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  1. Nosler 6mm 95gr Ballistic Tip (24095) - £25 Posted please - pm on way
  2. Hi, www.paulscycles.co.uk is worth a look, they specialise in last years models, in August / September 2019 a “2019” bike will be “last year’s” as the 2020 bikes will be hitting the shops. Sometimes just the colour of the bike changes. I’ve had one bike off them, a mate has had two and saved lots....brand new bike but last years. Because they are mostly online they post you a bike part built, so you or someone needs to be ok with final assembly. A torque wrench is a good idea as lots of threads need enough but not too much. Good riding 👍🏻
  3. Yes for the ICOTEC please 👍🏻 Pm on way Thanks Andy
  4. Good day but I'm knackered

    1. 12 shotguns & 38 squirrels......cartridge count......lost count 😆 Total 300
    2. 5 with the Air Ranger, off the peanut feeder total 216
    3. 5 in a cold wood today with the Air Ranger. The FTT’s are not my pellet of choice for squirrels but the dropped them perfectly 👍🏻 Total 161
    4. Would you put a 20 bore cartridge in a 12 bore ? you could make it fit !!! & have something behind it or a .308 in a .243 lots of others too this time it was a shops mistake, but what if a mate said “try these 3 1/2 cartridges” steep learning curve I’d say......also gun shop knowledge varies......a lot 😮
    5. 5 with the Air Ranger 2 off the peanut feeder 👍🏻, they’ve just found it 2 off the wheat feeder & one squwaking From the tree above total 112
    6. 12 so far this year, probably that’s it for January for me, all .223 & Drone. Some to bait, some just walked up on & Vixen in heat call. one big dog fox evaded me for 4-5 trips and walking back to the car, one last look saw him dropped at 100 yards total 48
    7. 5 today off the pheasant wheat feeder + a new peanut went up next to the existing feeder. I’ll do a survey on the next visit of how many squirrels prefer peanuts 😁 17
    8. Hornady Superformace is pretty good, I was surprised when I chrono'd it....53g Vmax at 3,295fps out of a 20" barrel 1 in 9 twist
    9. Harrycat, You could try keeping the top of the plate clean(ish) and smearing the bait on the underside - makes them jump about a bit on the top.....then WHACKEROO
    10. AndyCM

      Clear out

      I'll have the 5.11 tactical Molle/osprey mounted dump pouch Please - pm on way Thanks Andy
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