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  1. Was there something called greenfields
  2. I was told the other day that British deer society have ground up in the north west that you can stalk on. you can pay some money and just rock up does anybody have any insight into this or is it just fantasy cheers
  3. All about the money more profit means more shortcuts you don't know what they do with food nowadays cancers heart diesese and so on all linked I reckon
  4. I have found with the cheaper tools they are ok but the markings or gradients are not pinpoint. bought a few like that and measuring feature. Is not accurate
  5. Ye mate this one had a 12inch carbon barrel to comply with UK law. tricked up more than taraus revolvers what a shame eh
  6. just seen a video on the tube about gallery rifles and right at the end he pulled out a smith and wesson revolver with carbon barrel now then just found out who makes them somebody called wilsons of london if i would have known about this years ago i think i might and a few others kept the sport alive or am i missing the trick and its still going ps i also live in the north west so not much going on up here
  7. Ye get your name down o waiting list might help if you have a junior you also have Dee wildfowlers and same applies
  8. Still looking for some roost shooting around north west area probably 3 guns all insured
  9. Just wondering about the club lathom it's situated around burscough and parbold anybody got any info about joining or any members that give me a heads up about the land they have and what the club is like price wise rules etc
  10. Just wondering if there is any roost shooting around north west area need space for 3guns
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