. hambone

    BREXIT - merged threads

    My MP is Stephen ******* Kinnock.....I won't waste my time 😂
  9. hambone

    NRW to ban shooting on public land

    Don't ask me for links of proof as I have none but there has been plenty of stories over the years that Peter Hain (the hero against apartheid from a distance 😭) has used his positions on various bodies (labour councils) to block shooting and stop permissions being granted.
  10. hambone

    Case trimmer

    ####.co.uk/Misctools.htm Folkestone Engineering Supplies. Don't know why the hashtags popped up when I copied the link
  11. hambone

    wooden priests for sale

    Some strategic drilling and you could start a new line in pipes.
  12. hambone

    leather priest

    Or a camo dildo? Will not see it coming
  13. hambone

    Not guilty - but pay up!

    100% agree with you but it's not unknown for one of these 'fickle' women to wake up in the morning after a night of drunken passion full of regret and claim that she didn't really want to or had not said yes.
  14. hambone

    ashers bakery

    I do not think for a moment that you could do such a thing 🙄
  15. hambone

    Alleged Russian assassins on TV

    sounds about right