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  1. I would have jumped at this, even driven to collect, but its just to far. Good luck with your sale. Bill
  2. I have a Super Solway in very good condition I would like to sell. I had the chokes opened up to half & half to use steel, and I have never fired it.
  3. Where about are you Martin ?, I have spare 8-bore R/T gear. But if not to far away you could borrow it anytime, if only doing small batches . Bill
  4. Picked up both I bid on, so now sorted.
  5. Many thanks Spas 15, I found a couple that were going off on auction yesterday, put bids on, and waiting to find out if successful .
  6. I am looking for a `1831 French " Gladius " Sidearm if anyone knows of any for sale.
  7. If they have no primer, or powder in them, they are not cartridges, but just paper tubes, and could be posted.
  8. moongeese


    Hope you manage to pick one up, I have a collection of these, and the cheapest easiest one to get is the standard Eley Kynoch new primed cases NPE come in at normally £50.The rarer London stamped fetch about £100 each.
  9. Can you tell me the reticule ? and price. Thanks Bill
  11. Reloading Dies, for 222, .223, and .243 for sale, Priced to sell. Once Fired .223 Cases, Boxed 100 Winchester .223 Cases Once Fired, Boxed. £10 + P&P £4 100 Winchester .223 Cases (Silver) Once Fired, Boxed £10 + P&P £4 100 Fedral .223 Cases , Once Fired, Boxed £10 + P&P £4 .222 Reloading Dies, ( 2 Die Set by Hornady ) Along With 4 other .222 Dies ( 2 x Lee, and 2 xx RCBS ) Six Dies in Total == £40 + £5 P&P .243 Reloading Dies, ( 2 x Lee + One by RCBS. ) Three Dies in Total == £10 + £4 P&P .223 Reloading Die by Lee One Die. == £5 = £4 P&P ( De- primer/ resizer) Payment By Paypal Pictures on request.
  12. For what calibre ?, I have a bolt, spare magazine for a '223 I was going to sell, I also have the barrel, but in its condition it does not have much value.
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