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  1. Patience my boy: its tomorrow, Monday 21!!! Then the nights start drawing in.................
  2. i feel sorry for the commentators.
  3. 243ack


    I like the Beeb's references to 'weapons grade nerve agent'. Is there a diy grade, then?.
  4. I use Duck Dri and have done so for many years. Fully British made (in Leicestershire) and made to measure at no extra cost.
  5. I now live in (SW) Scotland and watch with great interest this SNP situation. My situation is pretty 'rural;, and no one I speak to will admit to voting SNP. In fact, most are vehemently opposed to NS' rule. Yet, even here, she gets more votes at every turn. Is this just a vindication of the poor alternatives?. Yet the social media bang on about what a good job she's doing during this pandemic. Personally. it will matter not one jot to me if the Union collapses because of her machinations - but I do think it will be a shame.
  6. Hi Dave Nigel retired some years ago, but is still with us. I 'speak' to him infrequently on FB. Tom
  7. Try TW Chambers. They are listing Medallist chokes.
  8. Mine was wa***r Priestnall. Why did we give him our hard earned?. Ah yes: the alternative was BVP!!!!.
  9. Ahh: Mr. Millward - memories!!!!
  10. I'm near Ayr and have a TikkaT3 Lite stainless synthetic package for £650. Try before you buy. PM me if interested.
  11. Many (many) moons ago, brandy and babycham was known as 'kaydee'!!.
  12. Think maybe you got it the wrong way round. After nuking, you're supposed to bin the burger and eat the packaging!!.
  13. Hi Do you have original turret covers for scope?
  14. 243ack

    4g home hubs

    Same here in South Ayrshire. Great deal from EE - and a 'landline' phone via voip (please don't ask what that is - it just is!)
  15. But they'd keep flying off at the corners!.
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