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  1. Ye mate this one had a 12inch carbon barrel to comply with UK law. tricked up more than taraus revolvers what a shame eh
  2. just seen a video on the tube about gallery rifles and right at the end he pulled out a smith and wesson revolver with carbon barrel now then just found out who makes them somebody called wilsons of london if i would have known about this years ago i think i might and a few others kept the sport alive or am i missing the trick and its still going ps i also live in the north west so not much going on up here
  3. Ye get your name down o waiting list might help if you have a junior you also have Dee wildfowlers and same applies
  4. Still looking for some roost shooting around north west area probably 3 guns all insured
  5. Just wondering about the club lathom it's situated around burscough and parbold anybody got any info about joining or any members that give me a heads up about the land they have and what the club is like price wise rules etc
  6. Just wondering if there is any roost shooting around north west area need space for 3guns
  7. just a heads up Chris Green cornish countryman dvds all for sale at a tenner on his website
  8. hello mate received today thanks
  9. hello mate my bitch has had a few phantoms best thing to make the milk go back is feed her fresh parsley it will send the milk back
  10. why don't they just drop their cover to 5 million foeach instead of 10 surely that will ease the burden or is the enemy within and its to late
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