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  1. Red Legs like the wood, what type did you put down?
  2. When i can get them, I put windfall apples round the flight ponds the ducks love them.
  3. We had our first day flighting Ducks on monday, got 12 so a nice start. First day on the Pheasants is 26th Oct. Bring it on
  4. My Lurcher gets fed once a day and walked morning and night, along with my gundogs. He cleans himself on his morning and night walks. Well now, if you take him any where new he gets excited thinking he is going to be worked and empties himself (which is embarrassing if you are at a country fair ) and will keep on emptying the whole time he is out. So i think its excitement and the animal emptying its self so it is lighter for work. Horses also do this.
  5. This is Jessie doing her first retrieve, she is the bitch i am keeping from the litter i bred. She is 6 weeks old now.
  6. Very smart mate How is he coming on with his training
  7. She had 9 in total, 5 are spoken for leaving 4 black dogs left
  8. Thanks lads, And hopefully they should work as good as they look as they have a cracking Working / Trialing pedigree
  9. The pups are 3 weeks old now, time for the fun to start! Will put up some more pics when i get time. Dave.
  10. I have always had and worked blacks to a high standard, but i have a split litter at the minute of blacks and yellows, i cant believe how many people want yellow dogs. i must admit most its pet people, but it is a surprise.
  11. Very nice pics lads and good luck with the pups paddy
  12. Ours have been in the pens 1 week now, all is calm, hope it stays that way B)
  13. That is exactly my thinking, my Lab bitch is 4 now has proven herself many times as a working dog and has an excellent pedigree. So why not breed her and keep one for myself, so thats what i have done. And this is the little bitch at 3 days that i am keeping for my son to work Good luck with whatever you choose.
  14. Its purely down to personal preference mate, i have trained and worked both to a high standard and enjoyed their slight differences. The pups Dam is out of FT CH Cardy Keas of Shadowbrae, if you look on the Shadowbrea website you will see him, he also has a DVD out. The Sire to the pups is WTW Delfleet Huckleberry out of International Gundog League Championship Winner FT CH Millcottage Pathfinder. So they have an excellent Pedigree, also with Drakeshead, Brindlebay and Leadburn in there. £400
  15. Yes all mine will be going with a bag of food just not sure wether to stick with what I know (beta) or try a new brand It's a big decision when breeding pups
  16. You ever tried Skinners puppy food mate
  17. It seems quite a few of the genuine dog lads on here are either breeding or bringing in a pup this year, so i thought i would get your thoughts on this, I have always used Beta Pup when bringing in a puppy and last year when i bred my first litter i used it to wean them and all went well, although they can be a bit loose on it. Back end of last year i got a Wire Viz pup which had been weaned on Eukanuba, as the breeder gave me quite a bit i kept her on it and was amazed how solid she was on it and with her being quite picky how good a condition she was for how little she ate. The only
  18. Thanks everyone the biggest problem is, i am taking a bitch and i had another 3 lads wanting bitches She had 9 dogs, 1 bitch
  19. Well Fern had her pups a few days ago, but what a long labour! She started at 10.00pm and had her 8th by 6.00am the next morning. About 7.30am she started her contractions again, but nothing came so at 9.00am we went off to the vets. They then sent us to the main vets at Barnard Castle for a scan, at 10.00am she was scaned and they saw at least 1 pup but they couldnt tell if it was alive or not, so they gave her an injection to make her contractions stronger and said she would pass the pup in the next 2 hours. Well 12 oclock came and went and the poor lass was knaked from the pushing bu
  20. He looks a good match for her mate When is she due to break down?
  21. Stunning looking Springers mate, all 3. You cant beet some action pics
  22. Yeh good thanks mate, keeping busy We have been digging another flight pond so that took a few week ends. Putting up some styles to help the old timers over the electric fences and putting in some more rides. I am picking up the birds 1st week in August in my horse trailer 600 Phez and 100 Malard. Our shoot has only been going 2 seasons but its coming on nicely mate.
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