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  1. Who if anybody is a good shout for gundog insurance? Part of me is thinking to have a normal dog insurance policy as the dog will only be joining me on Wildfowling trips and some pigeon shooting as apposed to full on commercial shoots. Just got a quote from agri pets and it seemed a bit on the high side
  2. That pic should be entered for a comp. Very nice tits
  3. A walk around some places shows us that🤣
  4. I did in a former profession train young soldiers and officers too. Would training a dog be much harder? Both are done with patience and reward
  5. No Mat im not on Face**** I hate the thing. If there are any litter in the Club that would be perfect mate. How you keeping anyway??
  6. Too true mate. And a shame. Thanks for the heads up though
  7. My Mrs has been funny about me getting a gundog from the start. She seems to think I can train a terrier to do the work of a retriever!! Your right in that most gundogs are also the family pet and mine wont be an exception. Interesting what you say about Hawkers not learning much from the Harris. I suppose a lab is very similar. Maybe waiting another year might have to be done for the market to stabilise a little and for people to see some sense
  8. I wouldve happily taken some form of ID when going to pick a pup but to send them copies not ever Ok the general feeling im getting is to go for a Lab. Now to locate one at a realistic price that has some working blood that isnt a mong! If anybody knows of any litters pls contact me. I have tried through places like champdogs and have just been beating my head against a wall
  9. so far I have only had Jack Russells and both of them have been rescues. Still have one. Shes a cheeky little thing. I get what you mean about the experience as this will be my first dog from pup and my first gundog. With reference to getting one I seem to have more luck with finding a cooperative breeder for chessies then a lab. The lab breeders I have found were more interested in putting obstacles in the way. I mean who the futuck asks for scanned copies of proof of address?? All seemed a bit odd to me. The Chessie breeder is a fowler too so knows what im looking for and has thus far
  10. Hello fellow shooters!! Has anybody ever had or still have a Chessie?? I hear all sorts about them but I think they are just a misunderstood dog and the myths are just that. Im sure you get the odd crazy Lab too. There is a lady with some horses up the road from me that had a very aggressive lab. Anyway back to the subject. I will primarily be using the dog for fowling and some pigeon shooting. As for training I intend on taking the pup to gundog classes then following up what we have done at puppy school. Any help would be smashing
  11. I find myself in a similar situation. Only all the breeders I have been in touch with just havnt bothered to get back to me and the 2 that did wanted the stupid lockdown prices. Saying that I have a lead on a potential litter of Chesepeakes ant realistic prices!!!
  12. Super wagon mate best of luck with the sale but like others have said shouldn't hang around long at that price
  13. Thats very impressive. You might want to consider finding a local person with a machine and start selling them. I would buy one I can use it for my double rifle too
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