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    eats loads
  1. No way not again...lol
  2. reaper6


    We used to have it years ago....i think they sell it now in tesco when in season
  3. interested to see how this goes...lots of peeps collect pellets
  4. Seconhand HW77k.....Timeless classic
  5. reaper6

    Child Benefit

    Child benefit ....nobody should get it....simple fact is why should somebody else pay for your kids
  6. welcome mate...just down the road at Ashby
  7. They are ok for cleaning grease off engine parts
  8. Sorry about the dog mate...barbed wire is a neccessity today....years ago they used to lay hedges for stock control
  9. I dont think its for airguns.....anyone find a website?
  10. reaper6

    advice needed

    Some good advice here....but take it back to the shop and let them sort it..if it is over the limit they will keep the gun and fix it for you...better than a trip to Srangeways
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