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    Shooting & Gundog,Lurchers, Terriers and following Hounds.
  1. Red Legs like the wood, what type did you put down?
  2. When i can get them, I put windfall apples round the flight ponds the ducks love them.
  3. We had our first day flighting Ducks on monday, got 12 so a nice start. First day on the Pheasants is 26th Oct. Bring it on
  4. My Lurcher gets fed once a day and walked morning and night, along with my gundogs. He cleans himself on his morning and night walks. Well now, if you take him any where new he gets excited thinking he is going to be worked and empties himself (which is embarrassing if you are at a country fair ) and will keep on emptying the whole time he is out. So i think its excitement and the animal emptying its self so it is lighter for work. Horses also do this.
  5. This is Jessie doing her first retrieve, she is the bitch i am keeping from the litter i bred. She is 6 weeks old now.
  6. Very smart mate How is he coming on with his training
  7. She had 9 in total, 5 are spoken for leaving 4 black dogs left
  8. Thanks lads, And hopefully they should work as good as they look as they have a cracking Working / Trialing pedigree
  9. The pups are 3 weeks old now, time for the fun to start! Will put up some more pics when i get time. Dave.
  10. I have always had and worked blacks to a high standard, but i have a split litter at the minute of blacks and yellows, i cant believe how many people want yellow dogs. i must admit most its pet people, but it is a surprise.
  11. Very nice pics lads and good luck with the pups paddy
  12. Ours have been in the pens 1 week now, all is calm, hope it stays that way B)
  13. That is exactly my thinking, my Lab bitch is 4 now has proven herself many times as a working dog and has an excellent pedigree. So why not breed her and keep one for myself, so thats what i have done. And this is the little bitch at 3 days that i am keeping for my son to work Good luck with whatever you choose.
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