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  1. I'm moving house and haven't used my decoying kit in years - so I'm going to sell it. Buyer needs to collect from Stroud in Gloucestershire. Looking for £100 4x Poles & Camo Netting Around 8 full bodies decoys with stands Pigeon magnet & arms/extensions (home made type from a windscreen motor) always worked well and has around 30m of wire. 2x decoys for magnet All comes in a big net bag with arm straps. It is all in used condition and some decoys have been caught by shot. There might be some other odds and ends - I can't remember. But it is all yours.
  2. Happy birthday fella

  3. Thanks guys, food for thought. I went back tuesday and didn't even bother setting up. It was still as anything and there was barely a bird moving. Hoping to return thursday or Saturday. Will keep you posted.
  4. Thanks guys. Pretty much what i thought. The catch with the hide is that i don't have one. I usually try to shoot from drainage ditches and i've never found the need. But this spot with the crop uncut i couldn't see low enough if i sat in the ditch. Also the idea with less decoys is an interesting one. I will try that.
  5. 7 day shop for camera batteries. The non Canon ones are actually better than the Canon ones. Lots of them are high capacity and for under £10 you can buy 5+ for the price of a Factory made piece. I have been using some in my 50d for over 3 years (had them for my 40d too) and they are still going strong and will hold a 100% charge for months at a time.
  6. Hey all, Haven't been on the forum in months as i've hardly been shooting this year. However I've taken 2 weeks off to have a shooting holiday. So today was the first decentish day on the pigeon. But i feel it could of been a superb day, but it was only an ok day. There was tons of pigeon around, i reckon that for every 1 pigeon that came into the pattern/into range maybe 15 would pass by not even showing interest. So the final bag was 25 for an embarrassing number of shots. The issues were that lots of the pigeon wouldn't even look at the pattern, some jinked off well out of the pattern. Others would start to commit and then flare off before i had even moved. I tried a rotary but this seemed to have little effect, so i brought it in. Decoys were a mix of old shells and dead birds. I was sat in set aside, no hide, but as the sun was bright and i was in the shade under some trees i don't believe that many birds were spotting me. However i think that maybe the birds didn't like the decoys being so close to trees? We have lots of buzzards around so maybe this isn't safe to them? And its part of a 200ish acre field, so there are bound to be other birds on the ground on the same field. Any ideas? What would you of done differently. I'm back over there tomorrow, although looks like it will be less windy, so who knows if it will be the same. Illustrator has had a bit of a moment, so excuse the excess white area on the diagram. Blue arrows is wind, Grey are pigeon.
  7. dunganick

    Car leak

    If its a Fabia there is a known fault with the rear doors. Water leaks between the outside door trim and door skin.
  8. dunganick

    Ricky Gervais

    She is possibly my least favourite comedian at the moment. Words cant describe how much she irritates me. Each to their own i guess
  9. dunganick

    Ricky Gervais

    I found his efforts at the golden globes hilarious, partly how badly some jokes went and just the lack of sense of humour the crowd had. As Munger says, by far the best thing he has been part of was Idiot Abroad, even then his laugh irritated me. He was very good in Ghost Town and The Invention of Lieing. Wasn't aware he was involved with LACS - thats pretty disappointing.
  10. I've got a few years of messing around with 3d printers. Good bits of kit for prototypes, but very limited in their real world applications currently. The main problem is the materials they produce and the cost of it. When i left uni they had just got 2 more machines that i tried. The best printed in a Nylon material, this was superb, very strong and had a good resolution, so your designs were not too badly effected by the material 'grain'. The other was a paper printer. This was actually more like a 3d plotter, it just laid up and bonded pages of paper, cutting each layer as it went. Low resolution, models were strong but naturally didnt like water, so there were limited finishing options. However it cost near nothing to run. Where as the Nylon printer would cost you about £50 to print a tennis ball (something that uses about 50% support material in the process. Solidworks is both a great and useless piece of software. Its not very self explanatory in my experience, however it is able to do anything you could possibly want to with loads of engineering features. The cost is the biggest issue. While its getting to the point of seriously interesting, with metal sintering tech - so you can print in metal. Things as fine as chainmail, it is still early days and until the material becomes cheaper it wont be giving injection moulding or CNC machines a run for their money. (BTW there are lots of dodgy versions of Solidworks floating around, have a look in the usual sort of places and you will find it)
  11. There are plenty of examples of defenders getting stuck in silly situations because of poor driving or poor tyres. I've been very impressed by range rovers offroad on several occasions. Im not sure that the defender and RR can really be compared though, one can do 110 on the motorway in comfort the other.... well cant. However if you want a 4x4 that you can drive as you sometimes need to when 4x4'ing then the RR is too expensive. Personally i know which one i would like for the sort of offroading i would do and the amount of motorway miles i would do. Also the sport with raised suspension and no running boards has surprising ground clearance despite its drug dealer image.
  12. The football one is fake im almost certain. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9LwWq7cmSbY&feature=related
  13. I dont get it either. Same goes for celebrity - win loads of money for a charity of your choice type shows. Most go for something like Cancer research, air ambulance, make a wish etc.. something that changes peoples lives for the better. Then you get some coming along and saying RSPCA. Do people honestly believe that the best use of that money (not that anyone stupid enough to choose the RSPCA would ever win anything) is to help a misguided business pay for its next sob story advert.
  14. Looks real enough to me. The slow mo is pretty convincing, i think you can even see on the ball where the clay leaves a mark on it.
  15. Find a pheasant shoot locally and attend, im sure there will be other young shooters there. Or introduce friends to shooting. This seemed to work for me, much to my friends wallets frustration.
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