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  1. Both my wife and I enjoyed his music over the decades. rip
  2. Very tasty, enjoy them. Last one I shot must have not long before done it’s migration flight so not a lot of meat on it.
  3. Lovely looking gun, the barrel length may help your sale. That stock is very nicely figured.
  4. I thought modern guns had interrupting safety seats so they couldn’t be accidentally discharged.
  5. I love chilli pepper pickled eggs, only with white vinegar up-to now. Not sure malt vinegar is too strong to appreciate the taste of the chilli pepper.
  6. I’m sick to the back teeth of hearing about colour creed or sexual persuasion in things that have no bearing on it. At work today my manager got a email from Barclays. In it was an advert all of the people were of ethnic backgrounds. So out of curiosity we looked at what the percentages were for the Uk and just how skewed todays media has become about representing them or highlighting so called equality about it all the time. Well done to her on a great achievement.
  7. Have a look on a Airgunforum im sure I read a topic a while back where someone wanted one and a member had or knew of someone who bought all the old stock. Either that or someone made him one.
  8. Odd that as they both speak highly of you.
  9. Be sick as a pig if you bought them to take on a expensive let day.
  10. It could have been worse and done by Rolf
  11. I wonder how long before she is offed like he was. She won’t live to spill all the names.
  12. It’s just what I read online that they could have a legal appeal over it. Ditch your not wrong. I remember all the auld dears with stern faces and handbags at the ready to bash any that got flung out of the ring. Kendo Nagasaki
  13. The one and only reason i can see for Mercedes to pull the appeal, even though its looking they could have won it. is the tarnish to the brand being seen as sore losers. The cost of coming second pales compared to cost of looking unbecoming and damaging their image. Moto Gp for me next year and other racing not governed by these fixing fools.
  14. It’s certainly put me off watching f1 anymore. fixed and that’s not on. watched it since a boy when Hunt the Shunt was the big name. Went off for a few years then it seemed to have come good again, until this blatant fixing by the F1 officials.
  15. They didn't let all the lapped cars through as they should have. Eith all or none. They decided to put verstsppen on Hamilton's tail knowing full well how it would end. A stupid choice from the race officials thinking it would be great to see. How daft do they think everyone watching is.
  16. I can say hand on heart if it was Lewis winning and max was leading by so much I'd think the same, hollow victory. Toto must be spitting mad to hear that called motor racing get it.
  17. Never in my life have witnessed such cack as what I have just seen. They handed verstsppen the title knowing full well exactly what would happen. Stinks. I'm no fan of Hamilton but if I was max I'd be bloody ashamed to have it handed to me like that.
  18. figgy


    Hope Hamilton wins, for two reasons, he is a Brit and he may retire if he gets and eighth championship with a bit of luck and let others have a chance to come through.
  19. Don't they alloy it with tin and something else.?
  20. My wife bought mine this year, very good of her. She also bought hers along with other bits. A favourite is the reflective red poppies on a snap faster for key rings etc. Great as a extra visible dog tag or on a set of keys, have gave them to other dog owners in past years.
  21. Wrote some very good books, not so fussed on the later stuff written by others carrying his name. RIP Wilber.
  22. They are absolutely stunning photos.
  23. The fumes can be used to develop finger prints. Useful super glue.
  24. I don't look at the bead or the clay, I just use the force and they all break. I find my mind's eye works best 😉😋
  25. figgy


    Glad for you, best of luck in future finding happiness.
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