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  1. Is the Migrant Crises over and they've all gone home, are the camps gone in Northen France OR With the EU vote coming very soon - IS THERE A BLANKET NEWS BAN on the crises that was in the news every day for months :-/
  2. SHAME ON PADDY The in camp are running scared BUT Paddy to use the morality card saying we owe it to all the soldiers that died in the two world wars to be in the EU is despicable. Let's turn that statement around, I think the dead soldiers that died would turn in their graves if they new they died fighting the Germans and now Paddy wants us to vote to stay in bed with the Germans.
  3. Where you staying Colin ? My parents live there, when we go up we stay at Wild Africa camp site. Very scary listening to the lions just outside the tent. When the girls want a wee at night I send them on their own. I fished by the boats about month ago and as said pin whiting and small dabs, good luck. If it's fishing well when your there send me a message and Myself and Nelly will drive up and spend a day fishing with you if you don't mind the company. PELTY
  4. Well done Colin Nice to see they're still showing. Not seeing so many up the road these days.
  5. Andy, I have already spoken to them, this is not the correct part for the 812 K. Chambers and Highland Outdoors (Webley & Scott) both say they are unable to get the correct part and they are no longer manufactured. But thanks for looking
  6. I have a Webley & Scott Semi Auto 812K While shooting Saturday the gun failed, I took a shot and the locking block sheared. This resulted in the bolt shooting back under pressure and all the shot and wad came out sideways instead of the barrel, the cart was still crimped but blew sideways splitting and parting from the brass. Luck that I was on my own and nobody sitting to my right or could have been very nasty. As the gun is 4 years old and only a three year warranty do you feel that a gun that cost £500 should last longer than 4-5 years. I can't get spares for it so it would be
  7. That's very unfair Trevor You must remember Ronnie has been struggling with mental illness for many years. He couldn't cope and had a melt down that's why he left Hendry standing. If you've never suffered with Mental illness you have NO IDEA imho
  8. I had been training a Rhodesian Ridgeback a few years ago now but lost him in a RTA, I have two German Longhair Pointers now and I love them. Pelty
  9. Hi Mate Will you let it go for £500 Regards Pelty
  10. Adam Lambert was the Runner up in American Idol a few years ago, have a look at him on youtube in American Idol. He is pretty good.
  11. Plenty of Mac's out of Littlehampton yesterday, then two Bass caught, Rays, Conger, Dogs and Bream. Great trip with Stealth Stalker PELTY
  12. Israel Protecting themselves ? I think not.
  13. Not sure what angle your coming from ? If your trying to make a point that should I use any of these products then I truly don't feel for the Palestinians then I will try harder to avoid those that I didn't already know about and avoid. If this is your point then all it dose is show the usual deflection tactics, I'm not the terrorist Israel is. You can be sure that I will be writing to all my local MP's and asking their stance on the middle east and I will be voting on that alone and not on the carrots they always dangle in front of us around voting time.
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