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  1. Still after the above in good condition
  2. After a very good condition schimdt and Bender 8x56 Hungarian. Thanks
  3. Would have the scope if sale falls through
  4. interested in the strimmers. can you post/send pics?
  5. after some clear pigeon 32g 6s, fibrewad and pigeon extreme. no where seems to stock near me. St. Albans
  6. In this dilemma myself, have picked up some Winnie's, eleys, and CCI, plus a new scope for some testing at the weekend.
  7. Don't get self propelled unless your an old boy who struggles to get about. Will take you an eternity to mow the lawn. Just propel it with your legs!
  8. Tried a few flint and flame blades at a show at the weekend, regretting not buying a couple now
  9. My terrier has fits and has a heart murmur, has done all his life. He was 17 yesterday and still going strong. Albeit a bit mental. Take each day as it comes, and more importantly, enjoy each day as it come's. Sure you got plenty of great times left ahead.
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