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  1. harrycatcat1

    Are you brave enough?

    I wouldnt fancy either of the two jobs, even if the picture is tilted. 👍
  2. harrycatcat1

    Should She be Allowed Back in to the UK

    Pinched this of faceache
  3. harrycatcat1

    Cheap scope and mounts combo

    To be honest for what they have cost me (less than a packet of fags) brand new and foc delivery from China I am not expecting a lot. Hope the link works https://m.aliexpress.com/item/32950450913.html?pid=808_0000_0109&spm=a2g0n.search-amp.list.32950450913&aff_trace_key=9e4932abc79147e8b5d45cada8fe2818-1550435620136-03540-UneMJZVf&aff_platform=msite&m_page_id=8352amp-5rzdB1AbecLPha0m-wqlyQ1550435639018&gclid=CjwKCAiAqaTjBRAdEiwAOdx9xvGTVDmRprKBj3BvItrNulYY5t7hWpoQpvqBbPHde_ISLeCOE8ub1RoCMwsQAvD_BwE
  4. harrycatcat1

    Cheap scope and mounts combo

    I have ordered some scopes, so if they fit I will let you know.
  5. harrycatcat1

    Cheap scope and mounts combo

    Sorry to jump on the back of this post but I have a 50 year old BSA meteor and am looking for some scopes to fit it. I have looked at some scopes on fleebay but some of the advertisers say they fit modern rifles but mine is not. Just looking to shoot a few rats so no distance work, what would you recommend me to buy please. Links to advertisers would be good.
  6. harrycatcat1

    Stick wood

  7. harrycatcat1

    Shopping centre for sale.

    I have just watched this and I suppose its happening all over, still sad though for the community. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.fifetoday.co.uk/news/bbc-s-the-one-show-reports-on-1-auction-of-kirkcaldy-shopping-centre-1-4867056/amp
  8. harrycatcat1

    Out In Style

    It sounds like you have trained Conor good, well done to both of you.
  9. harrycatcat1

    Anyone a pipe smoker?

    A chap used to come clay shooting with us and he smoked a pipe, he used to used an old sxs and never took it out whilst shooting. He was a good shot too.
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    Where do you get yours? I nearly bought some out of Tesco the other day but thought better of it
  13. harrycatcat1


    This or the superglue suggestion because I was told its a virus and starve it of air and suffocate it. Could be wrong but it worked for me, I used "new skin" to starve it? That freezing method didn't work fo me after 6 treatments.
  14. harrycatcat1

    Scaffolding question

    Predictive text I presume 🤣 "nets over conservatives"
  15. harrycatcat1