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  1. Already have a 687 IV 30" fixed choke.
  2. figgy

    AYA No 1s

    The look like the style of engraving the German market prefers. Nice and bold and would look nice from ten yards, unlike a lot of expensive sxs guns where unless you have a jewelers loupe you can't see all the engraving due to it being light and intricate.
  3. Salmo they're the dogs danglies.
  4. I have broken my little toes of both feet a few times. I walk around the house and garden barefoot all the time. Last time on the Ottomon foot at the base of our bed. Heard and felt the bone crack. Wife said you just bruised it soft lad. Two days later she saw it and said yep looks broken now. Tape it to toe next to it or leave it if it's not bent out of shape. Loose shoes for a bit. Wait till you catch it again whilst it's still sore, you find your sense of humour leaves you rather quickly. Breaking your big toes hurt a lot more.
  5. The wicked wings versions look good with bronze cerakoted metal bits and some good hazy camo rather than printing grasses or leaves on.
  6. Wife keeps looking into them and Germany the Air of Moselle valley area is the stand out one. All the castles on mountain tops etc. Also the Nile.
  7. figgy

    Decking help

    Yes the smooth side is supposed to be up. The grooves are supposed to be to stop the water getting trapped and rotting the joists. Why would you want grooves the hold muck and water and are not comfortable to walk on or sit on.
  8. We have some very good old Sheffield steel knives. A couple of ok IKEA Japanese shaped ones that are quite good and hold a good edge , comfy to use in the hand and then some cack ones for the wife. Yet she will use all knives for anything from scraping things hacking at stuff also prying open metal cans then cutting food onto a granite board. I have to sharpen a knife before use now, if it wasn't for the bevel i wouldn't know the back from the cutting edge. Even the cheapest knives will sharpen and cut for cooking, just need sharpening more.
  9. I think the 30" 12 bore with fixed chokes is the best choice in a game or all round use gun. The 20 bore crown I handled felt so well balanced and nice in the hands. As walked up or stand one beat one game syndicate shoot gun they would be hard to beat.
  10. Different chokes, the Crown being half in both the Miroku half and three quarters. Different engraving and I think the stock dimensions differ to. So made in same factory same internals but different guns.
  11. Dell are one of the best laptops. If you want pure power a gaming laptop will have lots more ram and good video graphics card fitted. SSD only give quick boot time, the time saving when up and running would be minimal.
  12. Quite a few owners have complained about poor mpg. Must be a thing with them.
  13. Must be good if not seen any used ones for sale. Handle nice and look nice, only the price puts me off. Basically older style nominal bore fixed choke barrels and silver inlaid into the engraving of a 525 action. Heard that a new model of it is due in the autumn.
  14. figgy

    Kids ey !

    It's the butane in the cans that's flammable. Might as well blast straight butane gas in them. You can buy high pressure solvent cement glue for abs pipe, that should make a heck of a spud chucker.
  15. figgy

    New lawn care

    Overall application of sharp sand brushed in will help get rid of the moss and help with drainage.
  16. I've been following this on Instagram, noticed he put some of his turn screws in the case too. Gun and case looks very nice, pleasure to see the transformation.
  17. I think what there after should be already in place. Not unreasonable at all, government has given away or sold off and sold its people down the river. The government spends more and thinks they will just tax more, especially stealth taxes.
  18. Like the grind of the blade, still prefer the way my mk1 looks. Without handling one I wouldn't know if the Mk2 was better in the hand. Good luck with them , fantastic knife to use.
  19. figgy

    Kids ey !

    Ditchy can you imagine a kid today going home,shoes ruined with stab marks sock all cut and feet bleeding. The mother what on earth you been doing ohh throwing knives at eachother seeing who can get closest, it was great fun mother. Be all hell on,police called the lot. Never mind shooting eachother with airguns lol Davyo them were the days. If you got a clout for doing wrong you didn't tell your parents when you went home because you'd get another.
  20. figgy

    Kids ey !

    Old bootlaces with the inner cords pulled out were ours. Probably very similar stuff Ditchy. Reading this thread has me chuckling remembering the things we got up to. Learned about risk assessment the hard way, and you never forget it. Beans or tinned mushy peas Into a camp fire with no one else knowing as they all sit round it, boom all screaming as bits of fire are blown everywhere and all burnt from scalding hot beans or peas stuck to you. The fun we had. You all must have made bogeys out of two planks of wood and pram wheels nailed on, string for steering front cross member bolted through the front of the plank.
  21. figgy

    Kids ey !

    Still got scars in my feet from that game. Great fun, though would be classed as knife crime theses days
  22. figgy

    Kids ey !

    I used to make catapults, bows and arrows, sling shots but they were bloody dangerous to me more than others. Spears out of sharpened fire hardened sticks. Bit of tube as a pea shooter 15mm copper or plastic conduit was best. Also when walking home finding a stone or flattened can to kick along as you walked for as long as could before losing it. Flicking stones or pips etc by crooking your index finger on left hand and gripping your chosen projectile. Then placing the top of the pad of your right index finger on the second joint of left finger applying pressure with left thumb to send joint of right finger untill your finger tip slips through the crook pushing the projectile at quite fast speed and accuracy at what you like. Usually a mate. Holly and Rowan berries were good for this along with dried peas. Small coins would wizz like ricocheting bullets. Small bits of white spark plug Insulater was great on toughened glass from distance. Anyone else enjoy flicking dog cack with a stick at things.
  23. Must be rubber based product saltings. These days ten years is a long time for a bathroom, most will change it after that if not before.
  24. I have seen some stunning wood used for gun stocks on Instagram Mr winsauer. Not all are walnut. Some birds eye burl maple looks cracking finished on a gun.
  25. I'd take the plywood top off or use cement board as one poster has put. New tiles just don't seem as good as the older ceramic tiles were. Bonding some of them can be a pain onto plywood. You can get fine mesh may to go between the adhesive. I.have in the past used silicon sealant to bond tiles that kept coming loose. Worked a treat.
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