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  1. I posted my forms of on the 10th April, was phoned up on Thursday asking if I wanted any changes to my european ticket and I've got my interview on Monday afternoon (22nd May). Apparently he will give me my tickets then - Quite impressed (so far anyway )
  2. Dave at Valkyrie sorted this for me on Thursday morning
  3. Hi All, I bought a CZ 455 in .22 with 20" barrel a while ago and, although I love the rifle, I would like a 16" barrel like on my .17HMR (No 16" in stock at the time and I was over excited!) I can get a brand new barrel for £169 + VAT easily enough, but would it be cheaper to have it cut down and rethreaded? Or would someone like to swap? Opinions/options? Thanks (I have used the search, but most references seem to be 'my guy does it for £xx' but no further info.)
  4. It'll add value (if done well) - Take it to Simon at Doveridge
  5. Saturday Sportrap S82p3 Sunday Sporting S280p1 Happy Days
  6. All insulin dependant (T1 and T2) diabetics are REQUIRED to be on a restricted (3 year or less) driving licence. It is also their responsibility to monitor their glucose levels regulary and have regular reviews with their medical team - the first thing the police will do now, if a diabetic is involved in an RTA, is get them checked for hypoglycemia (they introduced this a couple of years ago, without telling those suffering with the condition) and they will be prosecuted if they have low glucose levels. MOST insulin dependant diabetics get plenty of warning if they are going low, which is why
  7. Mine's a trap model, also mobil
  8. Simon has(had) the direct Graco replacement, as the Beretta plastic one is dire! - They're a drop in jobbie with 3 posts, he replaced mine on my 682EX in 10 minutes - They're not £190
  9. Used 20 bore cart with the primer pushed out workls a treat - expensive though
  10. I've got a Viper 6-24x50 on my .17HMR and a Hawke 3-12x50 on my .22LR - The Hawke is miles better and I wish I hadn't wasted my money on the MTC
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