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  1. Sounds like some gentle movement might help you a wee bit but yes a pcp would be a good idea
  2. Sad to hear your packing in shooting mate. Do you think your shoulder would be ok with some fly fishing? Us outdoor types need to be out there doing stuff. If your like me youll end up going nuts
  3. Do you know what the round count is on the rifle?? I guess it isnt screw cut?
  4. If you have always had a Landy dont do it mate. You will miss it trust me
  5. Thats rather good. Now how do I get them to do that?? I might just take you up on that PM mate
  6. I'm sure that will be covered in one of the books. I've got some ordered up can't wait to get reading them.
  7. I don't think a dog is ever fully trained. It's something we have to keep at
  8. Im with Fenland. I'll ask about and see what the score is Dave the dog will be used for fowling with the odd day on pigeons. I would also like to train it for deer tracking as I do a good amount of stalking too
  9. Would the be the one titled Questions and Answers?
  10. Hi folks, All being well I should be welcoming a keeper bred lab to my home in the new year. I was just wondering if there is a good book for training a gundog or might I be better off getting some lessons with a pro? This will be my first gundog but not my first dog. It's the hand signals and whistle work that I think I might need tips and help with. My friend who's litter it is has basically said I will be surprised with what 10mins a day and a good reference book will do and to save my money by not bothering with a pro. I get his point but always good to get other opinions Look forward to seeing what you chaps think
  11. Manish


    Thanks MM. I know from my deer stalking you got to put the time in and recce the areas. Work should ease up wee bit soon then the marsh will be like my second home. Love the place and the wildness of it
  12. Manish


    Just need to find a spare day now. I was there a week or so ago and got flown over by them once but were well out of range so left them alone
  13. Manish


    Never mind "they" are coming!!
  14. Manish


    Pls tell me thats the Ouse estuary 🤞
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