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  1. 1 in the body grip & testing a new feeder........ https://flic.kr/p/2hQfU8X 1641
  2. AndyCM


    Time to panic buy A run on cases of Bollinger ? 🤣
  3. AndyCM


    Cow hitch prussik diagonal lashing - used it today.....but had to look up the name 🤠 alpine butterfly Taut line hitch / taut tarp
  4. 255 x .223 Hornady once fired cases, in boxes with plastic holders - £50 sold to Redwulf 100 x Hornady 6mm / .243 87g V-max code: 22440 - £30 90 x Hornady .22cal / .224 75g BT (twist 1:8) A-max code: 22792 - £23 65 x Hornady 7mm / .284 162g A-max (twist 1:8) code: 28402 - £25 23 x Hornady .22cal / .224 52g BT A-max (twist 1:14) code: 22492 - £ FREE to SteveB 25 x Nosler .22cal / .224 69g HPBT code: 17101 - £ FREE to SteveB 50 x Nosler .30cal / .308 125g Spitzer code: 30125 - £15 100 x Nosler 7mm / .284 120g Solid Base Flat Point code: 28121 - £30 (this is a specialist bullet, you may want to check it’s suitable for your purpose) 2 x standard Remington 700 triggers - £20 (for the pair) 3 x Lightforce Scope Mounts (2 with insert for 1” scopes, 1 without for 30mm scope) - £26 1 x Lightforce Lance 140mm Scope Mounted lamp with used (and taped....for light splash back) Amber filter - THIS ITEM IS NOT WORKING - SO SPARES OR REPAIR - £20 Fenix AR102 torch remote pressure switch (new, unused) £12 All above include postage Thanks Andy
  5. Hi Loki, All good advice so far, also I’ve found Bodygrip traps to work well too. I’ve tree mounted them in cages, with top entry (either peanut butter, which can be wiped on the bark of the tree to get them used to the idea, whole hazelnuts or walnuts or similar have worked well). Once found and after one catch they seem to queue up to jump on there....I always handle and reset the trap with gloves on, to keep human scent off......I think it helps. Location is right next to the feeder, so any wise ones that avoid the trap get the air rifle. Good luck Andy
  6. 7 yesterday off the peanut feeder. I arrived in the wood at 12:00 (after a few hours of heavy rain) shot them all in the first two hours & saw nothing else for the next 4 hours Total 1344
  7. Hi Steve, i have 70g Nosler ballistic tips code 39532, if they may work for you ? thanks Andy
  8. Hi, www.paulscycles.co.uk is worth a look, they specialise in last years models, in August / September 2019 a “2019” bike will be “last year’s” as the 2020 bikes will be hitting the shops. Sometimes just the colour of the bike changes. I’ve had one bike off them, a mate has had two and saved lots....brand new bike but last years. Because they are mostly online they post you a bike part built, so you or someone needs to be ok with final assembly. A torque wrench is a good idea as lots of threads need enough but not too much. Good riding 👍🏻
  9. Yes for the ICOTEC please 👍🏻 Pm on way Thanks Andy
  10. Good day but I'm knackered

    1. 12 shotguns & 38 squirrels......cartridge count......lost count 😆 Total 300
    2. 5 with the Air Ranger, off the peanut feeder total 216
    3. 5 in a cold wood today with the Air Ranger. The FTT’s are not my pellet of choice for squirrels but the dropped them perfectly 👍🏻 Total 161
    4. Would you put a 20 bore cartridge in a 12 bore ? you could make it fit !!! & have something behind it or a .308 in a .243 lots of others too this time it was a shops mistake, but what if a mate said “try these 3 1/2 cartridges” steep learning curve I’d say......also gun shop knowledge varies......a lot 😮
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