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    Big Bore Shotguns, punt gunning, 8-bore Tolley Shotguns, Goose Shooting , Deer Stalking, Black Powder Shooting, Metal Detecting

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  1. I dont know what area of the country you are John, as your profile does not say, but if you are near me, I have a blank firer Browning Hi-power, that you could take a mould from, and I could give you enough brass cases to finish the job.
  2. moongeese


    Three years ago, a women could not take the corner, and my Hi-lux was written off. The police viewed my SD on the spot, and charged her, they told me without the camera, it could have been her word against mine.
  3. Glad Boris reminded her yesterday , she has had her once in a lifetime chance...
  4. Lucky you Steve, I only have 6 months to go
  5. I still have my paper licence, I think it runs until I am 70 years old.
  6. Let me know what you want Dogger, I could help you out.
  7. Try Poacher's Pocket Antiques, I am sure they had one among the rods they are selling this week.
  8. For sale my collection of 13 Wildfowling DVD's, and one Wildfowling video. All watched once, and from a smoke free home. £120 the lot with free postage. Payment by Paypal. Being Advertised On Another Site, So Contact Me For Availability . NOW SOLD.
  9. moongeese

    Desert Camo Net

    It was a pleasure meeting you both. Many Thanks for your kind words Bill
  10. moongeese

    Desert Camo Net

    Don't know where in Scotland you are, I have a lot of this net, inc a new one still unopened that would cover a lorry, could cut it to size for you . I am at Perth.
  11. Many Thanks For Your help lads
  12. Many Thanks, I thought other people may know of a carrier to send them by, How do other collectors get cartridges sent to them .
  13. I have a collection of punt gun, 4-bore, and 8-bore shotgun cartridges I would like to sell, I was wanting to ask how you can send these items now ? is there a carrier that is happy to handle them ?, I am aware it is not possible with Royal Mail.
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