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  1. OpenAir is cloud based and worth a look. Jon.
  2. I'm on a few: Shootclayforum.com Shotgunworld.com Skeetshooters.co.uk Smokingmeatforums.com Tyresmoke.net Diynot.co.uk Cheers, Jon.
  3. I really feel for the original poster, particularly for the items belonging to his Dad. I had my car done on the drive the Sunday before last which is the 4th time in 10 years I have been targeted and in total many thousands of pounds out of pocket. When they are caught (rarely) they get a slap on the wrist, these vermin need dealing with. Bring back borstal and National Service I say. I have now installed a CCTV system that complies with the courts and the CPS requirements for quality, if they come back they will be on camera. I know it's not a fix but hopefully they will go elsewhere when they see the cameras but the thieving scum need dealing with. If they come back I'll set my Guinea pig Sooty on them For anyone considering CCTV I will be publishing a guide for DIY installation on shootclay.co.uk. Jon.
  4. I have to agree re Caterham, I shot it on New Years Day with you, at least they didn't have the raphael pair of silly distant teals when the average for AA\AAA was maybe 3\4 ex 8. After the car park, stupid targets on more than one stand, the walkways, the refreshments having disappeared by the time we finished let's just say I won't be going back any time soon. Jon.
  5. Cheers, He has now perked up a bit and is eating and drinking but much better than he was last night Jon.
  6. Cheers Margun, He was fine this AM, he is warm but won't take any treats and has a full bottle of water. Just going to get him back out and if needs be sit with him all night, will put him in a towel to keep him warm in case he has flu etc. Thanks for the help! Jon.
  7. Hi All, Not sure if anyone can advise, my 8 year old chinchilla Quattro has all of a sudden become very lethargic today. There has been no diet change and was normal this morning but has been very quiet this afternoon, I heard him calling this PM but he has been quiet this PM. Hopefully someone can advise what to to do, I'll be taking him to the vet in the AM. Before anyone takes the **** I love him like a dog and he is part of the family. Cheers, Jon.
  8. Hi, Firstly, don't worry about it and enjoy it! Most important bits to remember would be don't forget to nominate which bird you are going to shoot first in S4 pair and make sure to ref confirms he\she has heard you. If you have a fail to fire\hangfire wait as normal but DON'T break the gun as the referee will want to look at it to confirm if it was a FTF or trigger freeze, if you break the gun you have lost the bird. Make sure you have a few spare cartridges in case you have any no birds or have to shoot a pair again. Let the ref know it's your first competition. Oh, and don't miss any Cheers, Jon.
  9. 2011 Kia Sportage 3 1.7TDi here, comfy and great fuel economy
  10. I have heard the same thing from a club member that was there, IIRC it was Gloucestershire but haven't seen or heard anything on the news. Jon.
  11. JonD

    Googlemail error 404

    Hi mate, It's not a security risk. A 404 error is simply a page not found error, in the case of Google they have a custom 404 page with a picture of the robot for a bit of fun. All that is happening is the page their log off button is sending you to doesn't exist. http://techcrunch.com/2011/03/02/googles-new-404-fail-robot-says-thats-an-error-thats-all-we-know/ I'm not seeing it on Gmail though when I sign out. Jon.
  12. JonD


    Very good point, the Office 2010 may well have been a trial which has now gone into limp home mode as not activated. The sticker as has been pointed out is most likely for Windoze 7. I did one just after Christmas and the key was in a plastic box - Office 2010 Home and Student which was bough in addition to the laptop. I normally don't deal with the home user products as we are Enterprise and have a KMS server set up for activation rather than using MAK keys. Jon.
  13. JonD


    Hi, Might sound like a stupid question but is it connected to the internet as it will need to contact a server at MS to activate? If it's connected to the internet what error does it give you when trying to activate? Another option is to take the phone activation route. Cheers, Jon.
  14. Cheers all particularly Mongrel The valves are wide open and the system was power flushed last year when the plate heat exchanger was replaced. The system is 15mm copper and running down the wall so I may be able to shim out the clips once the pipes are disconnected to get the connections in the right place or will chop off with a pipe slice and then put a bend in with a spring and then solder new pipework on. I think the problem is that the system was badly specced when it was installed, fixed price type thing (before I moved in) and I had the Vailliant Boiler and the Magnabooster fitted so hopefully there will be very little **** in the system. I have looked around online and have found a Delonghi double convector in the right size for £80, they also has a Stelrad but that is over twice the price and only has a 10 year warranty whereas the Delonghi has a 15 year, are they OK? I will be ripping all the rads out in the next 2-3 years and completely re-doing the entire system once I have the cash to build phase 2 of my extension. Last question which is about inhibitor, they all specify it can treat a 100 litre system or 10 rads, how to I work out the capacity of my system or do I just chuck it all in? Cheers, Jon.
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