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    Big Bore Shotguns, punt gunning, 8-bore Tolley Shotguns, Goose Shooting , Deer Stalking, Black Powder Shooting, Metal Detecting

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  1. moongeese

    Punt guns

    Searched out these old photographs of Mike Townsend's double gun made by Allan Owen, it had a bore of 1 1/8" firing 8oz shot, the brass case having a lenth of 8 3/4". I have one of the cases given to me by Allan.
  2. moongeese

    Punt guns

    Stanley Duncan's old gun Irish Tom was restored by Allan Owens , he also made a small double gun firing 8oz from each barrel for Wing Commander Mike Townsend. In a letter I have from Allan dated 9.6.06 , Allan tells me a story of Mike Townsend being rescued the year before by a helicopter , when his punt got stuck in the mud on a trip last season, Mike being in his early eighties then, and still punting. Bill
  3. moongeese

    Punt guns

    Great photographs Feltwad, Many thanks for sharing.
  4. No always had a love of books and reading, my bookcases are full of books on Wildfowling, and History. etc , purchased my first wildfowling book back in the 1960's , my last one about a month ago the book on the history of puntgunning afloat.
  5. A good friend of mine, just sold his lifelong collection of wildfowling books, he said he was surprized he got £300 for them, but was not near what he had paid for them. Also being at an age of unloading , I put my books together in a large box, but have not been able to bring myself round to selling them yet. My friends son, also a wildfowler, had no interest in his dads books, , and I also feel youngsters nowadays are not growing up reading books like we did, only playing on their electronic toys. All the things we took an interest in, WAGBI memorabilia, Wildfowling Club Badges, Old Loading Tools, Old shotgun cartridges etc are out of fashion with young people, I know my son has no interest in my stuff, only what they are worth !!!.
  6. Many Thanks Supergoose75, I am lucky enough that I do own the Holy Grail, Unfortunately it is only a scale model, that is about as close as I can get. Lol Happy New Year Bill
  7. Now That's What I Call A Gun !!! LOL Aye you have changed Jim Lol
  8. Well done Jim, I had heard about your retiral , and I may see more of you in the shooting field next year 😉 Bill
  9. Great Picture Jim. Hope you are well. Bill
  10. I have a good stock of ITM purchased for the punt, so on that, and lucky here in Scotland we can still shoot lead when inland, that saves the expensive stuff..
  11. I have a large single 8 M/L but have not been able to pick up a double yet.
  12. Great little stories, that are our wildfowling history, keep them coming. Bill
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