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  1. Sounds like he is up to something!? Or he has seen sense in his stupidity (highly unlikely).
  2. @marsh man I always love reading snippets like that. One man and his dog working together for a common goal. Both enjoying themselves. Thinking about it the same thing may have happened to a shooter back in the late 1800s or maybe further back in time. Glad it all came together for you and Bobbie
  3. Hello all, Those of you who dont use synthetic stocks and coated barrels how do you protect your guns whilst out on the foreshore?? I normally put a layer of renaissance wax on my stalking rifle it its going to be a bit wet. But a little rain is different to salt water exposure.
  4. By the sounds of it 12 bore with tss will out shoot a 10 with itx. And a 10 with tss will be a game changer
  5. I thought the same about the price tbh. How does itx stack up against tss though?
  6. I was thinking about something to put tss through. I doubt it will put up with that!
  7. Thanks for the info gents. I think I might have to pass on the one I have found. That and I'm not too sure if the seller is serious as I have sent him a few questions but no response yet
  8. What ever you do dont get the water from then moisture traps on anything. Its will eat into the steel and rust faster than Usain Bolt doing the 100m
  9. Gents (and any ladies for the sake of sodding inclusion), Has anyone ever owned one or had any experience with the beast?? I understand they started life as a 10 then got bored out to an 8 is there any truth to this?? Would it be OK to put steel through it and use it for its true purpose in life? Thanks as ever
  10. Manish

    Duck guns

    Must hit like the hammer of Thor!!!
  11. Manish

    Duck guns

    Good to know it will be happy with hevi. That a 10??
  12. Manish

    Duck guns

    Not too sure if this is the thread for this but whats the score with steel in the AYA 10 bore??
  13. Tried doing a google search on them calls didnt get very far
  14. Considering the standard ones rather than the custom. Shame we cant get solways calls anymore I always hear god things about them. What are the muddy gutter ones like for volume?? I understand some calls aren't as loud as others no matter how hard you blow
  15. Fellow fowlers, Has anybody got any experience with these calls? Im thinking about getting a pinkfoot and maybe a graylag call but if they are poop dont see the point. Thanks as always
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