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  1. Hi Mate What is the Ridgeline Jacket please ( Name Type ) Thanks Steve
  2. Hi Marsh Man Yes Please, Send me your PayPal details please Steve
  3. Hello Guys & Gals I know its a long shot but has an body got a unused or defunct or scrap Tasco Pro Point red Dot Sight , Im looking to scrounge some parts from one if available , Thanks for looking Steve
  4. Hi Mate will have the 59 Lapua never been loaded £25 Please Steve
  5. Hi Mate A pair of black and green and a pair of black and orange please that should be £21.00 for the 4 knives posted YES PM me payment details. Regards Steve
  6. hi mate what voltage is the drill Steve
  7. Hello Mate Yes Please, send me your details ! Steve
  8. Hello Mate Does it have Macro facility please Regards Steve
  9. Hi Mate I will take that at that price posted Steve
  10. Hi Picture of munty please Steve
  11. Hi Mate What length is the action , Long , Medium, Short or WSM or Magnum ? can you add some pictures please. Steve
  12. Hello Mate I thought you were sending me some measurements thank you. Steve
  13. Hello Mate Cant see why you wont ship Ive had others sent via courier and has been OK even ebay will send them via courier For as little as £12.50 for some Stihls MS290 Farm Boss I said I would pay within reason, Where in Cambridge post code please Regards Steve
  14. Hello Mate . If we agree a price on the Stihl 044 would you ship via courier at my cost within reason Steve
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