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  1. Got some roost shooting but the only crop is rapeseed about half a mile away would this be allowed under general license
  2. Hello mate I know a few lads myself included send us some details ta very much
  3. It's that time of year again I am looking for some roost shooting north West area probably 3 guns. all insured and experienced thankyou
  4. Hello people does any of you lot know if a r10buddy bottle will be a straight fit onto a super 10because i want a ligher gun
  5. Ye pal it's the same 243 308 same round pal just necked down
  6. Decathlon do click and collect the decoys they have are spot on better than some flambeau ones i had years ago if u buy them on website they deliver to your store
  7. blankfirer


    Hello got a viper mk3 s spare batterys. Bag the only problem is one of the motors is a bit lazy so you have to give it more throttle than the other one bought a new boat so gotta go manchester area
  8. Does any body know the waiting times off m bay wildfowlers i am looking to join me and my 16 yr old son also do they have other off shoots ie(small syndicates pheaent crow and the like ) cheers lads
  9. Send us a picture please
  10. Hello rimfire i have kybotz disease in my right wrist and had surgery. To shorten my arm bones for many years i have had pain i overcome this with thumbhole stocks on rifles air rifles and on my shotgun i have a prince of wales stock and is a lot more comfier for me i dont have to maneouver my wrist as much hope this helps
  11. Any roost shooting in or around lancs area .upto 4 /5 guns to accommodate. for usual 4 weeks in feb please
  12. Shakin steven where do you get the said permit from please
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