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    I like shooting, archery and fishing
  1. is this formaldehyde legal and where can you get it! the decoys look great!
  2. napier


    where can you get hold of long nets and how much do they cost!!
  3. yes i think you made the right choice! my first gun was a .22 and it was great i shot 34 rabbits in 2weeks. but then i had my eye on accuracy and range and that is why i moved to .177! i think you made a wize choice to go with .22 first
  4. napier


    well i am sorry for all the posts i am makeing!!! but arnt we esposed to be encoraging young people into this sport and not pushing them away!!
  5. thank you for all your views on this topic and maby it was 45 yards
  6. napier


    im not that bad am i! im just intrested in shooting and i want to put my views forward as well!!
  7. 65 yards and im not lieing!!! if you are accurate you can make good shots at these distances!! (it was a head shot)
  8. napier


    does any one now of some land up for rent in the oxfordshire area? or some land that is open to pigeon shooters!!
  9. i am new to ferriting have you got any tips for me!!
  10. i got my user name after napier of london
  11. also i have had over 50 people say that .177 is the better caliber!! one of them being the world champioun air rifle targit shooter. (he also uses his .177 for pest control)
  12. ok well .177 i can kill a rabbit at 65 yards with a head shot! with my .22 there is no chance or this as the pellet has no powre at this range. .177 has a flat tragectory to about 50 yards with a .22 it is about 25 yards. i have shot both calibers and i find .177 a better killing tool!!!
  13. last year i was pigeon shooting and a buzzard swooped down and nabed one of my decoys!!! he carried it about 10 meters then droped it!!! wow how exciting!!
  14. napier

    Advice please

    www.jsramsbottom.com is a cheap place to get ypur first gun!!
  15. I have had both .177 and .22 and i think that .177 is the better of the two!
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