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  1. I suppose either ,but don't know how much RFD charge and how to go about it,does the buyer nominate a RFD or does it involve two one for the seller and one for the buyer? Face to face must be the simpler option ,if I ever buy something some distance from home I usually make a day of it and look around the area .thanks for the enquiry cheers Terry
  2. Hope these pictures help!Lop fourteen and a half inches
  3. I would say it's definitely a right hander ,I'll take a couple of pics and post them asap
  4. Thanks to everyone for your support,been out looking as I had a message that a b&w spaniel was seen running free in bingley close to bypass ferncliffe road area been there all morning since first light but no luck so I'm back to web searching friends etc ,the landrover is a 2002 defender 90 hardtop in green white roof large roof rack with ladder to rear checker plates to chills and rear corners spare wheel is a trailer wheel doesn't match others reg MA02 WJX they can have it ! Just want my lad back, hope they find it as it might lead to him but all I really want is the dog back so
  5. photo of stolen cocker dog
  6. Had my landrover stolen today ,but the worst thing my cocker dog was in it ,last seen on camera Bradford area, dog is chIpped we need him home! Any info appreciated please message me if anything at all
  7. I have a nice AYA box lock non ejector barrels vgc tight action stock sound but could do with a refinish looking for £160. 00 Email me if interested at terrybaileyc@aol.com Cheers terry b. Or pm me
  8. Hello. There, I got my working cocker from a family in Lincolnshire ,there kennels are called Hanrebor gun dogs ,lovely people and cracking little dogs they have a website but if you need any info email me or pm me. Best regards Terry
  9. I have a sp forend for sale perfect condition pm me for details cheers terry b
  10. had a few things from them,always been good service,and good with returns etc
  11. Hi will it fit a 687 O/U and pic's please to alibla5039@hotmail.com

    Thanks Al

  12. terry b

    for sale

    Hi all,I have a spare forend for a beretta silver pigeon "S"in very good condition looking for £70.00. if anyone interested i will send pics cheers terry b
  13. hello haggis i have a aya s/s dt non ejector nice tight gun stock needs some tlc,but no cracks or splits, it shoots well i just dont use it,ill take £150 for it, pm me if your interested cheers terry b
  14. terry b

    ferret collar

    hi all im looking for a deben mk 1 ferret collar, its just the collar i need but would consider buying complete set up, thanks and best regrds terry b
  15. any other nation would take to the streets in protest,we just seem to lie down and roll over. SO HOW ABOUT IT ,ANYONE GOT ANY IDEAS ON HOW TO SET UP A FORUM/WEBSITE TO GET SOME PEOPLE TO PROTEST AND GET THE PEOPLE IN POWER TO LISTEN
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