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  1. Thanks Dave, Looks like I need to upgrade screen. Not too sure about the AS LED they are advertised currently with the new AS LED but I got mine last year??? Thanks for the advice Mick, will have to try my rig as suggested. Ah, Yes I also wear glasses but not so sure this is the clarity issue. Thanks for everyone's help & suggestions. Looks like I need to play around a bit more! Thanks Guys
  2. The screen image on my DIY set up doesn't seem to have the clarity that I have seen on other DIY set ups such as vids posted on here and youtube. Any pointers from those that have pioneered the DIY builds on here? It tends to be really poor in the higher mag range say from about 6 upwards Camera is EJ230 through a non AO 3-9 x 50 scope and 4" screen. Illumination T20 with IR from ludicrous lumens. Would a scope with AO improve this at all. Thanks in advance for any help you can give
  3. Twisted Check these guys out. PSG Range is jct 12 M1 Toddington. Also have another range for .22 Rimfire & Air Rifle @ Flaunden (near Hemel, Bovingdon) Good bunch of guys http://springviewranges.co.uk/practical-shotgun-club/
  4. Cheers Hawkeye that's great as I also bought some of these from Clay & game to reload Pigeon Loads fibre 6's in Rio cases. Currently shooting clays with Superfast's so will be saving the empties. Sorted. Some feedback from those in the know on here do reckon however that the Rio primers are a little hotter so will need to get some loads made up and proofed me thinks. Thanks
  5. Thanks everyone for the info. I'll check everything out as per the suggestions and also get in contact with AYA. Cheers
  6. Hi can anyone ID an AYA SBS model and year from the S/N 521511. If not any ideas where I can find this info Many thanks
  7. Hawkeye what primers are you using with the superfast? Thanks
  8. Roly


    Toolstation all the way for me, unless you like being ripped off for paying over the odds at B&Q.
  9. Welcome to PW. Plenty of Herts guys on here.
  10. Just would like to revive this thread as you can do no wrong with the products that Phil manufactures, the pricing and the customer service that he provides. Purchased a lovely shotgun slip at this years shooting show and when I got around to actually swapping it out found that it didn't fit my 30" barrelled gun. Called Phil and no problem he sent me out a replacement which arrived within days. All swapped out and original purchased slip on it's way back to Phil. If you are in the market for luggage bags etc give Phil a call. For those of you that were into your coarse match fishing Phil was the guy that made the original GTI Matchman range of fishing luggage which was proper quality stuff. You can do wrong and you are buying British! give him a call.
  11. Thanks Sitsin not quite sure why I bother! Maybe I'll look into A1 then, as I know SSS second home is the Proof House Hey Scott we need to have a chat. Hope your keeping well!
  12. Roly

    Cold feet

    Merino Wool Socks, highest % of Merino Wool content you can find. Great for wicking moisture and keeping your feet nice and cool in the summer as well. Quite expensive but worth it.
  13. Thanks for your experienced response guys I need to double check my posted recipe information as i'm sure that recipe was provided by someone on here. Ideally what combination would work using the Rio primer the Vectan AS and Fibre wad components listed? Morningflight you said you use 21.5 grains with a plastic wad and a CX2000. Would that powder charge 21.5 grains work bearing in mind he primer change and the lesser gas seal characteristics of nitro card fibrewad v's plastic wad.
  14. +1 for Sporting Gun. Lots of info available also for your particular interests on the net The likes of www.Shootinguk.co.uk which uses the resource from Sporting Gun, Shooting Times & Shooting Gazette. Currently has subscriptions for Sporting Gun @ £13.99 for six months delivered to your door. I used to buy them all but as said become repetitive after a while!! www.Fieldsportschannel.tv have a weekly online program and you can catch up on Youtube on previous (200+) episodes. Should keep you going for a while! Lots of info out there
  15. Have been experiencing issues with primer fit on once fired hulls and wondered if substitution from the CX2000 to the slightly bigger Rio G-1000 to resolve would cause any issues with the following fibre load. 24gr Vectan AS 4mm Nitro Card 21mm Fibre Wad 30g lead Would I need to change powder load gr? Cheers
  16. Roly

    muscle rubs

    Could try White Liniment BP or look at an alternate treatment such as a TENS machine?
  17. Welcome to the forum. Fellow AGL visitor and pigeon shooter. Cheers
  18. Speak to Phil Ogden. Great bits of kit. British made and well priced. http://www.gtimatchman.co.uk/
  19. he has loads of money (millions of US Dollars) in a whorehouse! That must be some brothel!!!!
  20. Just looking into this for our 17 year old daughter who wants to go to uni when college is done. Student loan amount is based on parents income, so if you have a half decent parent income the allocated loan amount will be less than someone who's parents have a low income or do not work. there is a calculator available https://www.gov.uk/student-finance-calculator Some figures we have come across are Fees @ £9K Student accomodation @ £130 a week then there is the food, drink etc etc. We reckon on top of the annual allowed loan we can expect to find around an extra £6K per year to support her. We will do what we can of course to make it happen. Hopefully by the time your nippers are ready the system has changed and the UK government and universities will see sense and realise that they need to support further education in this country and not leave it up to the UK taxpayers to additionally fund from there own pockets.
  21. This is just a warning if you were selling in the US and exporting from the US as scopes are deemed as military items under the USML governed by the US Department of State and are licensable. Similar controls exist in the UK under the ECO for scopes over 4 mag for exports from the UK which are also licensable. If you are going to sell it on Fleabay just do UK only and you should be fine if its over 4 mag. See below MILITARY, SECURITY AND PARA-MILITARY GOODS, SOFTWARE AND TECHNOLOGY AND ARMS, AMMUNITION AND RELATED MATERIEL ML1 Smooth-bore weapons with a calibre of less than 20 mm, other firearms and automatic weapons with a calibre of 12.7 mm (calibre 0.50 inches) or less and accessories, as follows, and specially designed components therefor: a. Rifles, carbines, revolvers, pistols, machine pistols and machine guns; b. Smooth-bore weapons; c. Weapons using caseless ammunition; d. Silencers, "special gun-mountings", weapon sights, clips and flash suppressers for firearms specified in ML1.a., ML1.b. or ML1.c. Note: ML 1 does not control: a. Air weapons (other than those declared by the Firearms (Dangerous Air Weapons) Rules 1969a to be specially dangerous); b. Firearms specially designed for dummy ammunition and which are incapable of firing any ammunition in this Schedule; c. Firearms certified by a registered UK Proof House as having been rendered incapable of firing any ammunition in this Schedule; d. Bayonets; e. Air (pneumatic) or cartridge (explosive) powered guns or pistols designed as: 1. Industrial tools; or 2. Humane stunning devices employed specifically for animal slaughter; f. Signal pistols; g. Optical weapon sights without electronic image processing (i.e., using only lenses to view target), with a magnification of 4 times or less, provided they are not specially designed or modified for military use.
  22. I was going to have a Paella tonight washed down with a San Miguel! Thats thrown it!
  23. Up to your games again Ben 1st We have "have you ever played hide the finger? 2nd We have can you guess what i've got in my hand? and finally "choo choo here it comes get ready" So suave and sophisticated
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