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  1. Manish

    Hair wand

    I wonder if it can be used to curl my moustache🤔
  2. Manish

    Hair wand

    When I saw hair wand I thought it was some Harry Potter thing that will make my hair grow back on my bonce 😂😆
  3. Im glad of it. Nice to see it can be done with success
  4. one thing that concerns me about the foreshore is rust on my AYA. I suppose if a lag it up in oil I might get away with it
  5. I know this is an old thread but im looking for load data using them new fibre cups if anyone uses them? Are they even any good? And is there any real gain for going to a 3 1/2inch case??
  6. Im seeing that 42 grm 3 1/2s arnt all they are made out to be due to the pat spread. Now im getting all confused and unsure as to what to load for 😵🤯
  7. I have heard that but wouldnt be a bad idea? I know high performance steel is a bad idea. I mean would the old AYA handle a 42 gram 3 inch cart in steel?? It is a 3 inch mag rated gun
  8. got a semi auto and an OU bettensoli I can get rid of I do like that old AYA
  9. Don't how I'm gonna do a part ex with the lockdown and I'm in Norfolk
  10. only problem is the AYA isnt steel proofed. The last thing I want is the thing to blow up in my face due to my own stupidity. Looks like a yildiz is going to make its way into my safe
  11. Im going to start loading my own carts but would it be possible to get 42 grams of 2 shot into a 3 inch case?? sounds a but much to me but I am rather new to this all. I do on the other hand load for all my rifles apart from the 22lr 😆
  12. The pump is an option that is open rather than converting and yes it will be for fowling. As for the double discharge it was a case of my mate didn't have enough of his finger over the front trigger so the recoil from the first shot pushed his finger onto the back trigger. I tend to fire the back one first then the front one much like my Grandfather did back in India
  13. I agree stock fit does help enormously Na I was thinking of getting a 3 1/2 pump.
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