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    Big Bore Shotguns, punt gunning, 8-bore Tolley Shotguns, Goose Shooting , Deer Stalking, Black Powder Shooting, Metal Detecting

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  1. Well done Dave, Super picture, you are lucky with your weather a good 6" more snow here overnight.
  2. Some Great Pictures There.
  3. Many Thanks, Just to far away just now with present restrictions.
  4. Ashore & Afloat, by Stanley Duncan, founder of WAGBI, is a great read. I have a signed copy, along with Duncans plate off his ammunition box from his punt.
  5. Wanted Deactivated MP40
  6. To make shot, I used to go into my local tyre depot, and buy all the old tyre weights, they are the best lead for making shot. Any metal detectorist usually has a supply of lead we pick up so much of it in the fields, I could have supplied you with plenty, but not down in Norfolk for a few months yet, due to covid.
  7. What is he after, I have a number, Brass, Paper, and a couple plastic.
  8. Anyone thinking of selling a Deactivated MP 40 or a K9 Rifle, please let me know. Prefer one with some moving parts. Thanks.
  9. Kettle always on ! Hopefully this **** is going to end sometime , and your motorhome can do the North Coast 500.
  10. A great offer to people that live near you. I am always interested in 8-bore bits, but am to far away .
  11. I loved these cartridges as a young wildfowler, the packs of 10 , 2.3/4" no 4's rolled turnover, killed a lot of duck for me.
  12. Just to let people know , this is closed until after lockdown. Ferretlurcher1970 will send a message.
  13. Many thanks will ring him tomorrow .
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