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  1. why don't they just drop their cover to 5 million foeach instead of 10 surely that will ease the burden or is the enemy within and its to late
  2. the biggest reason everyone joined was for the insurance everything else that came with it was a bonus. I think this is a very stupid move from basc because I for one am in a wildfowling club and the key thing is insurance so it looks like 120 or so members will be moving on nobody likes paying insurance cars property etc but then nobody goes out to have rta or even shoot somebody or thing I for one won't be paying 70 quid for 6 magazines
  3. blankfirer


    yes stu I know the safety is on the side I could get rid of that
  4. blankfirer


    just wondering if a super 10 stock would fit in a r 10 stock or even a ultra se stock any ideas lads
  5. no ultra still a great gun but I do not have time or patience I want a rifle that I can use once a year to everyday and I know it will put a pellet we're the crosshairs are not an inch under I has even thinking going back to springer power
  6. I have just started back into airguns a few years ago jumped str8 in bought a bsa ultra se belting gun then I read about power curves now for me I haven't got the time or patience to check my zero of every pellet from a full to empty cylinder so I went and bought a regulated rifle hw100 some of the pcps have such a big power curve will make you insane it would be better getting a springer
  7. Got some roost shooting but the only crop is rapeseed about half a mile away would this be allowed under general license
  8. Hello mate I know a few lads myself included send us some details ta very much
  9. It's that time of year again I am looking for some roost shooting north West area probably 3 guns. all insured and experienced thankyou
  10. Hello people does any of you lot know if a r10buddy bottle will be a straight fit onto a super 10because i want a ligher gun
  11. Ye pal it's the same 243 308 same round pal just necked down
  12. Decathlon do click and collect the decoys they have are spot on better than some flambeau ones i had years ago if u buy them on website they deliver to your store
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