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  1. first get some land to shoot on,get decoying set up,go out and shoot you will soon learn by your mistakes.
  2. had the same problem myself so phoned Rachel and ordered over phone,have since discovered that when you go upto the basket the code box appears at the bottom of the item.
  3. no westley you take 30% off those prices when you put the code in at checkout fantastic deal mine arrived today amazing service.
  4. thanks lakeside now sorted ordered 2 motorised flappers and 10 shell covers with the added bonus of them being in the January sale 30% off absolute bargain cant wait to try them out.i also have 2 AA decoy flappers which I have had for 8 years the only thing that has gone wrong with them was the motors broke which you can buy on ebay for £2.50 delivered from china and very easy to fit.i wanted the sillosock flappers to go on bouncer to get a bit more height.
  5. thank you Rachel much appreciated👍,yes mossy the motor one ive got a ground flapper was just looking for one to fit onto a bouncer to get a bit of height into pattern.
  6. thanks allan,should of put in original post meant to say discount code for ukshootwarehouse.
  7. thinking of buying one of these has anyone got one, any opinons on them gratefully received also looking to buy the sillosock pigeon bundle does anyone know if we still get members discount and what the code is.cheers
  8. hi all, just saw good numbers of pigeons hitting milky wheat in the corbridge area of Northumberland. a few flat patches have appeared after the stormy weather so probably worth checking your perms.
  9. agree with Jdog, when I'm shooting on my perms close to houses and footpaths the farmers have insisted i always let police know, Northumbria police have a mobile number you just txt and get an instant reply, within half an hour with your log number no need to ring 101.this has helped me on several occasions police ringing me to ask my position on farm and if I have heard any other shooting in the area bar mine as they have received complaints of shots being fired when they know its me and shooting perfectly legal never had a problem they simply let the complainant know its a legal vermin shoot and not to worry.but when they called to ask if anyone was shooting other than myself I told them someone was shooting on neighbouring land the chopper and armed response were all over it while I watched on.
  10. recommend AA flapper had my two for a good few years work great only had to replace the motors recently after lots of hard use les than £2 delivered a flappers a flapper in my opinion it adds movement to your pattern save your money AA all the way for me.
  11. another vote for AA had mine for several years well used the only thing I have had to do was replace the motor which were £1.79 delivered easy to fit yourself.
  12. if memory serves me correct shooting pigeons is done as a last resort after all other methods have been tried and failed the farmer may be correct but has he and his shooters followed the letter of the law or does he see pigeons and phone shooters?
  13. cant see how its unhelpful JDog if he looks at the posts from talk from the field section he will know how difficult getting anywhere near them in winter can be even your own posts wil tell him that ref your last one.
  14. lesson 1 learned don't bother with woodys in winter waste of time lifes too short you wont get anywhere near them they know your there and keep well wide.
  15. how has the latest outbreak affected pheasant shooting have shoots got to stop in England .
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