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  1. hambone

    Nuts and Bolts

    I use wood if I do not have the correct size rawl plug, can be whittled to size or use kebab sticks and just snap to length.
  2. hambone

    Another pallet thread

    and I have just been out looking to buy Cuprinol's new timber treatment shade "Virgin White"
  3. hambone

    270 VS 308

    I think you should stick with the 270 I've absolutely no experience with either calibre but have read lots and lots about them on the internet so think my input should sway you
  4. hambone

    Honest opinion on the kids and the internet

    Told my boy he would go blind watching some stuff on the internet, he replied with its amazing what goes on with carrots and everyone knows that carrots are good for your eyesight,
  5. hambone

    Another pallet thread

    Nice job fella, what colour is that wood stain?
  6. hambone

    Getting rather serious this Syria thing.

    Not likely to stay sensible I'm thinking about forward women in windows, off to Amsterdam next
  7. hambone

    Getting rather serious this Syria thing.

    Is it forward women in windows? Cheers Stevo
  8. hambone

    Getting rather serious this Syria thing.

    Put me in the uneducated group if you will but what is FWIW?
  9. hambone

    Air Arms S510 TDR Anyone?

    I use both and while I accept that PCP is more accurate I just prefer using springer's, don't know why. Maybe some black powder shotgunners or muzzle loaders might want to chip in with an opinion as to why they use outdated systems or methods and enjoy doing so?
  10. hambone

    Bonus groups watched

    Yes mate
  11. hambone

    Air Arms S510 TDR Anyone?

    I would think it is about dealing with recoil (which would only be an issue if you started to use a springer after learning with pcp) or maybe the fact that you can go out with 500 pellets and plink away to your hearts content without worrying about shot count.
  12. hambone

    Bonus groups watched

    Another thread following the best/worst, film/gig ones, What groups have you seen good or poor as supporting artists? The best I have seen were the Pet Shop Boys supporting Take That 2011 (before you all start I was dragged there by my wife because she went with me to watch SLF).
  13. hambone

    Worst Gigs..

    Paul Weller in Cardiff was disappointing. Maybe me at fault though as I was expecting at least a couple of Jam/Style Council tracks and not really into his maudlin stuff .
  14. hambone


    Totally agree with this. Go see your GP, the extra worry about your certificate and loss of shooting probably is not helping and has no bearing on your loss of interest in fishing. long term health is more important than short term worries.
  15. hambone

    Are you British

    30% welsh + 20% welsh + another 30% welsh + 15% welsh and a smattering (5%) welsh = 100% welsh British as a close second.