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  1. AndyCM

    How many Grey Squirrels are killed in 2019

    5 with the Air Ranger, off the peanut feeder total 216
  2. AndyCM

    How many Grey Squirrels are killed in 2019

    5 in a cold wood today with the Air Ranger. The FTT’s are not my pellet of choice for squirrels but the dropped them perfectly 👍🏻 Total 161
  3. AndyCM

    Advise needed gun blew up!

    Would you put a 20 bore cartridge in a 12 bore ? you could make it fit !!! & have something behind it or a .308 in a .243 lots of others too this time it was a shops mistake, but what if a mate said “try these 3 1/2 cartridges” steep learning curve I’d say......also gun shop knowledge varies......a lot 😮
  4. AndyCM

    How many Grey Squirrels are killed in 2019

    5 with the Air Ranger 2 off the peanut feeder 👍🏻, they’ve just found it 2 off the wheat feeder & one squwaking From the tree above total 112
  5. AndyCM

    How many Foxes are killed in 2019

    12 so far this year, probably that’s it for January for me, all .223 & Drone. Some to bait, some just walked up on & Vixen in heat call. one big dog fox evaded me for 4-5 trips and walking back to the car, one last look saw him dropped at 100 yards total 48
  6. AndyCM

    How many Grey Squirrels are killed in 2019

    5 today off the pheasant wheat feeder + a new peanut went up next to the existing feeder. I’ll do a survey on the next visit of how many squirrels prefer peanuts 😁 17
  7. AndyCM

    Best 223 ammo for foxing

    Hornady Superformace is pretty good, I was surprised when I chrono'd it....53g Vmax at 3,295fps out of a 20" barrel 1 in 9 twist
  8. AndyCM

    Whats your money on?

    Harrycat, You could try keeping the top of the plate clean(ish) and smearing the bait on the underside - makes them jump about a bit on the top.....then WHACKEROO
  9. AndyCM

    Clear out

    I'll have the 5.11 tactical Molle/osprey mounted dump pouch Please - pm on way Thanks Andy
  10. AndyCM

    Warne QD 30mm mounts

    Yes please. Pm on way Thanks AndyCM
  11. AndyCM

    Only a matter of time - Ebola in Scotland

    & possibly the other end of the UK, One being tested in Truro, Cornwall !!! - linked to a high risk area (wonder if that's Glasgow or London )
  12. AndyCM

    PIR light and bell

    I had great results last year with the PIR buzzer, luckily shooting a lot over snow covered ground so ok with no extra light, moonlight was enough. I've just taken delivery of a new double PIR from easy alarms and had my first ding dong last night around 6.....tonight I'm waiting & ready with the photon. Makes life much easier, good luck. AndyCM
  13. AndyCM

    Foxing tips?

    Arrive early, and pitch up to cover 200 yard odd radius (with backstops) - get the early ones in daylight, they stand out well against freshly cut corn / barley. Can be more difficult in rape, especially if they leave long stalks, it can still be long enough to hide a fox of catch a bullet. If you bait, lay it out in the direction of the bullets path (if you know roughly where you'll be shooting from later). It is much easier to move the crosshairs up or down a little rather than left to right if the cubs run up and down the bait. Bait needs to be trod in, pegged down or tied together - so they can't pick it up and run to cover. Cheers AndyCM
  14. Hi, I have a problem with rats around the house & need to set a few traps. I have the BMI 110 / Bodygrip / Conibear traps & the mounting kill clips but could do with tunnel plans for the 110's to work in. Anyone have any plans or links please ? Cheers AndyCM - it's pretty serious, on their last raid they nabbed a packet of Maryland Cookies, 5 twix and a few kitkats.....and I was accused of scoffing the lot on one sitting !
  15. AndyCM

    tree surgeon surrey

    Totally depends on access, distance to drag / carry out any stuff nearby to protect / avoid (fences, sheds, green houses, kids climbing frame, pond) Conservation area / TPO status Public nearby ? Arbtalk.com is a reasonable place to look, rather than yellow pages Cheers AndyCM