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  1. We have 3 spaces left on are shoot Bangor north wales area with brecky and hot meal for lunch included Pheasants: We raise pheasants from are own eggs , we had 2200 eggs which 1700 at 5 weeks old have just gone into day night shelters and members can help with checking, feeding and predator control. We use static feeders with wheat from September which are positioned around the shoot. we have 10 driven weekends drive one shoot one only shoot every other sat and every sat in jan Dogs: Dogs are more than welcome and an asset! . Cost: £500 per year max 14 spaces 7 shoot 7 beat beat one shoot one We aim to have enjoyable SAFE days, shooting responsibly and in good company. MUST HAVE OWN SHOOTING INSURANCE the shoot has been going for 6 years If there is anything else you would like to know, or obviously if it sounds like what you are looking for, please get in touch. Cheers, ste
  2. you have to go to school for punctuation u don't to shoot
  3. Well what say another cracking day on the geese round 2 we all arranged to meet at johns house at 4.00am me john robin Darren and math for the 2hr journey to Welshpool, once the jeep was packed quick brew of we set 1hr.45 later we met up with Andrew (Alex Shotgunspud dad). quick brew and chat about plan for the day Andrews main concern was the fog so we decided to split up down the river bank, all set up for 6.30 we could here geese from the moment we got there first one lifted around 7.30 out of range 10 mins later down by john robin Darren about 50 flow over no noise from them they all fired 2 down then another lot flow over me and math no noise again we both fired 2 more down math got left and right I got a jam in the auto fog getting worse we waited till around 9 then decided to get so food then honk honk around 100 fighting down the river we all fired 6 down 2 dropped on the far bank Andrew sent the dog of to find them and she did 2 long blind ones and 4 in the river we waited another hr then had food met back up with Andrew decoys out loads of geese moving all out of range around 4.30 pm honk honk 40 come into the decoys right over robin and Darren bang 3 more down dog was of 2 got 1 disappeared with light fading fast me an math decided to start walking back get down I here they are greys around 100 came up river bang 3 down 1 dropped over the far bank again with a light on it Andrews dog was of she got the other 2 gone now after looking for an hr we called it a day total 16-- 15 Canada's 1 grey 13 in jeep we had a cracking day again 2 years running a big thank you to Alex and Andrew and his dog sorry forgot her name for a fantastic day
  4. well-done guys looks like a cracking day cant wait for are turn in dec
  5. What weekend dates you got left Alex might be up for two dates last year loads flying about hope its the same this year
  6. can I book the 12th December please for 5 guns am and pm
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