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  1. I have cancelled my Prime membership, not getting used, so it has GONE!

    Quite scary

    Possibly, or just previous damage and your age. I worked with noisy jet aircraft and helicopters and explosives, I know lipread! But I still use decent hearing protection to save the little hearing that is left.
  3. I would be most interested.
  4. I opened an electricity paper bill at work the other day. £117000!
  5. Yes, just behind the front one!
  6. Stitched up like a kipper! You have been done!
  7. Been raining steadily without thunder or lightning for about 35 minutes at Wittering. Very nice. Soaking in and the plants are enjoying it.
  8. Steve plants trees in memory of his late Son. Then they get distributed around the country to spread the gene pool.
  9. Well done, it's good to get out on unfamiliar ground.
  10. Used/empty Cluster bomb rockets, just the bits that fall out of the sky when the nasty bits have been ejected.
  11. Already being talked about last week.
  12. Perhaps the French aircraft are registered in different countries. Jaymo might have an opinion on that.
  13. Chris, there are plenty of free versions around. https://globe.adsbexchange.com/ Is the one I stalk Jaymo with.
  14. Great, hope we get some this week.
  15. Well done, are you planning for your next birthday outing already?
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