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  1. I was going to say a caddy. I have one for work (not my own) and it gets ragged. It has held up well to the abuse I throw at it. I think any of the small french vans tent to be good and in terms of millage vs age I would go with less miles
  2. As ever I would do. Its like check zeroing your rifle. If the thing dont get rounds in a nice tight group make it do so
  3. Gun wise I think I have the perfect thing fits like a nice Savile Row suite. Shot and choke is still to be found. I have been at the clay ground with cyl and 1/4. Just changed the cyl for 1/2. Then for shot we shall see come the season. Saying that once the pigeons start heading my way might try em with steel
  4. Ive been going to the clay ground and have gone from hitting very little to 70% so I think I should get something this season
  5. 👍 Thanks for the advise mate. I got plenty of 3inch 1s too
  6. The way I shoot open would be needed 🤣. But on a serious not will the shot get out far enough with cyl and imp cyl chokes??
  7. What sort of range are you getting with #2s?? I'm just thinking the BB s will hold more energy at distance for a cleaner kill
  8. would the #1 get out as far as the bb with the killing power?
  9. Lets say both are put through the same gun same choke what would you go for as an all round wildfowling cart?? Due to the extra weight the BB will go further out but by how much and would it be worth the 20 or so less pellets?? Im looking at loading them in a 3.5 inch case. Thanks in advance
  10. I got a lyman and have never looked back. Cleans the insides and the primer pocket/flash hole. As for what to add I just squirt in some ecover washing up liquid and some citric acid. Rinse them off well and dry in the over for 40 mins at 50 deg fan
  11. Got ya. Like those people living in London with jacked up land rovers 🤣
  12. Im guessing your a farrier? The came can be said about about a horse that a horse is too much animal. I was in the Blues and Royals and due to my lack of height I would get put on the big horses for trooping etc. The same horsemanship was needed to control them as the smaller ones. I think you should go for them.
  13. I'm guessing you have one or know of somebody with one?
  14. Imagine swinging one of them on a goose 🤣
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