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  1. Well, what a rubbish day. I made the logstore door the traditional way as in the diagram above as no one warned me that it would drop to bits. I was going to have one long piece of wood at the top and bottom but didn’t. Anyway I have now ended up with the door being braced on the inside with three pieces of tongue and groove flooring.
  2. I have fetched the wood for the doors today. Question? The side pieces of wood in the door in the picture go up to the top would it be better to have a long top bar and the side pieces meeting the top bar if that makes sense?
  3. No, I just ask the price and length it comes in. The first place didn't have any shiplap till late next week, but the second place had got what I wanted so I put the roof bars on and fetched it from Planet timber at Clay Cross.
  4. Just rung up for a price for the wood and it's gone up in price like crazy, if they have got it in that is.
  5. So for all the joiners, how much more shiplap and 5" x 1" for the frame do I need for the two doors? My brain is getting tired tonight. Edited So 5 x 6m lengths of shiplap required. Approx 18m of 5" x 1"
  6. Good repair 👍👍👍
  7. Don't 🙄🙄🙄 Edited to say I have run out of wood for the doors 🤣🤣
  8. Yes I'm kicking myself now because there were 6 others as well, I should have had them for a summer house at the bottom of the garden once I have cleared the piles of wood waiting to be cut up.
  9. Thanks, the glass was out of a skip👍
  10. This is the back side of the logstore with glazing for a bit of light for winter.
  11. Flippin Hector 913 do dahs 👍👍
  12. Well I took a punt with 1pbroadband as the speeds on broadband with sky were getting dire. Did a speed test today and got 36mbps which will do for £20 per month.
  13. Try this 14 day trial Dave get the AGM and new members sorted then sack it. It's a lot more secure than zoom.
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