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  1. Mmmmmmm this is looking like a good option as I'm starting to wish I'd not started this journey, scarifying twice, chucking sharp sand brushing all over proding it with a fork to a depth of 4", reseeding then watering in. The back is NOT getting done 😩 Thanks for everyone's advice.
  2. I spent a couple of hours last night after covering it with sharp sand sticking the fork in to 4" which only did 1/6th lawn so your option seems very attractive
  3. Scarified again. I can't believe how much rubbish was in the lawn
  4. Thanks 👍 its the old fork then.
  5. I was going to order one of those "fork" things that takes plugs out but I can't think of the flippin name. Tilling tinning???
  6. 🤣 I will try this 👍thanks.
  7. A couple of weeks ago I put some feed and weed on from Wilkos and the lawn went really green. I have recently scarified it and as you can see from the picture it looks like it needs doing again although I filled the bin last time. What treatment do you think it needs? Thanks Hcc
  8. It just said on sky news the pilot had 7 low fuel warnings.
  9. Fantastic stuff I'm glad that you are feeling good pal.
  10. Good luck with the procedure pal, come and see us at the clay shoot when you get better or the Castle when your up for it. 👍
  11. Is that figure correct? 1200 quid ?????? What size were the units?
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