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  1. Let's not forget the terrorism perpetrated by the state against innocent civilians. The same state actively colluded with the police and security forces, who committed acts of terrorism and crime against one side of the community whilst hiding behind the veil of a 'legitimate' organisation. If you think for one second that the british forces deployed to the streets of the North of Ireland only demonstrated exemplary behaviour, you are sadly mistaken. The notion that british soldiers were nothing other than upstanding well bahaved ambassadors is folly. The media across the water portrayed them as such, but the reality on the ground was very different. Shame on those who are happy to turn a blind eye because the crimes were committed by the state. A crime is a crime no matter who commits it.
  2. Uncooked prawn crackers are probably tough enough and bio degradeable (just a thought and not a serious suggestion)
  3. As a shooter I consider the clean and humane dispatch of all pest species to be my top priority. Lead has proven to be exceptional when it comes to stopping power, so if it isn't broke why try to change it? The notion that it kills thousands of birds annually due to ingestion is absolutely ludicrous. If there was proper evidence to support these claims I would happily consider my position when it comes to using lead, but the fact remains that there isn't any hard evidence. It's all emotionally driven drivel based on worst case scenarios and assumptions. I also have no part to play in providing game to the 'market'. Everything I shoot is done out of necessity to protect crops, lambs and cattle, so why should I have to discontinue the use of lead because of what are clearly commercial reasons? I can fully get behind the issue of dealing with plastic wads and cartridge cases. This is because we know for a fact that plastic can and does harm the environment. I only use fibre wads on farmland for obvious reasons, and never leave empty cartridge cases behind. They always come away with me. The problem we have Conor is that plastic and lead seem to be getting paired together as if they are equal in terms of their detrimental affect on the environment. This quite simply isn't the case. You can link as many biased reports on the negative effects of lead as you want, but we simply aren't buying the rhetoric propagated by those whose hidden agendas contradict their mission statements. These new members who for some reason seem to think that the BASC's (and other organisations) actions will secure shooting for the future clearly haven't looked into the subject in very much detail. It's textbook capitulation by the shooting orgs. What percentage of members left after the announcement Conor? I'm going to hazard a guess and say that a lot of these former members were also quite intelligent individuals capable of reasoned thought, but it's obvious their objections were never going to be given any consideration. The agenda clearly matters more than the members, and that's why it doesn't wash with us.
  4. Attitudes are changing because of lies and fear of going against the flow when it comes to anything relating to the environment. These surveys that supposedly highligh the issues caused by lead shot seem to be based on speculation and emotional responses rather than hard evidence. I'd be interested to know Conor just how many members the BASC has lost over the last couple of years? The shooting organisations have previously fought legislative change and anti propaganda, but they have opened a new battlefront with their own members recently. I don't profess to know a lot about the ins and outs of politics surrounding shooting in this part of the world, but I do know the type of response I would like to see from our shooting organisations when ANY aspect of shooting sports gets threatened. Think Americans defending their second amendment rights kind of response. Burying heads in the sand and waiting to see how things pan out is no use to anyone.
  5. It wouldn't have taken much foresight to see that there would be issues in the North of Ireland as a result of brexit. The unionist politicians have a third option ordnance. Do what's right for the people they supposedly represent instead of cutting their nose off to spite their face. We had the opportunity to significantly increase foreign investment, jobs, economic growth and prosperity etc., but it was all squandered because of the outdated morals of the dup. Unionists are running out of feet to shoot themselves in.
  6. I've had two of these in excellent condition and the most expensive of the two was £120. At £565 I must be missing something.
  7. So the BASC are supporting the licencing of inert pieces of metal?
  8. I can't say any different to what's already been discussed on social media. There's a lot of confusion over what is and what isn't allowed. My understanding is that vermin control is permitted as it's classed as essential, but the likes of wildfowling and rough shooting is not permitted because it's not essential. The representation and communication from the organisations is terrible to say the least, but it may be as a result of the lack of decision making ability from the folks on the hill. I'll be out on the rabbits tonight regardless.
  9. It wouldn't be appropriate to comment in detail about the issues I've had with them. What I will say is that they remained polite whilst trying to dodge their responsibilities. Brass necks come to mind.
  10. Spent a bit of time in Young Guns today in Magherafelt. Must say it was a pleasure. Mervyn was very helpful and knowledgeable
  11. Another thread resurrection. My latest dealings with McCloys have left me feeling disappointed with the place. Eunan? is only interested in the money. They are still as pushy as ever and seem to be stuck so far up themselves that they don't even recognise their own ignorance. It's as if you've stepped into their world and if you don't play by their rules then you aren't worthy of being one of their customers. If only there was a way to take them down a peg or two. Charging people for services that they haven't even provided, and doing everything they can to avoid having to admit liability for something that was their fault. Never again will I use them.
  12. I must say that's a cracking job you've done of the cleaning. That carbon isn't exactly easy to remove at the best of times. Should definitely improve the intake airflow.
  13. An old boss of mine once said "if you're full of hope go and buy a lottery ticket. Make sure you're on top of things and leave nothing to chance". Now it would seem to me that these shooting organisations have left a lot to chance with their 5 year transition commitment, with manufacturers claiming they weren't consulted. The pressure is now on them to come up with the goods, and it's US that will pay for it. Such a big change won't come cheap in the shooting industry.
