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  1. Shame your not after a Remmington Versamax. Best of luck with the sale
  2. Im very strongly considering one. Just need to get rid of my Remmington Versamax. Its the only plastic thing in the cabinet and the other guns are taking the **** out of it. @bishop which thread pattern chokes do they take???
  3. LOVE that second pic. Smart dogs
  4. Manish

    Punt guns

    And just to think a few years back the butcher in wells (forgotten the name now) had to stop hanging game in the window due to second homers complaining. It the f$%king country if you dont like it **** off back to the smoke.
  5. Might have to find a chum who has a facebook account. I have seen fenland game calls not that far from me. Anyone have any experience of them???
  6. Thank you very much that saved me a few quid. Do I have to order on facebook as I'm not on it. Now how about duck calls
  7. You just cant beat the smell of burnt black powder
  8. Gents, Im off to the states in a few weeks and was wondering what calls would you advise a newbie to get?? Im thinking a goose call and some duck calls but with so many on the market dont know where to start? Ta very much Manni
  9. I'm glad this has come up as I'm yet to get decoys. I was just wondering what decoys would you chaps advise to get to make a general purpose pattern?
  10. Manish

    Punt guns

    There is a muzzleloader in the sealed bids at Holt's that I might go for. Mind you I rather like the thought of an old 4 bore at least I won't have to sneak a punt past the long haired commander
  11. Manish

    Punt guns

    Would be safe to say that many old guns that slightly fragile would be too far gone to fire?
  12. Manish

    Punt guns

    i dont have one yet but have one sighted up
  13. Manish

    Punt guns

    Im talking muzzle loader. Like I said im ok cleaning my ML rifle and pistol. I guess I can use a pressure washer and some boiling water
  14. Manish

    Punt guns

    yeh I saw the chaps website very skilled fella
  15. Manish

    Punt guns

    can you get the breech off on a muzzle loader??
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