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  1. I live in a village called Sproatley near Hull, Yourself ?
  2. Hi was wondering if anyone wanted to take me under there wing as such, joined the forum last year and was hoping to get back into shooting last year after the passing of my dad a few years ago and having a sabatical as such from shooting. Was in process of buying a gun last year but circumstances changed plus was not much point with work been as busy as it was so it would have most probablly just sat in the cabinet. Looking to do some pigeon shooting and rabbit shooting really but as i say its been a few years so treat me as a beginner . Only gun i currently have is .22 air rifle and no were to go really. Any help appreciated Ben
  3. Im 21 and in full time work. Finished my apprenticeship in agri engineering 1 year, course was 4 years.
  4. Defenders are the vehicle to have if you dont mind a noisy, drafty ride. I have a 53 reg 90 CSW and its great. I work on quite a few landrovers at work and one of the main problems with defenders and discos is rust. Its the wost thing about them. But apart from that there a good old ruff and ready go anywhere vehicle.
  5. would have had it all, shame your just abit far away
  6. ive got a set of discover stt on the defender and although their a chunky tread they make little road noise and perform very well in all weather
  7. nice looking run and hutch, How long did it take you?
  8. It ll be a couple of months before i buy my gun as i have my holiday to pay off first. Yeah that sounds great i dont mind borrowing a gun ill pm you my number, ill just have to check about work as i sometimes work on the weekend. Got a couple of bits of land that i have permission to shoot on just looking for a bit now with some rabbits.
  9. Pobsport came from my step dad saying that i looked like pob the puppet and beacuse i go rallying i decided to call the team Pobsport, so i now use it for my username.
  10. Gun handling/shooting in general really as its been about 8 years since i last fired a shot. Never shot clays but was going to go once ived saved some pennys for gun. Only ever did a small amount of pigeon shooting so im a novice in field craft as well, but one step at a time really. Yeah a meet would be helpful sometime. Ive lived in Sproatley nearly all my life (21 Years), Are you from a farming background Steve?
  11. i maybe intruding on this post but if at all possible sometime i could do with a refresher course as such when i get my gun. Ive got permission on a bit of land and know plenty of farmers in my line of work so theres room for more. I dont want to stand on toes but just thought we could help each other out.
  12. Thats what i call facing your phobia dead on. Id rather just avoid injections lol
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