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  1. Ha ha yes had to buy some few weeks ago. Didn't like the price hike 😲😂
  2. The sportrap is usually interesting at Thimbleby. I've not shot there for over a year so will make a point of going again.
  3. figgy

    Big Ben

    I've always had the mindset that, 80 mil is the price as that what it cost and 29 mil was way under and was wrong from the off. The low number was spouted to appease and the real numbers will have been known.
  4. Search chill out jazz or jazz to relax to on whatever music platforms you use.
  5. This is very old news, so long as Diego Garcia remains a strategic location nothing will change regardless of opinion.
  6. figgy


    No worries mate, I'd have bought them all You packing in shooting or something?
  7. figgy


    Ha ha wasn't looking at all 😋
  8. figgy


    I only live a few miles away and missed this 😲😂😂
  9. Looks great, many years of service ahead of it.
  10. It's some sad news that Hawkeye has passed away after a short battle this afternoon. May you rest in peace. Had a call off KDubya letting me know. My condolences to his family and friends. RIP Mike you'll be missed.
  11. figgy

    Dog bite

    You really are a magnet for harm, hope you get well soon.
  12. What's this child thing ? the legal age for sex in this country is 16. Like it or not that's the law.
  13. I'm sure there will have been lots of talking going on behind closed doors, Andy will have been advised and will do as he is advised to do. As for losing sleep I don't think he will give a hoot about some civil case. As for the age of the woman. I knew what I was doing at that age, I didn't make the right choices all the time and I'm sure most don't. To say at 17 she didn't know what she was doing, no way am I believing that. I do however believe she has done things back then she wouldn't do now.
  14. Much better Martin. Was at oaklodge today Mike, spoke to John and it was strange not seeing you with him. Best of luck mate 👍
  15. I'll be following this with interest.
  16. Be a great way of packing out the load volume.
  17. The itch is awful during the night if it's hot and sticky. I got munched on the Norfolk Broads few years ago. Awful things that lay flat as you try to swat them away.
  18. figgy

    Game Shells

    As you shoot at Oak lodge keep a few of the 40g 4s for when Andy puts a real long looper or crosser on.
  19. My wife loves prawns in all their forms, adores lobsters and she even likes them pinks. I prefer brown shrimps, mm very tasty and moreish.
  20. figgy

    Amber Hill

    It should have been cancelled, I know it's a shame for the athletes and coaches but better no event than, catching covid or going to a country where it's rampant. Not competing against the best isn't really a good victory.
  21. Sorry to read this Mike, I hope they're wrong for you.
  22. No idea but that looks nasty. Hope you sort it soon.
  23. Any bit of software on your phone from China can spy and share your data. Most phones use parts made in China.
  24. Ha ha a very nice Triumph 1500 iirc.
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