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  1. you dont need to apply for an individual licence for pigeons just make sure you read it and comply with whats written in it.
  2. so am I right in thinking you only need to adhere to the written licence and do not need to apply for one to have on your person.seems like back to business as usual.
  3. rheth

    Tangled tails!

    a story in my local rag the Newcastle evening chronicle running a story on the r.s.p.c.a. saving four cute baby grey squirrels and are looking after them at a rescue centre until they are old enough to be released under licence.my question is this is it not illegal to release grey squirrels into the wild therefore are the r.s.p.c.a. breaking the law.
  4. just had to watch the blackbirds,hedge sparrows and pigeons nests get hammered off the magy over the past week.thanks MR PACKHAM
  5. you must have a sixth sense pinfireman,the BBC are today running a story on this exact same thing but instead of getting everyones favourite eco warrior and their go to guru on this kind of subject Packham on asking for his thoughts are just asking the general public at the airport.me thinks they have asked him for a response but he has politely declined preferring to keep his head below the parapet someone should ask him his thoughts on the matter by his social media pages, would do it myself but totally useless with technology.
  6. shooting bodies are telling us not to rely on section 4 and better not to take the risk of prosecution as theres a high chance you will lose.
  7. it wont be celebs who will make a difference for every celeb that pipes up you can bet your bottom dollar a lot more celeb antis will appear bolstered by Packham who havnt got a clue what their talking about just happy to get there faces and names back in the public domain to get work.the only people who will and can make a difference are the people who actually make the decision POLITICIANS we need the politicions who actualy understand the situation to be lobbying not only gove but the prime minister herself.
  8. hi savhmr,so all that's happening is NE are rewording the old licence and life carrys on as before as long as you adhere to the new licence so no need to fill out the licence application form they have put up on their site.
  9. i raised this same question in another thread but got no reply,in the wording of section 5 (e) no mechanical aids in my opinion whirlys and flappers are mechanical aids your quite right to raise this important point.a legal point of view to this question would be helpful
  10. so does this mean whirlys and flappers are illegal to use,section (e)
  11. first get some land to shoot on,get decoying set up,go out and shoot you will soon learn by your mistakes.
  12. had the same problem myself so phoned Rachel and ordered over phone,have since discovered that when you go upto the basket the code box appears at the bottom of the item.
  13. no westley you take 30% off those prices when you put the code in at checkout fantastic deal mine arrived today amazing service.
  14. thanks lakeside now sorted ordered 2 motorised flappers and 10 shell covers with the added bonus of them being in the January sale 30% off absolute bargain cant wait to try them out.i also have 2 AA decoy flappers which I have had for 8 years the only thing that has gone wrong with them was the motors broke which you can buy on ebay for £2.50 delivered from china and very easy to fit.i wanted the sillosock flappers to go on bouncer to get a bit more height.
  15. thank you Rachel much appreciated👍,yes mossy the motor one ive got a ground flapper was just looking for one to fit onto a bouncer to get a bit of height into pattern.
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