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  1. Didn’t even know they were there. I’ll give them a try. Much appreciated buddy
  2. Always used York Guns for reloading bits and pieces. Anyone know of local shops that stock reloading equipment? I’m aware of CDSG but just want primers and they only do mail order. I live Driffield. Cheers
  3. Hands up all the wildfowlers who thought "it's only bloody July!"
  4. I have a Bearmach (I think) dog guard for a discovery 2. It is ONLY the grill but brand new. no fittings or brackets, just the grill. Still boxed. Pick up only. Driffield East Yorkshire. £10
  5. Don't be too put off Rob. Like anything the odd bad one sneaks through quality control. I've had a Select for about 18months now just as a clay gun. Put thousands of cartridges through it and it is still like the day I bought it. It is one of the best guns out there for the money.
  6. They are doing shotgun applications and renewals in East Yorkshire!!!!
  7. Never had a problem with my Jack Pyke one. I use it on its own fastened to fishing poles with elastic bands. I get Pigeons tight in to the hide just 15 metres away into the decoys. I think the trick is to have a solid background and keep stock still until you are ready to shoot. Works for me, unless the pigeons are just thick in East Yorkshire! LOL
  8. I am looking in to this too. I have decided on either an Airwolf which seems to bee the cream of the crop or ridiculous as it sound a Gunpower SSS and then send it away to get tuned (new hammers, .25 barrel etc). You'll find many armchair experts telling you one thing and another so my advice is to go to a good gun shop and try some out as it's a very personal choice.
  9. I'm making a dog cushion from Rabbit pelts. I'm now thinking of stuffing it with the down from the ducks and geese that I shoot. How do I go about drying and cleaning the down before stuffing the cushion? I can't find anything on the net. Thanks in advance
  10. This is only the Guard. No hanging brackets of fittings. Brand new. Never used. Collection only. East Yorkshire. £20
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