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    7 Seat 4x4

    Smokersmith puzzled me everytime I made the journey. Oy thing I can put it down to is I traveled back to Surrey early hours of the morning not stopping. Other way was traffic and must have been slightly slower speeds.
  2. figgy

    Clay club yearly membership charges,

    I have been hit by bits of clay that cut through my cap and skin. Some clays are sharp as glass. A big chunk hurts like a price of brick has hit you.
  3. figgy

    Clay club yearly membership charges,

    Sshh don't tell everyone Auntie, they do put some good targets on.😀
  4. figgy

    Motion to Ban Lead Shot

    Anyone for a 5" chambered 20 bore 😜
  5. figgy

    Weather over the Wolds.

    Both stunning, always get the most stunning skyscapes in the winter.
  6. figgy

    best place for new firing pins

    Edd buy a small Chinese lathe and some short rods of silver steel and knock them up yourself in minutes.
  7. figgy

    Butt pad, sanding to fit

    Tightchoke that makes so much sense. They're at it all day long.
  8. figgy

    Cleaning shotguns

    Sabel25 I have a offcut of carpet in the bottom of my cabinet. If I have got the gun wet after drying and cleaning I also spray some Napier with VP,90 onto the carpet so it can do its thing, just incase any water escaped drying. Never had a spot of rust yet. Scully have s read oine of Ballistol some Americans swear by it others slate it. Interesting to watch.
  9. figgy

    Browning maxus 12 gauge

    You don't say what model it is or chamber length. Synthetic or wood. It may help with your sale.
  10. figgy

    How far do you drive for your fowling?

    Yes I am see pm
  11. figgy

    7 Seat 4x4

    I have ran a XC90 MK1 d5 for over a year and a half. Very comfy car not bad off road in fields and tracks. Seats are some of the comfiest for long journeys. Mpg is nowhere near 48mpg. Most I've had on a long run from teesside to Surry was 44. Something and that was a one off due being stuck in them variable speed limits. My average speed was fifty mph. Normal runs to Surry and back were 37 down and 39 from Surry to teesside. Don't know why it was 2mpg different but it was everytime and with cruise control on. Around town and the odd ten mile motorway stint I'm averaging 29mpg I don't drive hard either as they to keep around 2000 revs for gears to change up.
  12. figgy

    Wales / Bristol clay ground

    If that's their attitude to safety and the people who shoot there I wouldn't be going back. Hope the fella sues them for his fall, he must be hurting.
  13. I will look to try some for next season. I've mainly used on higher and later season birds. Dark Storm and NSI Doors both 32g 5 shot. Early season 25g and 28g 6 for partridges and early pheasants. Going to have to give this new spangly shot a try.
  14. figgy

    Shooting in Poland!

    Sounds perfect for brushing up on pigeon and game shooting.
  15. figgy

    Splitting Axe

    Best wood I've found is dried Holly and dried Hawthorne, wish I could get Hawthorne all the time. Very hot and burns well and lasts.
  16. figgy


    Amateur I k is what your saying, ox tail came back on the market much as the same time as t-bones did. Must have lifted the ban on certain cuts.
  17. figgy

    Browning b325 steel shot

    If your bothered buy a box of bismuth carts.
  18. figgy

    Pilla Shooting glasses

    What are the lenses. Red, max orange, brown purple, hi Def, hi contrast or vivex ? There are that many the light transmission numbers don't tell us much.
  19. figgy

    Resource guarding

    The more he does it the more you take things of him, he has to learn that your master and can take anything. As you give him his food take it back, teach him your boss not him. Done this with all dogs from being a puppy, nothing is theirs if I want it. I've found with dogs there is no grey area it's either yes or no. If I tell them no it means no, if they try it on they getting a rollicking. Otherwise they learn to disobey you. Nip it in the bud before it gets worse. Hope you get it sorted.
  20. figgy

    Splitting Axe

    There is a log splitting axe with cams on the sides to push the log apart as it drives in. Lots of good reveiws too. Chopper one axe is the one, check it out online
  21. Are these the carts your using welshwarrior ? Cheddites do make a very good cartridge. Not cheap but extra few pounds per shoot isn't much.
  22. Whether or not copper plating works if it gives you confidence and you like the way they shoot, all the hype don't matter if you can afford them. What you spend on game shooting the cartridge cost isn't much compared. I dont mind a cheap pigeon cart if it works for me on game.
  23. Have a word with the keeper, it's his job to out on your beaters day and him to sort out beaters for you all. I wouldn't go anymore to a shoot like that. Where I go you don't get cash but are part of the team fed and watered and on one the odd day as a guest. Means more to me than a few Bob and treated like dirt at the end of a shoot.
  24. figgy

    Stewardship Scheme

    If the stewardship scheme goes you won't have to worry as farmers will plough them back in. There was something saying that for a few years nothing will change so probably that's a no to driving on them. You thought about a two wheel drive off road bike to get along the wheelings.
  25. figgy

    Beware cheap parts

    Yes go get the right size drill 😋😉 They're never perfect unless they come from the same machines that made them for the manufacturers.