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  1. If it fits you fill your boots!
  2. Rain starts on Monday!
  3. Well you heard wrong! I am going to have the glass removed, much cooler.
  4. Yes, brave man indeed.
  5. Audi and BMW offer driving courses where they tell you not to worry about other drivers!
  6. Obviously they all aspire to drive Audis!
  7. There are several independent garages around that are bucking the GREED trend and selling substantially cheaper than the rest. Of course their forecourts are very busy.
  8. Were they all driving Audi's, BMW's or RangeRovers?
  9. I silvered my south facing windows on Tuesday, makes things much cooler!
  10. I think it is just one of those things, if it has been the same for the time you have owned the gun I would suggest it is working as well as you might hope.
  11. Yes, I have had them before.
  12. Has it always been like this? Have you changed the way you open the gun?
  13. They certainly were, I would expect it to be an old skeet gun. Basically a Japanese engineered Browning.
  14. Fair enough, just as long as none of the Chief Constables see it any differently.
  15. That is rather out of date with the advent of good cordless grinders.
  16. I thought everybody was on the card type by now.
  17. Yes I am lead to believe the Bio Ammo wads are designed for composting, so as you say take a while.
  18. In simple terms, how can the high prices be justified when the suppliers are making absolutely massive profits?
  19. Oh dear, my thoughts to all involved.
  20. Come in and warm yourself by this roaring candle!
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