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  1. Sir You are one of life's true gentlemen
  2. Well we had a great day there today,the good weather brought them all out. Not into air rifles but was surprised how many folk are,there was loads of traders and have a go stands.So tried a few of the guns which was great fun and cost £5 for 20 shots and the guys helping were accommodating.Had a look at air rifle comp but as I couldn't even see what they were aiming at didn't stay there long 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Next a few goes on the archery always good fun, then into the main halls which were busy and very hot.Looked at a few guns and spotted a nice 410 o/u however can't justify another gun😟😠😠😠 Over then to the clay line which was steady but absolutely baking hot,shot 37 which was ok but dropped 7 on stand 2 which wasn't that hard.hey ho.🤔😡 Watched a young lad with a Perrazzi vest shot 12 out of 12 on the pool shoot (anyone know his name) and then shot 10 out of 10 on stand 5 and shot most of them before they left the trap,quickest shooting I've ever seen.Didnt have time to follow him but I guess he shot 50 or very near. All in all for £9 a good day out. Fielddweller
  3. Cher Walking in Memphuuus. Absolute dire Fielddweller
  4. Excellent news,shall take gun and credit card.Thanks Dave Fielddweller
  5. Dave what's the cost of the 50 bird and is it fibre? Also are there any gun traders there not that I need any more.Cheers Fielddweller
  6. 100% Correct. I have two pro shooting candidates of which one has answered all my emails so she is getting all our votes.Fielddweller
  7. PrimeIf you fill in the form it then send them all the prepared email you might get a reply in time,I got 2 out of 4 so far both pro shooting. Fielddweller
  8. Don't know if this is already on here,but here is a very useful link.Just fill in your details to see your candidates views on shooting. http://basc.org.uk/blog/press-releases/latest-news/basc-launches-pcc-election-website/ Fielddweller
  9. According to Radio 2 Paul Simon emailed them with his approval. Can't understand people who do covers and just replicate the original. Love this one. Fielddweller Here it is https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=u9Dg-g7t2l4
  10. GeorgeAs you don't have a stand how are we going to find you? I shall look for a dodgy looking Geordie bloke in the car park,and if I find you are selling cartridges? Cheers Fielddweller
  11. Thanks for your inputDefinitely not enough room for 2 screws unless I can get some About 5mm in lenght,do you set the screws then add the glue? Once you've glued them is that it permently ? Fielddweller Just noticed we joined 2 days apart and I am 6200 posts behind,😀😄
  12. Hi Guys I have a gun with an adjustable comb( don't know if it was factory fitted) and after 50 -100 shots the 2 external grub screws come loose. Is this normal and you just keep tightening them up or do you use a thread lock glue? And if so so what's best Many thanks if you can help. Fielddweller
  13. Didn't shoot the comp and very rarely do shoot any comp so can't comment on the targets.We've been today and shot the 100 sporting and all but one stand could be taken on report,however stand 1,2,4,5 and 9 were definitely better as sim pairs.Its a lovely ground and they are obviously investing heavily in it,new traps every where.We shot 300 and only 2 no birds. Top marks all round from me Fielddweller
  14. Sorry to hear that. We got burgled 3 weeks after moving in,makes you want to move (again).give her a cuddle and tell her buy a dog which you can then look after. Fielddweller
  15. I would never expect you to say sorry.Mighty mariner says the likeness is perfect and as its his dog I will take his word for it. Fielddweller
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