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  1. As above. Not illegal, but a real pain to live with. Explaining the situation to the neighbour in the first instance is always best. After that, the local council will have a Noise / Nuisance team who will pop round and investigate
  2. I've been cooking ham in Ginger beer for the last 3 years. Finish with a ginger marmalade, brown sugar and english mustard glaze. Best tasting ham I've ever had.
  3. Good shooting. If you ever wnat company, I'm just down the A13 from you
  4. Thanks for the PM Kent. They have already said No to shooting the squirrels. Still waiting for the paperwork to be agreed for the rabbits and rats, but been waiting quite a while, despite some gentle nudges!
  5. My current permission is looking decidely flakey having been taking over by a Wildlife trust. So I'm looking for some rabbit, squirrel and rat control withing 10-15 miles of Romford, Essex. I'm fully insured, mature and sensibe (I am over 50 ) and have been shooting for more than 35 years. Thanks
  6. Cant argue with the above. Great advice
  7. Give Welsh Willy a bell. He'll talk you through the best option
  8. Not a good suggestion. However, until we know if its a pup or not, its difficult to suggest whats best.
  9. I did my HW97k last year and it does make a big difference. The main improvement is less recoil. The V-mach spring is shorter than the original, but still delivers. Its also a good exercise to dismantle your gun, degrease it and give everything a good polish. As previously mentioned, you do need access to a chrono as its very easy to exceed the limit initially, as well as the power creeping up as everything beds in. I would really recommend doing it. Mart
  10. mart46

    sub 12

    Those running at 11lb/ft +/- 0.5 lbft are good for a range of up to 40yds, BUT you must be consistantly be able to hit a 10p at that range. More often than not its not the power but the accuracy that counts. .177 is more accurate over longer ranges. My own opinion is that I use my .22 for a max of 30-35yds, and my .177 for 35-40yds.
  11. They are quite similar. We do use the cage for the car as well. We had 2 cages at one point, but storage was bit of an issue, so we sold 1, and now we just empty the bed out of it before putting it in the cage.
  12. A Grand? Wow We got our Border Terrier a year ago, and our basisc included a hard plastic bed, fleece blanket, food and water bowls. Check with the breeder about current food type and get some in. Within a few days we'd also bought a cage from Pets at home (medium) as she didnt settle at night. Collars, name tags and a lead at 12 weeks. We replaced the hard bed with a soft one like this once she was past teething. Have fun, and mind your shoe laces!!
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