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  1. Hmmm .22 BSA Meteor, .22 Original Model 52, .177 Webley Tempest .22rf Savage 887(?), .22rf Ruger 10/22, .22rf CZ452 Silhouette, 17HMR CZ452 Varmint 12g Remington 870, 3x 12g Remington 1100 .22rf Beretta Model 76, .45ACP Sig P220 Currently just have the .22 CZ452 and an FAC Remington 1100. On the horizon, there may be a Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 John
  2. Price dropped to £250. Can ship to mainland UK RFDs..
  3. You could get it crimped I bought it on a whim, had it out a few times, but I rarely use it now so hoping it will find a good home..
  4. Hi, Already sold, sorry.. I didn't have time to update the post last night. Cheers, John
  5. Bushnell Yardage Pro Scout Laser Rangefinder (SOLD) Bushnell Yardage Pro Scout 20-3000 - 6 x 23 This one here.. http://shootingoptics.com/pro443873.html It's in as-new condition, and comes with a padded black case. Will stick a new battery in before it goes.. Looking for £120 posted via Special Delivery (SOLD) John
  6. SOLD Bushnell 3200 Tactical Elite 10x40 with Butler Creeks for sale. Glass and body are excellent, but there are light scrapes to the turrets. The windage one has marks on the bottom where cases were ejecting from the CZ452. Pics.. Looking for £130 posted via Special Delivery : now SOLD
  7. crieffy

    Fuel prices

    Just noticed today that our unleaded has shot up to £1.49.9, and diesel to £1.53.9 :blink: I was down in Poole a few weeks ago and it was £1.27.9 at Tesco - should have filled a few drums while I was there!
  8. SOLD Dropped price to £340 including Special Delivery and Hama polarizing filter..
  9. SOLD Selling to fund some faster glass.. Nikon 18-200mm VR lens, owned from new in 2007. I would describe the body as new condition, glass is unmarked, some tiny dust particles inside. Has been fitted with a UV filter since new. Some small scratches and wear on the lens cap. Comes with original box and will also include a Hama polarizing filter Looking for £340 including Special Delivery. Payment by bank transfer please, or Paypal if buyer pays fees. John
  10. Thanks guys, and ta for the links too It's interesting to see so many members with family links to Mosquitos. Such a shame there are no airworthy ones left I saw one flying when we had an airshow at our local airport 25-odd years ago. It came in low over the sea then climbed and banked right over the back of our house - the sight and sound are unforgettable - just wish we'd had a camcorder back then! John
  11. A few photos of the wreckage of a 627 Squadron Mosquito BIV, AZ-H DZ642 that crashed in 1944. Story here > http://www.627squadron.co.uk/Crash-Sumburgh.htm Quite a lot of wreckage remains - both engines, wheels and tyres, one prop hub, seat armour, lots of smaller parts of aluminium and laminated wooden parts. Those black dots in the last photo are midgies - they were terrible! John
  12. I spent so long trying to take this that the rabbit escaped! I see quite a lot of black ones, also brown with white chest areas, and I have a photo of a pure blonde one somewhere.
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