  14. I'm not having a go at you just to be clear. You took the appropriate measures at the time based upon your understanding of maintenance. You can't be expected to know any better if you aren't involved in the automotive industry, but were you aware that there were still a number of Gates products circulating a few years ago that were defective? In particular the pulleys provided with some of their timing belt and aux belt kits. The pulleys were manufactured incorrectly which resulted in something called 'grease purge'. The grease within the bearing would make its way past the seals, leading to dry bearings and pulley failure. This is why you need to stick to OEM or OEM equivalent products (the original manufacturer of the belts and pulleys but not supplied by the vehicle manufacturer) when it comes to timing belts and front end auxiliary drive systems. If you have the original invoice for the Gates products that were fitted two years ago, and the mileage is still below the expected lifetime of the kit, it might be worthwhile getting an independent engineers report into the cause of the failure. If it turns out that it was one of the Gates pulleys that failed as a result of grease purge, you may be able to claim some costs back.
  15. It let go for a reason. If you didn't replace all of the parts I mentioned with original Volvo or OEM equivalent parts (INA), then it was pointless changing the aux belt in the first place. At the time of replacement the A/C compressor pulley should also have been checked. Pulleys tend to give a bit of notice before they fail. If a pulley is squeaking it's normally close to the point of complete failure.
  16. Very common. It's always advisable to change the aux belt, idler pulley, tensioner pulley and alternator clutch pulley at or before the recommended intervals. Prevention is better than the cure.
  17. I'll say it again. You really couldn't make this up. BASC admitting that there aren't enough alternatives to lead shot available, yet are supporting the move away from lead shot in the hope that in five years time the problem will have somehow sorted itself out. How do you expect to introduce new shooters to the sport when you are actively supporting transitioning to ammunition that is considerably more expensive and less effective?
  18. What direction do you think the screw will turn when drilling from the small end, like I mentioned above?
  19. If you drill it from the small end it might spin out. It's broken anyway so will need to be replaced regardless. If it doesn't come out when drilling you can use a small screw extractor. Doesn't look like a very difficult job.
  20. I had a Winchester 62A pump action rifle with a tube magazine. It was already threaded at the muzzle, but the mag tube would strike the moderator when it was removed. The previous owner removed the moderator each time he wanted to reload. Not a major inconvenience by all accounts, but not the most practical solution either. The mag tube had a knurled steel cap on it that was a few mm larger in diameter than the actual tube, so I was able to file one side of it flat which allowed it to clear the slim Parker Hale moderator. I'm not familiar with the Marlin WMR, but if it's front loading and the tube comes out the front, you would probably need an offset moderator that doesn't obstruct the tube. If the tube is fixed and flush with the muzzle, depending on the gap between the two, it might be possible to remove the mag tube and thread the barrel conventionally. You could then install a 1/2" UNF female to 1/2" UNF male extension, allowing the moderator to screw onto the barrel and not foul the mag tube.
  21. There's a reason why you entered into this debate, meaning you have an agenda. Your agenda seems to be to challenge anyone who speaks in support of the licencing system. You may have good reasons for forming the opinions that you hold, as others may have good reasons for forming their opinions. It"s always good to get a good understanding of other peoples' opinions. It enables you to form solid counter arguments if you know the logic used by someone to come to a conclusion. Stating that I was moving the goal posts tells me that you didn't or don't want to understand where I was coming from with regards my side of the argument. If you re-read what I have already posted with an open mind you may come to a better understanding. Just to add, we are not enemies. I've no doubt that if we met face to face we would get on quite well. You seem a sensible enough chap. An internet forum is not always the most appropriate platform for a debate. It can be hard to convey emotions or expressions. The best we can do is remain amicable.
  22. I'm not moving the goalposts at all. You are merely trying to twist things to suit your agenda.
  23. Regardless of my opinion, it's very unlikely that airgun licencing will come into effect any time soon in England or Wales. It would more than double the workload of the licencing departments, and would be extremely challenging to implement and manage effectively. I still believe that the points I made in favour of licencing are good and valid, but the reality is that it would be quicker and easier to implement a complete ban (something I would be strongly against) rather than introduce licencing. The complexities of airgun licencing would make things difficult for a lot of people, particularly those who use or sell airguns, and for those who are involved in licencing or law enforcement. It would be an administrative nightmare for at least a couple of years, making the easy option of a ban more likely (in the event that a situation or incident brought the discussion to parliament). Though just because something is difficult to do doesn't mean it's not worth doing. That being said, the fines and punishments currently in place for crimes relating to the misuse of airguns are pretty substantial. Perhaps better enforcement would help to deter future airgun crime? Airguns are misused on a daily basis, but in a lot of cases the misuse goes unreported or doesn't fit the criteria needed for an official record to be kept. The newspapers tend to fill in the gaps, though not always impartially. It would take substantial changes in the quantity, frequency and nature of airgun crime for me to change my opinion.
  24. I'm not sure of your level of understanding regarding the North of Ireland. If you have drawn conclusions based on bbc reports, there's a very good probability that the information presented to you was biased and incorrect. Licencing allows a perfectly law abiding citizen to obtain firearms for many legitimate purposes. If criminals want to interfere in any way it's a matter for the police, just like any crime. If the supply of illegal firearms is as bad as you seem to be making out,, why are you suggesting that criminals may target licence holders? Is it perhaps because of the lack of availability of illegal firearms in the first place? Hmmmm.....
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